May 28, 2019

Chiara Ferragni Lancome Collaboration But I’d Rather See a Fedez Lancome Collection

Long time blogger Chiara Ferragni has teamed up with Lancome to create her own makeup collection which is available now in Italy. I swear to the makeup Gods this chick has had a collaboration with everyone and their mother too. Pantene, Tod’s, Disney, no one is immune to her charms.

The collection includes a palette with eyeshadow, lipsticks, lipgloss, highlighter, and blush plus L’Absolu Mademoiselle Shine Lacquer, Hypnose Drama Mascara, and new shades of L’Absolu Mademoiselle Shine.

The collection is available today at

Honestly, can we just stop and minute and have Lancome collaborate with Fedez instead (Chiara’s husband) because that I’d totally buy! I’m a Fedez fangirl sorry not sorry!

But sadly, that hasn’t happened….! Back to Chiara’s collection!

According to Chiara she wanted to create a collection that’s 100% her own style. So, she worked with Lancome to create something fun, flirty, and empowering! Interestingly enough Douglas’ brick and mortar stores get early dibs on the collection which I thought a little odd but it’ll arrive here in the states on June 13th at Nordstrom.

I’m looking forward to the collection. I very rarely get excited about collaborations launches but I adore Chiara and can see myself purchasing this collection.

Where to buy