January 16, 2019

Macy’s Free Shipping On Beauty No Longer Available

As they said it was good while it lasted! Macy’s free shipping on any and all beauty purchases is no longer available and has been changed to free shipping with any $49 purchase. Sad sigh.

Macy’s has been really upping their game in the beauty department and offering many brilliant sales throughout the year on makeup, skincare, and fragrance as well as excellent deals throughout Black Friday and the Holiday season. For about two years now they have also offered free shipping on any beauty purchase big or small. They’ll never a direct contender for Ulta or Sephora but they were a source of excellent deals plus their free shipping did push a lot of people into indulging on their website.

Sadly, they have now done away with free shipping on beauty and it’s not longer and available option which in my opinion will kill some of their sales in this area. I know when Urban Decay would clearance certain items out a lot of people would run to Macy’s website to get them even though they were available on Ulta as well. The free shipping was much more tempting versus reaching Ulta’s threshold free shipping option.

Anyway, I’ll miss it. Sephora has also changed their Flash Shipping for Rouge as well. I do wonder if Nordstrom will start doing the same. From a marketing stand point sometimes you do have the one how some of these stores make any money when they are paying for packing materials as well as shipping. Particularly, when they are doing dumb things like sending multiple shipments or sending shipping just a sample in a box and the order in another!

Fare thee well Macy’s Free Shipping you’ll be missed.


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  • Annie

    I noticed that last week when I was ordering some of those clearance UD liquid shadows, I got some Tony Moly masks to push me to the free shipping and now the UD shadows are unavailable but I have a bunch of masks I didn’t need LOL It’s a bummer for sure and I know I won’t be ordering as often, although they do have the ship to store and I have a Macy’s within 2 miles of me.

    • Randi Macdonald

      You can always return the masks. They won’t charge you anything extra.

  • Christina

    I foresee a lot of people adding random things to their cart to reach the threshold and then returning the items they didn’t want in store (if they live near one). I suppose someone can always add a clothing article, since returning clothing doesn’t get discarded like beauty items do. Luckily, I work near a Macy’s and usually just pop in if there’s something I want.

  • Cindy

    I’m a Macy’s Gold member so free shipping on everything. I just wonder if there are still free returns on cosmetics. That really comes in handy during the holiday season when you order something and you need to return it but don’t want to deal with that holiday crowd.

  • Amy Allen

    This sucks. I totally used them for buying high end makeup that I didn’t want to buy on Sephora or Ulta (but to be honest, it is very rare of me to buy high end makeup).

  • Any

    I bought about 7 items from Neiman marcus and they ship it all seperated. Talking about wasted of packing material, boxes and gas

  • Carol G

    Shipping fees are always a source of contention with me. I knew this couldn’t last forever, as you said, but at the same time some places are gouging. Shipping is based on weight. Paying a “flat fee” as some websites say doesn’t always benefit the customer. An eyeliner weighs nothing so how can they justify the $6 or $7 they are charging? I never buy anything online unless it’s free shipping. And I’m also at the point where I refuse to buy unwanted items just to get to the free shipping threshold. I did that in the past and I’m not doing it anymore.

    • Isabella Muse

      they might factor in the cost of packing materials but even if they did I say cut the cost of the packaging. A simple envelope is fine for an eyeliner and shipping it for say $4 should break them even on packaging supply costs and shipping costs. Although, I admit I’d hate paying $4 for shipping on an eyeliner but it still better than a flat rare of $6-7!

      • Carol G

        Agreed! Just ordered one UD eyeliner and it came in a box! Same with one Vice lipstick! I was quite perturbed!

        And speaking of shipping: checked Avon because all I wanted was one of those Valentines lipsticks you posted about. The shipping is $6.95! The damn lipstick is $6.99. Grrrr…(They have a $40 threshold for free shipping).

        • Isabella Muse

          yeah avon shipping blows. sign up for their newsletter sometimes they send out free ship and 20% off!

  • Adrienne

    I don’t really like to pay for shipping
    To me it reduces the real “sale”. If everything is 50% off I may saw wow I can afford that $49 eye palette now! Add the shipping and although not as much I have to do like others and add a bunch of other things in my cart that I wasn’t enthused about. I also agree a single eyeliner can go in a padded envelope and I’ve tried to return one and put it on the scale and it was only a few ounces and like $1.32 to return at post office. They may change their minds depending on how their sales decline.

  • Carolina

    I am so bummed to hear this! This past year, I think I purchased more cosmetics from Macy’s website than from Sephora or Ulta. That free shipping was what enticed me to do so. I will probably still buy cosmetics from Macys, I will just have to place bigger orders or be more picky.

    Also, I agree about excessive packaging. I would gladly wait for everything to come in the same box, just to cut down on the wasteful multiple shipments.