April 10, 2019

Patrick Ta Major Glow Setting Fan Awkward or Awesome

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Patrick Ta’s new makeup and beauty collection is launching at sephora.com and one of the pieces in his collection is a Major Glow Setting Fan.

Yes, a fan. Like a fan you can buy at Dasio for a buck! So, what do you need it for?

Well, it’s basically a drying tool! You can use it to help dry and set your liner, highlighter, setting mist, cream blush, lash glue. Or you can even use it to block areas on your face and body when applying Patrick’s Major Glow Highlighting Mist.

I’m not sure how cool this is though. It seems awkward to fan yourself after makeup application. I mean, can’t you just let your cream or liquid products set by themselves in a few seconds. Do we really need an entire huge fan to help accelerate the drying time!? Especially one that’s $24 bucks?

Call me lazy but I can’t possibly seeing myself using something like this!

What do you think?

To fan or not to fan that’s the question!

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I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Miko

    There’s no way I’d pay that price for that lol. I use my hair dryer to set my setting spray lol.

    • Isabella Muse

      It’s gorgeous BUT WHY! lol! I’d feel so awkward fanning myself!

  • Christina

    Oh, the fan is not to fan yourself, lol! It’s to shield and direct the illuminating spray where you want it to. I bought the highlighters and lipglosses, but I am not going to spend $24 on a fan I can buy for a few bucks. Plus, it’d annoy me to see my fan get dirty from repeated spraying.

    • Isabella Muse

      Actually it is! He created it for use with the glow spray but also, you can fan yourself with it to set makeup or at least that’s how it was marketed! ;-D

      • Christina

        LOL! It is a fan, after all. But I’m still not going to pay that price for it. LOL! It’s a pretty colour, though…

        • Isabella Muse

          the color is glorious! the price though…! I don’t need a makeup fan lol!

  • kjh

    It seems silly initially, but how many times have we stood in front of the AC to dry deodorant? All summer. It would help me out significantly with s/c, rather than m/u, bec that’s where the layers need drying time. Think i’ll look for a Gudetama, etc. idk why one would pay premium price, but the idea could be quite useful for me.

    • Isabella Muse

      a Gudetama fan? Perfect! He’d be showcased being miserably hot on it! LOL!

      • kjh

        After I forced myself to finish the taxes, did a small U order, with Gudetama lip balm and cleansing towelettes. Of course, already have the baby wipes container from the local Asian marketplace. Might have to start in on Keroppi, too, as frog is my totem animal. Whatever makes you smile. Like your blog.

  • amy

    I have a little battery-operated fan from Dollar Tree that I use, and it sits on my makeup desk. I think I’m good…

  • Nanners

    My first reaction is that he’s upcharging for a basic household item and hoping that suckers will fall for it for the exotic/unique factor. It’s like if I took a regular toothbrush, slapped my name on it, painted it rose gold, and told you it is solely used for lip exfoliation. Oh and it’s $24.

  • Agona

    I always get a card or something and fan my eyes after liquid eyeliner and mascara. I actually considered the fan for a split second but I was like, it’s not that hard to find a piece of paper and fold it up or grab a card. Worse case scenario, I wave my hands…but I do hate blinking and having liquid eyeliner transfer on my hooded lids–that’s the worse.

    • Eertmeert

      Yes! I use those thick paper mailers that are addressed to “current resident” – they are the perfect density to get the air moving lol

  • Dia

    lol I just grab a random piece of paper I might have lying around… Walgreens ad, jury summons… it’s all good.

  • Kimmyyy

    LOL. I was going to say, if you want to be fancy, just get a handheld electric fan! You would pay less and it would be much more effective. I’ve thought about doing that, but because I live in Texas and it’s always hot, I always have a box fan going in my room and can just stand in front of that. I mean, 24 dollars and it isn’t even metal? Why? They could have at least made it a little fancier.

  • Jennifer Draper

    I have a small fan that I purchased from Target for 15$, (I think); that I use every morning when I’m doing my hair and make up. It keeps me cool in the summer and dries my make up in a flash. This is just a silly waste of money. And truthfully, anyone who would spend 24.00 bucks on this is either out of their mind or ridiculously rich. I am neither.

  • Cindy

    LOL I have a $3 fan in my bag at all times for when I get hot at concerts, on the subway, etc. A $24 fan to use as a makeup tool? Erm, NO lol

  • anonymous

    It’s so unnecessary in terms of practicality. Like you mentioned you could buy one for a dollar at the store or just use a piece of paper or something. But I love the gimmicky luxuriousness of it.

    • Isabella Muse

      lol I don’t blame you! It’s actually beautiful! The color is stunning! But I doubt I’d have any use for it!

  • Chrissie Dyson

    It’s kitschy, a bit decadent and I love it! So House Of Abundance x

  • Jean

    A review says it’s made of metal and fabric. I wouldn’t buy it bc I’m cheap but it does look super nice and I’d love to have it just to have it. I’ll be fanning myself all summer makeup or not with that. I’d buy it for $10.

  • Lucy

    I use a fan to dry my mascara. But I will not pay that much for one. For that price tag I could get a mid end one in Mexico or Spain to gift my mom for use at social events (Yep my mom still use a fan at wedings and things like that) The one I use for my makeup costed me at most 4 bucks.

  • Jennifer

    I always fan myself after applying gel eyeliner on my waterline and after my setting spray because I swear it makes a difference. I just use a random pamphlet I got in the mail or something like that. I guess if you want to be fancy, the fan is good. Highly recommend fanning though!

  • TC

    Its a premium price cause it’s a premium brand. Just like you can spend the ordinary or la mer prices for skin care and Pat McGrath or elf prices for makeup. They do the same things, just like a premium fan and a dollar store for fan will. Some people scoff at us for the money we spend on skincare and makeup, and in turn we scoff at folks who spend $24 on a fan. Lol.

    • Isabella Muse

      Premium pricing is fine if I’m getting something other than a fan! I’d rather spend the money on skincare or even a makeup brush of some sort versus a fan 🙂