March 14, 2019

Bath & Body Works Gingham Perfume Launching for Spring 2019

Bath & Body Works Gingham Perfume is arriving on April 15th and I can’t wait to smell it. Would you believe me if I told you I got a flyer last month with a 20% off coupon and an advertisement showing In the Stars Perfume? I got excited as I thought it was coming back! Granted, it’s still very much available in the standard fragrance mist and bath and body options but the perfume disappeared rather quickly this Holiday season! I got a single 1 oz bottle but I do wish I had grabbed more as I really like it! Kaleidoscope was another perfume the flew off shelves super quickly. As soon as Black Friday hit it was over.

I do hope Gingham is around for a bit longer! And, I also hope they have it in a 3.4 oz size as the 1 oz bottles from Holiday 2018 were crummy.

Gingham will have an early preview starting March 21st in a mini perfume spray with the larger bottle available on April 15th. Bath and Body Works says they created the scent as “an expression of Bath & Body Works”. A happy scent that customers will liken to the store’s image. It contains notes of bright florals, a hint of sweet citrus, blue freesia, sweet clementine, and soft violet petals.

I’m looking forward to smelling it.

What do you think Bath & Body Works Gingham Perfume will smell like?


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  • Jennifer Draper

    I just want BBW to go back to the country store gingham appearance. It was so unique and fun. I live in Florida, so I really appreciated the Vermont feel of the store. But while I’m on the subject, let me vent. I’m tired of the Coconut. Coconut this and that. I’m tired of the same scents year after year and no sales. I remember when I would have stacks of coupons thrown into my bag when I checked out. And BBW is not fooling anyone with their 10$ off “candle sale”. The candle is 14.50. If you’re lucky if you have a coupon for a free item or 10$ off 30$. I’m over the high prices, same scents, coconut, no sales and no coupons. And I want Temptations back.

    Gingham will probably smell like lemons or something along those lines. A welcome change from their coconut crap.

    Sorry, had to vent.

    • Isabella Muse

      rant away everything you said I’ve said a million times over. Tired of the repetitive releases, tired of the candles going up in price every year (or even ever few months), tired of the lack of coupons lately (they always had so many coupons now it’s a rarity, especially the 20% off online one), tired of the tropical stuff (not so much coconut but they are always doing these hawaii/tropical getaway collections that I hate), and yes, please bring back the temptations line!

      • Jennifer Draper

        Thank you. :). Why won’t BBW listen to its customers? Temptations would sell like crazy. Most of us who are fans of BBW, have loved the brand for years and we would stock up and buy all flavors. I know I would. I also miss Hello Sugar. Remember that gem?

        • Isabella Muse

          exactly! It would be nice if they actually listened to what we are and aren’t loving! OMG YES! I have a review of it on here. It was so yummy! Sugary lemon yum! It was available for like three weeks and disappeared!

    • Carol G

      Glad someone else is tired of the coconut. I thought it was just me. Every new scent I pick up and check the “ notes” on it and if it says coconut I put it back.
      And yes, their sales are terrible. No more coupons at the store, just the ones they mail or email you. And don’t get me started on the candle pricing…

  • Lola

    My all time favorite perfume is Heartland with the red gingham band. I would love for Bath and Body to bring that one back!

  • kimkats

    “A happy scent that customers will liken to the store’s image.” Is that BBW’s way of saying “This will smell just like everything else we’ve released in the last decade?”

    TOTES agree with Jennifer – Stop with the coconut already!!!! And bring the Temptations back – those were the BEST thing you ever did!! I literally have not been in BBW for a good 2 years – I just haven’t found a reason to go…

  • Carol G

    This better smell amazing! I have lost faith in them as well but this bottle is adorable as is the ribbon so I can’t wait to go to the store and smell it. That being said, I don’t have high expectations but I hope they prove me wrong…

    • Isabella Muse

      I never do either. I get my hopes up, smell it, and it’s the same old thing!

  • StillPedaling

    Totally agree with all the comments! Please no more coconut/fruity/over-the-top floral vibes from BBW! Seems to be the same old boring scents repackaged/renamed. I with they would bring back the Tutti Dulce line – which may have been the Temptations line someone else mentioned, just revamped. Now those were yummy!! I’d rather smell like frosting than a poppy field or lemon zest. Oh and the coupons are a joke too. 20% off basically gets ‘free shipping’.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for a home run with the Gingham perfume!

    Thanks for the info Muse! Love all of your updates!!

    • Isabella Muse

      the tutti dulce line they did bring back was so damn phoned in 🙁 It’s a shame! I feel like there’s so much potential to do some really cute stuff at BBW! New gourmands or even something sexy and sultry! Nope same o’ same o’ lemon, floral, or tropical lines that all smell the same! My pleasure <3!

  • Anastasia Vance

    OOOOOO!!!! I sure hope this smells like the original Gingham perfume they had back in the day…it was my absolute favorite!!!!

    • Isabella Muse

      I never even heard of that until I googled and it came up! I’m wondering if these are one and the same as well!

    • Carol G

      My thoughts exactly! That Gingham was one of my favorites but since it was so long ago I don’t remember what notes were in the original. When I was reading the description for this new one it seems it might be different. Plus, they don’t seem to be marketing this as “a returning favorite” or any mention that this is the original version. So I am sort of thinking this is something new. That’s why I am truly looking forward to smelling it. I was hoping they’d have a sneek peak at the store for their email customers or something along those lines… But either way I will definitely check this out on 4/15.

  • Geri

    Those Bath & Body flyers sure are teasers. Yes, I also wanted to pick up the perfume. I too, thought it was coming back online or instore. Nope. Should’ve bought it when I first saw it in store when I could have bought the 3.4. This scent reminds me slightly of La Vie Est Belle so I mix them.
    Can’t wait for your Gingham review. This is my first time writing you. I did so because this ticked me off that BBW never came out with the perfume but continued to show the 3.4oz bottle on the flyer. I called their customer service to voice my disappointment.
    Thanks for your hard work. I’ve been a subscriber for a few years and always look forward to your reviews.

    • Isabella Muse

      It was available in 3.4oz?! I never saw that! Only the small size! Aw thank you for reading here I truly appreciate it ;-D You know I’ll def be on Gingham as soon as it launches 😀