February 7, 2019

Peter Thomas Roth Super-Size Retinol Anti-Aging 4-Piece Kit QVC Today’s Special Value for 2019

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

If you’re looking to start a new skincare routine you might want to pick up the Peter Thomas Roth Super-Size Retinol Anti-Aging 4-Piece Kit Today’s Special Value Set. I was playing with the idea of trying this out myself since it’s fairly inexpensive for the huge sizes you get. The set is $149 with free shipping or 5 Easy Pays of $29.80.

You get:

  • Super-Size FIRMx Peeling Gel 6.8 oz
  • Super-Size Retinol Fusion PM Serum 2 oz
  • Super-Size Retinol Fusion PM Moisturizer 2.7 oz
  • Super-Size Retinol Fusion PM Moisturizing Body Treatment 8 oz

You can snag this one now at QVC.

P.S. Please watch Abduction in Plain Sight so we can discuss and also, because you need your brain blown out of your head.

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I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Mary Brenner

    I watched it! WHAT the F*** was wrong with that girls parents? Nobody can be that stupid. I am amazed that the authorities didn’t press charges against that couple for what they allowed to happen to their daughter. Allowing an adult man to sleep in bed with your minor child as part of his “therapy “? Over my dead body. How that woman is speaking to her parents today is beyond me. I am just dumbfounded at that whole story. And angry beyond words

    • Isabella Muse


      oh thank god someone I can talk to LOL! I was speaking to a colleague/friend who recommended it to me and we sadly laughed at the entire thing. It was more of a comedy than a drama. I seriously sat there like WHAT?! WHAT?! I actually don’t even believe any of it is true. At one point I was like, “No way, this is fake!” How does this happen!? Therapy my ass! He did that for months too!!!!!!! If that happened today the parents would have prosecuted right along with the molester totally! Ok, and this is going to sound bad, but at 12 I THINK I was smarter than she was and less gullible. Aliens? Really? I dunno if I’d have bought that story if he fed it to me! But, again, it was the 70s so there was a certain sort of innocence in childhood at that time and kid’s weren’t as street smart I guess…! But wow, it just sounded all so crazy! And it just kept getting worst and worst…! I was shocked at the dad thing and I thought wow, ok but than it shocked me at the mom thing but that wasn’t enough they shocked me with the alien thing but that still wasn’t enough they shocked me again with her being abducted again. I think I stopped believing stuff when he enrolled her in a school! I mean, a private school was like, “Ok we accept her parents are dead and you’re her guardian!” didn’t they need proof!??!?! Excuse me I have to go collect the pieces of my brain off the floor after it exploded lol!

      • Mary Brenner

        Right? I mean as the story went on and on my mouth just kept hanging open wider and wider. None of what happened to them makes any logical sense at ALL!! What mother in her right mind if her child is hours late returning home isn’t on the phone to everybody and the police and the FBI? The fact that they waited weeks to report her missing and then dropped all charges against that guy is INSANE. Are these people brain dead or huffing something? I would have moved as far away from that asshole as I could if my child came back home after being taken. I think the whole thing Has to be some sort of hoax

        • Isabella Muse

          RIGHT!? They were insane! I think as Mormons they felt compelled to forgive him but hell screw that! No forgiveness after what he did absolutely none. And are those real phone calls between him and the mom? Because she was so nonchalant when he was like “oh your daughter is selling herself” and she’s all “Oh really? Wow ok! and How are you doing?” if that was a real phone call consider me SHOCKED! She seemed extremely unconcerned. It seems like it because Jan is actually an actress so, that sort of made me go hmmmmm!

  • kjh

    PTR was never effective for me, so…
    I don’t have Netflix, but refamiliarized myself with the story online. It clicked as an LDS story. Before becoming the prophet of God and receiving the golden tablets from the archangel, on the hill in Cumorah, Joseph Smith was a scrier. That means he looked at rocks in a hat, and traveled the country, predicting the future. Then he founded, probably second only to Islam, the world’s second fastest growing religion, During the big American Revivalist time. Not only is there a history of polygamy (outlawed by mainstream LDS) and blood atonement, but also of magical thinking. If you are a true crime devotee, you will note that a disproportionate number of truly horrifying crimes are LDS related, FLDS related, or LDS as victims. The Helzer bothers, Jodi Arias, the 4 o’clock murders, Hoffman, Jason Brown, Jeffrey Lundgren, maybe Ted Bundy. I could go on and on. Not all kill in the name of the faith, but some do. The splinter sects take each other out with great regularity. Convince young women to assassinate other sect leaders. ‘Abducted’ story horrified, but did not surprise me. I suggest you read Under the Banner of Heaven, the History of a Violent Faith by (yes, that) Jon Krakauer. It traces the hx of Mormonism and the story of 2 brothers who murdered their younger brother’s wife and child. Isabella, feel free not to print this,but just read it. It may be a bit too provocative for many and offensive to a few.

    • Isabella Muse

      thanks for the education today girl on the church of Latter-day Saints! It def has a lot of controversy that surrounds it for sure! thanks for the book rec will look it up! 😀 And don’t worry about being offensive! I think all my readers are pretty open minded and respect each other without fighting or being easily offended 😀