June 26, 2019

Essence World Eyeshadow Palettes Are Cheap As Day Old Chips

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Heads up the new Essence G’day Sydney, Salut Paris, and Olá Rio (my inner Portuguese girl is screaming to reply Olá Menina!) Eyeshadow Palettes are now available on Ulta. These launched a few months ago on the Essence website but I’m like one of those old farts that rebels at having to make purchases on brand websites directly. I hate it. I like doing one and done shopping that’s why I enjoy places like Ulta, Sephora, and Nordstrom. I don’t want to just shop one brand one one site. I want to do a haul of several things and brands at once.


Anyway, although I wanted these it never happened due to the reason I mentioned above. But I’m happy to report all three are now on Ulta.com and you can snag them at a great deal if you don’t have your 20% Coupon anymore just use 796356 and each of these palettes will set ya back $6.50!

Salut Paris is a mix of cooler pinks and sultry purples, G’day Sydney is a pretty selection of golden hues mixed with aquatics, and Olá Rio contains warm naturals mixed with cranberries and purples!

Each palette contains nine shades each!

Snag them now at Ulta!

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