March 27, 2019

LA Splash Golden Gatsby Pop Up Lipstick Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.
2 stars out of 5

LA Splash Golden Gatsby Pop Up Lipstick ($16) is part of the brand’s Golden Gatsby Collection that launched a few months ago which is inspired by the roaring twenties. I’ve always been fascinated by romanticism of the 1920’s not to mention the Great Gatsby is one of my favorite novels Fitzgerald which may or many not have encouraged this purchase a little bit.

I was also in love with the promo images for the dusky rose shade that launched with the shade and despite the price I decided to purchase it.

Strangely enough when I purchased this I was somehow confusing LA Splash with LA Girl Cosmetics. It was a senior moment so, when I purchased the lipstick I was like “WOW! This is damn expensive!” Later when I got it I realize, “oooo wait! This is LA Splash NOT LA Girl!” So, don’t make the same mistake I did believing you are paying near $16 for a budget beauty brand. Derp, derp!

That being said this is NOT $16 bucks in my humblest of humble opinions. They spent a lot of time and care on some great packaging but the actual lipstick isn’t really all that great making this a case of you can put a pig in lipstick but it’s still a pig. Great packaging, crummy lipstick formula. I’d rather have the crummy packaging and a better lipstick formula for my $16 bucks.

The lipstick comes housed in a slick, lightweight rose gold metallic barrel that has a mirror located on the side for easy application. The top part of the barrel has a button which can be pushed to release the lipstick from the case. Once the button is pushed the lipstick will slide from the bottom portion of the barrel. It’s a pretty nifty packaging.

Packaging aside the actual lipstick didn’t really impress me especially considering I paid $16 bucks for it. First off, I got the shade Rose which is described as a dusky rose but is more of a bright rose. This seems to be one of the biggest rants concerning this formula if you take time out to read the reviews most people feel like the promo images and color descriptions are pretty wrong.

The formula isn’t particularly special. It has a lightly creamy texture that doesn’t quite apply as smooth as I would like. I had to smack my lips together a few times and run my finger across my lips because it applied a bit patchier on my drier lips. Pigmentation is quite good with opaque color on a single swipe! The wear is equally good at around five hours however, it does tend to grow patchier throughout the wear and sort of gathers at the corner of my mouth giving it at old, “I’ve been wearing this lipstick” for too long look. The cream finish felt a bit drying on my already dry lips! I detected no flavor nor fragrance in this formula.

To me, this feels like a $4 or a $5 lipstick. The packaging is fantastic and the pigmentation of the lip color equally as good however, the texture, application, and wear were only so so for the nearly $20 price tag. I’d say it was a safe skip if you had plans to purchase this lipstick or had it on your wish list!

Anyone try it?


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LA Splash Golden Gatsby Pop Up Lipstick is available in eight shade selections which are $16 each and 0.13 oz in size. The lipstick is all about the packaging! It arrives in a lightweight slick rose gold metallic tube that has a push to release button located at the top and a mirror on the side of the barrel for easy touch ups on the go! The actual lipstick formula wasn’t that great. Although very pigmented that was the extent of positive aspects of the formula as I felt it applied a bit patchier and the cream finish felt drying on my already dry lips with a less than smooth finish. The wear was fair good at around five hours but not complete perfect as color tended to gather at the corner of my mouth.


  • Gorgeous packaging!
  • Pigmented.


    • Way too expensive.
    • Patchy application.
    • Applied and felt drying!


If you’re already an avid LA Splash fan the Golden Gatsby Pop Up Lipstick might appeal to you but those trying the brand for the first time probably shouldn’t start here!

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Carol G

    I said the same thing: $16 for LA Splash?!? Thinking like you did, it was LA Girl…so don’t worry you’re not alone in that. I love The Great Gatsby too and was tempted by the eyeshadow palette but in the end passed on it. Idk, there’s something about it that I was like, meh…

    • Isabella Muse

      LOL total senior moment because I was like wow this is expensive for LA girl! later on I realize duh it’s LA Splash! I sort of want the palette but the lipstick threw me off it!

  • jana

    Hi Muse, I’m an old lady (58) who has loved your blog for years. Did you happen to get the Great Gatsby eye shadow collection too? Am wondering about that.

    • Isabella Muse

      Hi Jana how are you? Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t! The lipstick sort of threw me off the collection but it does look tempting!

  • Kristin

    I am obsessed with Fitzgerald short stories; I think I’ve read just about every one!
    And I hate companies that put all their $$ towards packaging when the product itself needs improvement.

    • Isabella Muse

      me too! what’s your favorite (please don’t say Benjamin Button haha! The poor Tales of the Jazz Age is only known for that story it seems like sometimes!). Agreed. I put a lot of importance on great packaging but I really want the formula to work as well thanks so much ;D

  • Sheree

    The color might not be as advertised, but I think it looks smashing on you!

  • Linda Whitener

    I kinda liked the look of that color online, but was dubious about purchasing because I’ve been burned before – every so often, I tell myself I’m going to swear off buying color cosmetics online (but I never quite succeed in sticking to that resolution). Also wasn’t sure about $16 for L.A. Splash. Thanks for being the “guinea pig,” so to speak – I’m grateful!! And I certainly hope you get to write this stuff off on your taxes, Muse! 😉

  • Mariele Storm

    Whew, glad you reviewed this, I’d been rotating a lot from this collection in and out of my Ulta cart for awhile. I almost bought the reds. 🙂 Guess I’ll save the money!