December 7, 2018

Glossier Stretch Concealer Lightweight Fun for Girls and Guys That Don’t Need Full Coverage

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.
3 stars out of 5

My Glossier Stretch Concealer ($18) review is well past the date of expiration! I hope no one gets food poisoning reading it as this should have been posted two years ago or more. Haha…!

No seriously, Glossier Stretch Concealer is one of those things I picked up when it first launched but never got around to reviewing yet people still ask me, “Have you tried it!?” and I’m always like, “Damn! I need to review Glossier Stretch Concealer for these people!”

And here I am, finally, taking a moment to share my thoughts.

Who uses it? Show of hands! I know a lot of people who love this stuff and it’s quite nice but just not something I use daily.

Here’s the deal. If I got 12 plus hours a sleep a night I’d be all over Glossier Stretch Concealer like peanut butter on jelly but that’s not the case. I live a very busy lifestyle and sometimes I’m not always getting the amount of sleep I need and that means tired looking eyes carrying around ten pounds of baggage.

So, Stretch Concealer is something I reserve for when I am relaxed, well rested, or just chilling and running some errands and full coverage concealer is at the very back of mine. Actually, whenever I’m in California this is my best friend because I am getting 8 hours of sleep a night, chilling out, and I’m just well rested and not pulled in five hundred directions as I am when I’m home (those West Coast people totally know how to live a chilled life compared to us East Coasters).

Glossier Stretch Concealer comes atcha in a small glass jar and is available in five shade selections making it far behind the times since many, many brands have updated their base collections to include a super wide range of shades to fit girls and guys of all colors. I fit in perfectly with medium which does oxidize a bit lighter once applied.

The formula is soft, lightly emollient, and has a dewy finish which I hated but since I set with powder it was easy enough to correct. It applies beautifully under my drier, finely lined eyes with an easy glide. The texture is very lightweight no matter how much you pile on and it’s very easy to work with and blend out. I can actually wear this without eye cream and it applies perfectly. That, I consider an accomplishment. It’s a very brightening formula that makes my eyes look well rested but it lacks the coverage to really hide major issues such as puffiness, dryness, or finer lines. But I also have to remind this isn’t a makeup line that’s marketed towards my demographic or age group. They market this towards a more younger makeup user who likely doesn’t have issues with tired looking eyes and a little coverage is all that’s needed to make them look great.

I can easily use it if I’m well rested and even like the way it looks on me as it brightens up my eyes and makes me look awake and perky. I love how natural the coverage is. It doesn’t look like I have any makeup on at all. It doesn’t wear very long though without setting powder. I had no issues with creasing which was a plus!

Glossier Stretch Concealer is a nice, lightweight pick if you don’t need a ton of coverage but if you’re suffering from major eye drama you might not want to indulge.

As for me, it remains a fond fav when I’m just running errands and want a little coverage to make me look brighter and alive.

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Glossier Stretch Concealer is a sheer, lightweight concealer available in five shade selections. Stretch Concealer is a good pick if you fit into the shade range and you don’t need a full-coverage concealer to hide major under eyes issues. The formula is ideal for me when I’m well rested as it brightens and perks my eyes up nicely. However, I do require a lot more coverage most days of my life and this sadly doesn’t provide it! The texture is quite nice with a lightly emollient texture that glides on easily and blends well however, it does wear a shorter time but setting with powder does extend that shorter wear.


  • Perfect for younger eyes that don’t require a lot of coverage.
  • Easy to apply and although short wearing doesn’t fall into natural lines thanks to a lightly hydrating formula.


  • Wears a shorter time but easy enough to fix with setting powder.
  • Dewy finish which isn’t ideal if you’re oily but can also, be fixed with setting powder.
  • Sheerer coverage doesn’t hide major flaws especially with aging eyes.


If you have younger eyes that don’t require a ton of concealer Glossier Stretch Concealer is a perfect fit for you!

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Claire

    I’m from California and I don’t get 8 hours of sleep each night! Lol… all joking aside I agree with your review. Stretch concealer has a nice reflective quality to it, but it just doesn’t provide enough coverage.

    • Isabella Muse

      haha naaa wasn’t implying that just that it feels like folks from California are way more relaxed and aren’t stressing as hard as New Yorkers. No doubt you work hard and likely aren’t sleeping a ton either but I do think your days feel a heck of a lot longer maybe that’s why I feel like I get so much done when I’m the west coast ;-D Nope, sadly not! I need WAY more 🙁