March 19, 2019

Charlotte Tilbury Latex Love Long-Lasting Lip Gloss Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.
4 stars out of 5

Charlotte Tilbury Latex Love Long-Lasting Lipgloss ($34) is a new range of liquid lipsticks that promise a mirror-like shine. You can imagine, I jumped on these when I saw them! Mirror-shine? Lacquer? Sign me up! I’m so damn tired of matte lip everything please give me more glossy lips for Spring/Summer!

I’ve been on this odd CT Beauty kick for a while now. I admit the first time she launched her makeup in the US I was a little, “Eh…too expensive!” But after I tried some of her stuff it just jived really well with me. She’s sort of replacing Bobbi Brown for me since BB sucks lately….! Sad sigh! I think Charlotte line appeals to me because she has a lot of softer, simple looks you can create using her line without a lot of no how and also, it just seems more flattering on me aging eyes! I guess I’ve become old and boring but I find her collection of makeup very appealing. I’d much rather spend more money on quality versus buying a hundred different Tarte or Too Faced releases that are cheaper but mediocre. That’s not to say that you don’t have to be careful with some of CT’s line as sometimes it can be a little hit or miss. But so far, I’ve been fairly happy with what I have purchased.

Here’s the bad news. Because you know, bad news is always best heard first right? These are pretty expensive at $34 each! Wince. They weight in at 0.13 oz and each shade will set you back $34 bucks. I purchased four of them like a crazy girl because the shades just appealed to me but I highly recommend going to Sephora and checking them out first. Why? Because they sort of taste weird…! I have no idea why Charlotte flavored/fragranced them the way she did but yeah, this is new for lipgloss. Most reviews I’ve read said they taste and smell like patchouli! Being a hardcore hater of patchouli I can easily say I don’t get that. I HATE patchouli with a passion and I’m not smelling or tasting that in this lipgloss. They do however, taste and smell like lavender. It’s an herbal-like fragrance and flavor but nothing patchouli here imho! The flavored disappears fairly fast but at first application it is there sadly. I’m dealing with it since I like this formula but I don’t understand why she didn’t go fragrance-free or at best maybe vanilla or mint.

Ok, now more bad news….

The line is limited to six shades. That’s good news and that’s bad news. I don’t like to be overwhelmed with TOO many options because I’m a person with an indecisive personality. But when I like something I do want the option to buy it in a few more shades. So, in some ways six shades is perfect for someone like me but also, can be bad since I really enjoyed this formula. All that being said, these are limited edition so, I guess it makes sense not to have them in too larger a selection of shades.

And lastly, I think they went a touch over board calling these lacquered and having a mirror-like shine. I thought they were very creamy and the finish seemed cream too. I didn’t feel like they had intense glossiness or a lacquer-like finish. At best, they had a hint of glossiness! A really tiny hint….! Don’t buy them expecting some sort of intensely shiny lipgloss because that’s not the finish you’ll get.

Now the good news….!

Charlotte Tilbury Belle de Soir Latex Love Long-Lasting Lipgloss

Charlotte Tilbury Berry Nude Latex Love Long-Lasting Lipgloss

Charlotte Tilbury Cannes Tropez Latex Love Long-Lasting Lipgloss

Charlotte Tilbury Dirty Dancer Latex Love Long-Lasting Lipgloss

Charlotte Tilbury Latex Love Long-Lasting Lipgloss Swatches (Belle de Soir, Berry Nude, Cannes Tropez, Dirty Dancer)

They are pretty amazing. The formula is a thicker, creamier texture that applies very, very smooth on my super dry, cracked lips. The formula spreads very easily without tugging and doesn’t have a tacky nor sticky finish. They may be thick but they aren’t gooey! The formula thins out considerably as you apply and hugs lips in seamless color. Speaking of color, they are very pigmented and provide full opaque color on a single application. The wear is incredible as well I can get a good six hours without migration or feathering issues. They aren’t hydrating but they don’t feel dry during the wear even though the finish for me is cream and not glossy.

I do realize the flavor and fragrance might be an issue for many people but I’m overlooking it as I do really like this formula. I will say I do feel a little disappointed they aren’t as glossy as promised but all in all, this formula was lovely with plenty of pigment, excellent application, and long wear.

Did anyone try them yet?

Do share!

Where to buy

Sephora Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury Latex Love Long-Lasting Lip Gloss is a new, limited edition liquid lip color that promises a mirror-like shine. These are available in six selections and each one is 0.13 oz in size and $34. The finish is marketed wrong in my opinion as I didn’t feel like they were glossy or mirror-like at all. Personally, I felt like the finish and formula was that of a cream. This wasn’t a bad thing by any means but a little disappointing. The texture is thick and creamy and hugged lips in smooth, seamless color. The pigment is incredible and fully opaque on a single layer. The wear time was amazing as well at five to six hours without migration or feathering. One of the biggest issues for some users might be the rather gross flavor which has been likened to patchouli but I personally felt was a more lavender or herbal flavor/fragrance.


  • Pigmented.
  • Long-wearing.
  • Beautifully smooth and seamless looking on lips!


  • Scent and flavor could be an issue for some users.
  • Expensive.
  • Not available in a wide range of colors.
  • Not glossy as promises, more cream-like in finish!


Charlotte Tilbury Latex Love Long-Lasting Lip Gloss aren’t cheap by any means but if pigmented lip color is what you’re looking for these do so please!

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • courtney

    been waiting for your review on these, as these glosses are on my radar. all the colors look so good that i cant choose which one i want! and, side note, totally agreed about BB; they are underwhelming me lately, and i hate saying that because i have loved that brand for so many years. also agreed, love that Charlotte’s products are user friendly in the fact that they just create some beautiful natural looks. oh how i wish i could visit one of her free-standing stores!

    • Isabella Muse

      thank you! 😉 I know. I’m so crushed because I really used to look forward her launches. Now it’s like, meh. Too true! I love the natural, effortless way everything applies and looks ;-D

  • Becca

    These have the most horrible smell and taste that I’ve ever had in a lip product. It was seriously disgusting! I was wondering if it was just me, but nope apparently everyone notices it