May 30, 2019

Lorac Neon Lights PRO Pressed Pigments Eyeshadow Palette for Summer 2019

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More neon coming your way for Summer 2019 with the new Lorac Neon Lights PRO Pressed Pigments Eyeshadow Palette. I swear all these neons are bring back damn good memories! Pop beads, charm necklaces, Rainbow Brite, the 80s vibes are real up in here.

Lorac isn’t exactly known for brightens but these 10 shades are bold, bright, and packed with pigment in matte and shimmer finishes! No word on if they are eye safe or not but since it’s labeled an “eyeshadow palette” let’s hope we can safely use them on eyes without any staining!

I have to admit I’m not a big, big fan of the primary color range most of these palettes use though! If I’m going for neon I like the brighter pinks and greens I’m seeing from Huda Beauty’s new range of Neon Obsessions Palettes but not so much big bold blues, whites, yellows, and pinks. I just feel like those shades are a little more difficult to create a look you know?

What are your ideal neon shades?

Lorac Neon Lights PRO Pressed Pigments Eyeshadow is $29 and available now.

Will you be indulging?

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I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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    • Isabella Muse

      me too sadly. It’s just a little too hard for me to wear!

  • Maria

    Muse, what is the difference between pressed pigments and eyeshadow? Thanks. Are pigments harder to apply with a brush? Thanks.

    • Isabella Muse

      Eyeshadows typically contain a mix of ingredients aside from pigment that give them a creamier texture and an easier to apply formula. They are also eye safe. In the case of pressed pigments, they are actually pressed pigments in a pan so the ingredients are lighter and less complex than an eyeshadow. Since they don’t have a lot of those other ingredients they tend to be bolder and are also, deemed as being not eye safe at times by the US government (in Canada, other countries, etc they aren’t but here in the US for some reason or another our government doesn’t love ’em). Pressed pigments also cause staining sometimes. It’s not something that will completely stain your lid but sometimes it does take a day or two to wash away as hot pinks, reds, blues can leave behind color even after removing. Pigments can be harder to apply with a brush as sometimes they are powdery or looser so you might see more fall out. I tend to use an eyeshadow sponge to apply them it makes clean up easier and I see a lot less fall out this way! Most pressed pigments do contain carmine which might be an issue if you’re exclusively vegan/cruelty-free makeup wise.

  • Liz

    I almost rolled my eyes and groaned aloud when I saw this. And I love Lorac! I have neon fatigue already from these make up releases.

    • Isabella Muse

      LOL! I find them kind of fun! I sort of blame Stranger things! Everyone wants in on those neon 80s this Summer!

  • Adrienne

    Muse can you briefly explain what a pressed pigment is, why it’s possibly an eye irritant and what type of primer needs to be used. I remember a while back UD came out with a long anticipated palette and everyone commented on the non wearability of many colors and that there was a warning. I think you mentioned the new ABH palette may have some pressed pigment as well.

    • Isabella Muse

      I actually did in the comments already! Maria had asked the same question 🙂 see below! As for irritants I think it varies from person to person! As far as I know Red Lake 28 and Red Lake 27 or 7? don’t quote me on that number are not considered safe on the eye are by the FDA however, that’s within the US. If you live in Canada or somewhere else there are no such problems labeling those shades as being not eye safe. I have no knowledge of Red Lake(s) being irritants but again, if you have sensitive eyes they might present a problem also, people with allergies should be aware of this. I addressed some of this in the Urban Decay review I did here: I just always feel that I should be responsible telling people these things before they use them! That being all said I don’t know if Lorac’s palette has any issues like this! I haven’t checked the ingreds out nor do I have the actually palette in hand so can’t check the box :-/ as for primer, I find that pressed pigments, depending on the shades, will stain even with primer in place. Sometimes if you put on primer and a layer of powder over the primer and follow up with the eyeshadow it might dull the stain but it’ll stain none the less. The staining isn’t a huge huge deal as within a few days and a few washings it’ll come off but some people don’t love the idea of having pink or blue residue that’s left behind for days after wearing an eyeshadow! Hope this helps!?

  • Krystle

    Well I know I’ll be picking up the Huda Neon obsessions in neon pink . But this one is too similar to my UD Electric pallette which I love but this pallette doesn’t bring anything new .

  • kjh

    It will be interesting to see how Lorac develops under Markwins. This looks quintessentially masstige: 10 pan at 29, better price point than many HEs, channeling Rivera and the current trend for brights. Nowhere nearly as interesting as the Hudas, (and the Huda nines are bargains!) but more accessible, though distribution. One sparkly brow light and a transition, with the rest rainbow brights. Clearly researched and planned. But the only thing traditionally Lorac is the mattes on top and the shimmers/glitters on the bottom. I got the XMAS palette and don’t love it. What I miss about old Lorac especially, is the theme-based palettes. Pirates! Unzipped desert, mountain, ocean, the mini palettes with LA themes. Lorac really hit it in 17, and it’s been downhill ever since.

  • Liz

    I don’t understand why there are two cranberry shades but no lime/ neon green

  • Stacy Kraft

    It’s a nope for me. Even if I wanted to indulge in this summer’s trend of neon shadow I think I would do a less expensive brand like BH or Colourpop. That way I wouldn’t feel guilty ditching it after the summer.

  • Deborah

    Pass!!! I saw an Instagram photo of the Pro 4 under different lighting and for a minute I thought it was a neutral green palette. I wish they’d make that!