May 14, 2019

Oh My God New Shades of Too Faced Fruit Cocktail Blush Duos Are Coming

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Papaya Pop, Like My Melons?, and Berries & Bubbly are three new shades of the Too Faced Fruit Cocktail Blush Duo that are launching shortly at and

Oh my gosh I’m so excited! I loved these when they launched with the original Too Faced Tutti Frutti Collection last year! They are super pigmented and look fabulous on! The blush is a split pan which has a blush on one side and a sparkly highlighter on the other. You can combine the shades or wear them individually. A lighter hand is best because they pack some intense color!

I’m excited to see many of the new shades are peachy and coral! I’m all about peaches and corals for Summer so this is right up my alley!

The new shades of Too Faced Fruit Cocktail Blush Duos will be available shortly.

P.S. Game of Throne Spoilers ahead….!

I watched episode 5 last night and man, that was some disappointing sh1T. First off, I was majorly confused. I thought there were three more episodes left. For some reason, I was thinking S8 would have eight episodes but it’s only six. Wow! What a dumb mistake to make. Here I am thinking oh there’s so much more to go and in reality the finale is next week. Jeepers! Now I feel majorly rushed. This week’s battle was incredible. Praise the TV gods it was in daylight and we could see everything happening clearly!

Here’s where things sucked though…

The battle was incredible however, Dany’s spiral into madness probably happened a little too quickly for my tastes. Also, God bless Cersei! She just stood their emotionless for an hour of the episode and FINALLY had some emotional breakdown the last twenty minutes of the episode but even that felt like crocodile tears. Her demise was completely and utterly disappointing. I really wanted something horrific to happen to her. Call me cruel but Cersei was just someone that you felt needed to be put into her place. I’d have liked to see her and Dany actually fight it out. In the end, Cersei’s life was ended with a whisper and not with a bang.

This episode did lead me to believe that Dany will rule! As the mad Queen! I think she’ll be responsible for simply killing everyone off! We’ll see…we’ll see!

What’s your theory?

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I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Hope Cuevas

    I see it differently. I think Jon will end up being king because Dany has now alienated most if not all of her supporters. I think Jon will end up killing her because he sees what she has become.

    I do agree that most of this season felt rushed in all of the story lines. I mean, they have been alluding to “Winter is coming” since the very first episode of the whole series then bang! it was all over in one episode. Felt rushed.

    • Isabella Muse

      I have my doubts Jon will make it to the throne. I think Dany will kill him! and I hope I’m wrong that would be so disappointing! Too true! I can’t believe how utterly rushed this all is :-/

  • Michelle

    Pretty much everyone agrees with your basic assessment of the show!
    I did a GoT prediction pool at work before the season started, I chose Gendry (especially now that he’s a Baratheon) to get to the throne in the end, I was assuming both Dany and Jon (Aegon) will die. Of course I could be wrong.

    • Isabella Muse

      I thought maybe both Dany and Jon would go too! I’m curious if you’re right but some part of me feels like the writers will do some sort of twist and that twist will be Dany goes mad but still gets the throne and everyone else well, off with their heads!

  • Rachael

    Yesss perfect description of Cersei this episode. I was pissed off that Jaime’s character development was all for naught too.

    • Isabella Muse

      RIGHT? They built Jamie into a real hero and a nice a guy and what happens? He totally turns into Cersei’s puppy dog again!

      • Jujubes

        Ugh, I agree, I do not understand his motive behind going back to her, except as a plot device to make their ends ‘poetic’ (them coming into the world together and then leaving together). This kind of character assassination (same with Dany’s descent into madness) kills an otherwise good show, which so many of us invested the past many years in!!

        • Isabella Muse

          OMG I was thinking the same thing! It felt so Romeo and Juliet but in a I threw up in my mouth a little bit way! LOL! It was indeed poetic and terribly disappointing especially because of Jamie’s growth. I think the writers are sort of bored, tired, and over it which is why we’re getting all this half assed writing!

  • Liz

    Omg….those blushes! I bought way too many when they were on sale at your recommendation. Apricot is my fav. Thanks Muse!

    If they go on sale I will be sorely tempted. But I’m not supposed to be buying more cosmetics. Gah! Maybe they will go on sale after my no buy is done

    • Isabella Muse

      YAY! 😀 They are just so gorgeous! haha maybe in the Fall they’ll pop up on sale for 21 days of Beauty or something ;-D we can hope!

  • Susan

    I think that Jon will either kill Dany or somehow convince her that she shouldn’t be the queen. And you don’t actually see Cersei dead….

    • Isabella Muse

      If he can convince her of anything at this point he gains all the points ;-D As for Cersei, def you don’t but sadly, I think this is about it for her!

  • Felicia Ferrick

    I love those blushes as well! Bought 3 of them the first time, this time might be able to keep myself in check with just the melons shade. But I can never seem to get enough blush or highlight so who knows. As for GOT, I am so disappointed in this season. I was not happy with Sunday’s episode. It’s way too rushed, there are so many unanswered questions and it just seems like the writers gave up. But the previews for the new Watchmen show look really intriguing. Are you going to be checking that out?

    • Isabella Muse

      I did too! soon as they launched grabbed all three not sure if I will be able to resist this new round up ;-D ohhhhhhh my god yes on Watchmen! ;-D I’m a big fan of the comics so this is a dream come true that Lindelof is at the helm! ;-D Yup! totally rushed 🙁 great battle but poorly executed deaths and newer character developments felt really rushed! 🙁

  • Robin

    Agreed! This season was way too rushed and very disappointing end to Cersei! I wanted Arya to get revenge! This woman was one of the worst people in recent television! She burned people alive… without dragons! lol She tortured people in some of the cruelest ways! Selfish, only thinking of herself and she dies by rubble?!?!?

    And Cersei’s army and the arrows at Dragon!?!? Three dragons couldn’t handle it, but ONE could destroy them all!?! Dany, ugh. She literally went in Scorched Earth. I think Jon and Tyrion saw what she was capable of. Dany was the one who fought for the little guy and showed compassion. Since learning about Jon being heir to the throne, not to mention her nephew, she gone nuts.

    I wanted Jamie to stay with Brienne! His character had grown so much and I actually liked him, then he got stupid again.

    I wonder if the author will finish the books now since he’s seen how his story should not turn out!

    I agree with a comment I saw yesterday: that the writers really let the fans down and took all of the wonderful female characters they’ve developed over the years and ruined their storylines with this season.

    • Isabella Muse

      I know it’s like really? A rock hit her? Big deal! I wanted to see her and Dany have some sort of epic hair pulling battle haha! I think they were prepared this time for the arrows this time around last time it was sort of a surprise haha! ;-D I guess they are trying to say she has so much recent loss that she feels alone and adrift which led to her madness but really though? She’s been strong in the past! Girl’s husband became a vegetable and she carried on! Jamie, Jamie, Jamie so much loss potential! Well, the show as notorious for veering away from certain characters/stories/etc that were in the books so I think he’ll likely change the ending when he does finally release the final two books (if he survives, he might god forbid die before he can write the last and final novel). Too true. They were written as strong females but now their stories are just in ashes :-/