February 4, 2019

It Cosmetics Gemstone Brush Therapy Duo Collection Brilliant or Gimmick?

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It Cosmetics has three, new It Brushes for Ulta Gemstone Brush Therapy Duo Sets that includes a full-size brush along with a healing Gemstone Bracelet.

Each Gemstone Brush is paired with a rose quartz, amethyst, or jade bracelet. I can’t say for sure or not but I don’t think the handles of the brushes are made from gemstones. Looks like the bracelet only is. The brushes do have a gemstone look though. As always the bristles are cruelty-free.

I have to admit this makes little to no sense at all. I don’t understand what the healing properties of gemstones have to do with applying your makeup. It’s just really far out there and a little strange for me to see a gemstone bracelet paired up with a brush. Maybe I’m missing the point but to me it’s another try to hard collection that misses the mark completely! That being said, I’m actually not a strong believer in gemstone therapy either. My mom swears her amethyst bracelet she wears helps with arthritis but I’m not completely convinced. It just seems a placebo to me. No offense to anyone who does believe they have healing properties.

I’m on a rant sorry. I just feel like some of these collections and products that brands have been releasing lately are trying a little too hard. It feels like they create a lot of this stuff so that people will Instagram it and they’ll get views/sales from that. Shrug! That’s my theory.

Anyway, each set is $35 and there three different brushes to choose from:

  • Rose Quartz Foundation Brush and Bracelet (gemstone known for its loving and soothing properties)
  • Amethyst Angled Blush/Bronzer Brush (gemstone known for its spiritual and peaceful properties)
  • Jade Powder Brush (gemstone known for its harmonizing and healing properties)

It Cosmetics Gemstone Brush Therapy Duo Collection is available now.

What do you think of these brushes?

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I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Saoirse

    I absolutely agree with your theory. And being healed by crystals? Nope. But if holding a crystal makes you feel happy or calm, then why not? And if it looks pretty on your wrist, then go for it. But crystals do not have magical powers and should not be considered an alternative to medicine. That said, I do own a few crystals because they’re pretty. But I’ll be passing this up because it’s very obviously a marketing ploy.

  • Michelle

    It’s a load of New Age crap. And A LOT of people are making big money off of it, so it persists. I don’t tell people how to spend their money, but I would never spend $40 on some gemstone face roller.

  • Kimkats

    Totes agree it’s all balderdash. Still, in a couple of weeks when they go on sale, I might spring for one. They are kinda pretty, and it brushes are usually good.

  • kjh

    I thought it was copper bracelets and arthritis, lol. Right. Crock. I’m as matchy matchy as they come, but match your bracelet to your brush? I think this is big time foolish. If you want a bead bracelet, get one, in whatever stone you favor….but not from It. Suspect the bracelets are imitation or low quality.

    • Isabella Muse

      who knows!? My mom is into all sorts of gem/cooper/etc claiming it does wonders for the arthritis in our hands ;-D hey, if she’s happy, I’m happy ;D I am too LOL! omg I match everything but yes, I dunno if I need a matching brush and bracelet.

      • kjh

        How do you spell p-l-a-c-e-b-o? but placebos work on many, too, even if it is through the power suggestion.

  • Randi Macdonald

    I have an autoimmune arthritis and I’ve tried copper bracelets and magnetic bracelets. Both do not work. As the years progressed, my PsA( Psoriatic Arthritis) only got worse. Yesterday, I saw on our local news, a man on trial for convincing a mom that herbs would cure her sons type 1 diabetes. The son died. I wish people would stop believing anything and everything.

    • kjh

      Empathy, girl. I’ve had psoriatic arthritis since the mid 80s, and psoriasis before that. A couple of years ago, got INVERSE psoriasis. I call it my armpit-fingerprint-tongue disease. Who knew psoriasis could hurt, Brillo scouring and beestings? Plus exhaustion. You know that one. When it jumped to my face from pit, I was RTK. It has been a medium nightmare thus far, and a top doc at Brigham & women’s in rheum/derm was rather mystified. He even put off testing. I don’t mind the wrinkles I earned, but the ones from inverse psoriasis incur extreme wrath. After shingles and herpes of the esophagus, it has been the most painful thing. And beats those pains out for chronic. Ugh. The fact that they took all the old antiinflammatories off the market, and insurance won’t cover the new ones, does not help, either. I HATE medicine/docs, and I’m in healthcare! And you are right, none of that $#!+ works.

  • Jodi

    Well, It Cosmetics has just lost their credibility!
    I’m sure that medical community, especially Rheumatologist’s would have caught on to the healing powers if crystal if that were a thing!

  • Silvia

    Not going to lie I like the bracelets I live the colors and dovown one in jade given to me but don’t wear it and don’t believe they have any healing magic to them but I’ll take one anytime. Lol! Colors are soft and beautiful and I’m a sucker for colorful anything. ‍♀️

  • Sarah

    Those bracelets are giving me major flashbacks to the late 90s/early 2000s…remember when those “power bracelets” were all the rage?

    I’m so old that I remember when trends were popular the first time around, hah!

  • Kish

    I think it’s brilliant and gimmicky all in one lol. I love the purple one, but based on looks only. I don’t think it’s going to cure my rheumatoid arthritis. IT jumping on the crystal bandwagon isn’t the worst thing they’ve done.

    PS – since I got sick in 2015, many people have reached out saying if I only use this essential oil or buy this rock, I’ll be cured. If only lol.

  • Brandy

    Super weird. They must have been smoking something in the creative meeting for these. I haven’t worn a beaded bracelet since I was 12 so not interested in these.

  • Jodi

    I’d buy the green brush because I like the shape of the bristles, but I’d give the bracelet to my teenage niece.

  • Jess

    I like the look of the purple and I love It’s brushes. I would buy it if I ever had the money laying around but I’m not gullible enough to believe it has curing powers. I’d just buy it because I like the way the brush looks. Sadly, there are lots of people out there who will buy it believing the claims.

  • Dia

    lol I think these are probably limited edition gifts for valentine’s day or something. I think their blush brush runs about $34, so the bracelet is basically a freebie that makes it a cute gift set. insofar as healing powers, I think it’s junk science, but if it brings comfort to someone who’s ill, I have no problems with that… so long as they don’t neglect legitimate medical advice, of course.