March 19, 2019

Maquillage 0R311 Dramatic Styling Eyes D Was Launched in Fall But Gives Me A Pretty Spring Eye Look Anyway!

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.
4 stars out of 5

Maquillage Dramatic Styling Eyes D in 0R311 was an eyeshadow palette that launched in August for Fall 2018. I immediately purchased it upon launch because I do so love me some orange eyeshadow. It actually deserves mentioning that Maquillage rarely makes things I feel the need to purchase. It’s probably one of my least loved Shiseido brands! I dunno why! I just don’t always find their releases appealing!

But sometimes, some of their releases call to me and OR311 called to me for sure! I actually didn’t wear it for Fall looks if you can believe it. I purchased it when it launched, tucked it away, and when I was switching up my makeup for the season I noticed it and was like, “Oh! I never tried this! I’ll have to swatch up and see how it’ll work for some Spring looks!” It indeed, ended up working great for a Spring eye look! It’s such a fresh, light eye look that I know I’ll be hauling this out a few times for some pretty looks this Spring.

Maquillage 0R311 Dramatic Styling Eyes D arrives in a metallic champagne beige compact with red accents. If you’re a fan of some of Maquillage’s lipstick you’ll be very familiar with their traditional square design. Inside the palette you’ll find a mirror a swing out attached film attached to it. This can be removed but I actually appreciate it’s attached to the mirror as I’ll never lose it that way and it gives simple yet easy to follow instructions. Yes, they are in Japanese but the diagram is labeled with numbers and placement is easy enough to figure out. There are also two sponge applicators for application. Like most Japanese palettes, they use the lighter shade to accent and the darker on the lid. I typically use a lighter shade on my lid and a darker one to accent but the contrast of shades works best when reversed for an Asian eye. That being said I followed their advice and I actually like the way the lighter shade accents with the darker shade on my lid.

You get two eyeshadows here one being a lighter orange and the other a soft brown with gold accents. There’s also a glossy orange primer and a sparkling highlighter. I have to admit that in some ways the palette is very expensive ($25 but many drugstores in Japan do offer a discount of 30% or more! However, when shopping online you’ll fail to get such a discount) due to the glossy primer and sparkling highlighter. I found both to be a little useless. The tinted primer has a dense formula and the texture of a cheesy lipgloss you’d find in a kid’s lipgloss palette of some kind. It applies sheer on my lids and doesn’t add anything to the look! If anything I felt like it made the eyeshadows apply a bit patchy. Secondly, the highlighter shade is way weird for me. It’s silver! Why!? Gold would work or even orange but silver? I tried it because you never can tell with Japanese palettes! Sometimes they throw in the weirdest shades and it works. But in this case, it really didn’t look that great with the brown and light orange. That being said, this means that I was down to two shades which indeed created a really nice look but at this price all four shades should work nicely! I paid retail at a discount so, it set me back $18 but again, that’s too high a price to use two shades only in a quad.

The shadow formula is fantastic but you do have to enjoy soft, slurry-like eyeshadows. Some folks just aren’t into a formula like this but I personally love it. Sure, they are sheer but the build easily, the apply beautifully with a buttery texture, and I have no issues blending. The thing about Japanese eyeshadow palettes is I can get easy looks from them without a ton of blending and pairing up shades. This might be why I love them so much!

Maquillage 0R311 Dramatic Styling Eyes D isn’t the best palette in the world but I admit I’d totally buy it again. I really liked the combo of shades in this palette!

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Maquillage 0R311 Dramatic Styling Eyes D is a Fall 2018 launch which contains two eyeshadows, one highlighting shade, and a glossy primer. I actually loved this palette but it does have pitfalls. The two eyeshadows have a lovely creamy, buttery texture that applied easily on my eyes and blended out nicely with a hint of shimmer. Sadly, I wasn’t a big fan of the gloss primer which looks orange but applies sheer and didn’t quite do well under shadows as it made application a bit patchy. I also didn’t love the silver highlighter! I felt the shade just didn’t lend anything to the other warmer shades in the palette! This makes the palette a little expensive due to the fact I’m only using two shades but the ones I did use create a really lovely, fresh look!


  • Creates very fresh, lovely eye looks!


  • Primer shade doesn’t really work great and makes application patchy.
  • Silver highlighter doesn’t pair well with the completed look!
  • Expensive since I only ended up using two of the four shades!


If money isn’t an issue the Maquillage 0R311 Dramatic Styling Eyes D is worth picking up if you love orange-y eye looks!

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Christina

    Paired with a soft lip and peachy tones like you did in the first picture actually looks really spring-like. It’s got that “bathed in light” effect.

    • Isabella Muse

      EXACTLY! exactly! I love you get me. It really is a soft ethereal sunny look ya know?

  • Agona

    The sparkly white is probably for the “eye fat” under the eyes; it’s big in Asian beauty to highlight there.

    I do a combo Asian/Western style on my eyes…I gradate dark to light colors up and outwards. 🙂 I’ve definitely got more into Asian beauty last couple of years because I’m Asian and I find the techniques flattering on my features and the undertones of foundations and certain shades of color cosmetics work better for me!! I haven’t heard of this brand though…I’d be interested in trying it but that glossy primer totally throws me off. Seems better to highlight the center of a monolid than for a hooded eye–creasing is totally a concern for me!!

    • Isabella Muse

      that’s what I thought but they recommend putting it smack dab in the middle of completed look and that simply doesn’t work for me at all! I actually don’t because they look doesn’t always work for me. As instead of making my eyes look bigger it makes them look smaller doing it that way. But sometimes it actually works out for me, like this palette, totally worked out well ;-D I totally agree about the primer! It’ll make creasing a major issue if you don’t have lid real estate to work with!