December 5, 2018

If You Want To Torture Your Friends, It Cosmetics Confetti Popper Are $8 Each

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One of thee most annoying things about PR is glitter and curly packaging papers! I’ve opened packages from brands that have included mounds and mounds and mounds of crinkled up curly packaging paper and have gotten it everywhere (I’m talking to you Too Faced!) and it’s such a pain to clean up! But the most annoying thing is glitter or chunky confetti pieces that brand’s will sometimes “SURPRISE” you with in packages. There is nothing more annoying than opening a box and having confetti or glitter spill all over the floor. I have opened to many packages like this and have spent an hour cleaning it up.

Not cool.

If you’re annoying kind of friend you might want to indulge in one of the It Cosmetics Confetti Poppers that went on sale (originally $12) at as they are now $8 each. Each one pops to throw out a bunch of annoying confetti as well as an It Cosmetics treat!

Choose from:

These are available on Sephora’s sale section! They also updated the sale section with a few new deals you want to look at! I noticed these ones:

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