June 6, 2019

Sephora Targeted E-mails May Score You 20% Off

Sephora seems to have targeted e-mails going out lately. I’ve heard rumors about these but I never personally got a target e-mail from Sephora until this month! It’s been a very eventful month because less than two weeks ago Sephora sent me a 20% Off Anniversary coupon code which surprised me and I was all hell yeah!

But even better less than a week later I got ANOTHER 20% Off e-mail coupon code. Both codes can be used either online or in stores and are only good for a really short time. Like the one they sent me this week is only good until June 11th. Sucks it has to be used in such a short time but I do appreciate the gesture.

One of my readers mentioned she got 15% off. So, do check your email maybe you’ll see one floating around in there. I’ve gotten a few targeted offers from Ulta in the past as they track what I buy and offer me a coupon for that particular item within weeks or a month of me buying it. For example, I’ve gotten $15 off $50 in Bare Minerals and other such offers. I guess Sephora is also using these types offers too now. It’s a nice perk but I’d like to see the offer expire in say two to three weeks versus a week.

None the less, it’s nice to see it. However, it’s also worrying as it could mean people are spending as much as they used to at Sephora! Hmmmmm!

Did you get an offer?

Do share!


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  • lori

    I did, 20% off makeup only. I tried adding a facial oil to the order to see if it would give me 20% off of that anyway, but it only took 20% off of the makeup item I had in my cart! Still a nice gesture 🙂

  • Dee

    I got one and put items in my cart….and then deleted. Not feeling it! Weird!

  • Alison

    I got 20% off, but it could only be used online on the Sephora U.S. website. Also there were brand exclusions for Dyson, The Ordinary and MAC, and quantity limitations for Drunk Elephant, Tatcha and Morphe. I find the MAC and Morphe exclusions odd as I don’t see that they sell those brands, at least not online or any store I’ve visited. Anyways, much appreciated as I do use Drunk Elephant in my routine and it’s always nice to get it for a discount! Thanks for all you do Muse, I don’t comment very often, but I’m here every day 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      my anniversary was in store and online sorry derp! I should have said that ;-D The limits don’t really bother me as I’m not planning on stock piling DE or Tatch haha ;-D I always find the MAC exclusion weird too! Maybe in the future they have plans to sell it. Awww thanks Alison comments like this make my day 😀

  • Swoozy

    None for me! I rarely buy makeup anymore as I have quite a stash. I’d appreciate a coupon I can use on skin care!

  • Nanners

    Ha! I did get one….for free shipping. But I already have Flash so it was useless to me

  • Kimmwc03

    I received the 20% anniversary code but that is it from Sephora. There were no limitations though so I bought a couple things I needed.

    I get the targeted ones from Ulta a lot, esp. bare Minerals.

  • Jujubes

    My first time getting one too! 20% off, but one-time, online only.

  • kimkats

    Ppffffttttt.. I got nuthin. Which is about typical – I have never gotten a random coupon code from Sephora. Ever. I got one from Ulta a few weeks ago and actually used it, and I’d do the same for sephora, if they’d ever. send. me. one. (are you listening, sephora?)

    Wonder how they decide who to send these to? I’m VIB at sephora, so it’s not like I don’t spend *any* money there… C’mon sephora – send me something! 😀

  • Kish

    Interestingly, I’ve gotten two different once since the spring sale. I did not buy anything during the spring sale…they keep sending stuff saying that they noticed I didn’t shop and I may want to. I lost my Rouge status this year and I think I’ve only spent like $20 this whole year so far. If I do have money, I’ve been using it at Ulta. Much better rewards, sales, the ability to buy my Pacifica and Hask staples alongside Juvia’s place, Colourpop, and high end brands.

    I think Sephora is losing the game.

  • mpark

    Weird, I’m a “Rouge” like 3x over but I didn’t get anything…maybe it’s because I’m in Canada? But nonetheless, probably don’t need a reason to buy any more beauty products lol But it would still be nice to have been included.

    • Lollykins

      I’m from Canada (3rd year as rouge) and I received 15% off coupon yesterday

    • Maritza

      Canadian too and got 20% my expense compare to last year is half and probably wont be rouge next year. I just got a few items from the clearance section last week and used the $100 gc for the natasha denona sunrise palette and a pat McGrath lipgloss. there was nothing I wanted but suddenly the too faced gingerbread man liquid lipstick came in stock (weird cause is June) so i got it and a clinique bottom lash mascare. I am all tired up with sale, the no buy year is on trend so maybe is affecting their sales cause they are never this “generous”

  • Lacy

    I GOT NOTHING!!!!! I am very disappointed. I don’t understand why there’s a targeted selection for certain promotions? Or how they decide who gets them.

    So I inquired with sephora via chat about the emails that have recently been sent out to others and they checked my account and said at this time I was not one of the chosen individuals. When I asked why not they did not have an answer as to why or how it came to be. Then offered to sign me up for emails to receive future notices….. Um that’s great and all but I’m already signed up because I have a Beauty Insider account. What a frustrating and lack of resolve that was.
    I hate to rant but honestly I’ve been more disappointed by Sephora in the past year than I have been impressed. I feel like they’re taking more than they give…..First the decrease in free samples at check out, on top of not even receiving the ones you pick, then taking away free flash shipping and making us redeem our points on it instead….. The lack of sales or restrictions, especially with the 100 gift card promo redemption…(i could keep going but i wont! lol) The only positive thing I have to say is that they finally listened and gave Rouge 20% off for the spring VIB sale.
    Honestly it’s not worth getting that jacked up about but man do I have a bug up my arse now lol.
    Simple fix though, I’ll just start utilizing other retailers 🙂 sephora is just so convenient

    • Isabella Muse

      I don’t get it either after reading many of the comments I’m pretty confused! I think a lot of people have been, you aren’t alone in the disappointment with Sephora lately 🙁

  • Jan K

    Yes. I received a 20% off coupon. I used it to buy the new Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette. It was a really nice surprise.

  • kjh

    Got one (only) within the month. Got a Fenty l/s (like I need more greige), the BM blush trio (varied, nice), and the KA lavender ombre HL thingie, Neo something. They did succeed at pulling me back. Other than that, I had only shopped the sale. Mine had no exclusions.

  • Frozendiva

    Because of my foot injury in early May, I missed the VIB discount. About a week or two later, I received a 15% off code – apparently I didn’t buy anything in the sale so I got a second chance. I ended up getting some skincare and some perfume.

    • Isabella Muse

      a friend of mine had the same thing happen twice during the holiday season! She didn’t buy during the discount days and got two more coupons after!

      • Frozendiva

        I had planned to get a couple of items during the sale, but life happened. Being given the same discount a couple of weeks later was nice. I would think Sephora has various algorithms regarding customers and their purchasing activity. Me not ordering once in X years would be an anomaly. I do wish that Sephora and other retailers would ensure sufficient stock. It’s a bit disheartening to see that anything you’d like to buy (that the Rouges got first access to) was gone.

  • Elaine G

    Hey, I feel special…got a 20%. Used it on nothing big. But it was a treat i will take. Happy Summer!

    • Isabella Muse

      Happy Summer! It was indeed an unexpected surprise and treat 🙂

  • Joi

    All I got was a coupon for free shipping which is useless to me as I have flash… Dumb on their part as I’m just going to go buy most of my cartload over at Macy’s or Nordstrom’s instead 🙂

  • Jennifer

    I have never received one of these targeted discount emails. I’ve been Rouge for years, but I never get one. In fact I sometimes don’t even receive the VIB discount and have to message them to get it.

  • Ale

    Rouge, in Canada, and haven’t received anything. Bummer. Their loss, nothing like arbitrary random selections to further alienate your customers.

  • courtney

    ROUGE here in the US. I did not get any coupons either. I have been Rouge for maybe 6 + years now. I’m fine with it though. Recently, I splurged with Nordstrom as they had their 15% off beauty sale to compete with Macys etc… For me, Nordstrom may not have every little thing Sephora carries, but I love being able to shop a sale at Nordstrom without having to spend $1K per year just to get discounts (like how Sephora does it). :shrug: Besides, Nordstrom really does have the best service, at least the ones here in Seattle do!

    • Isabella Muse

      ITA about nordstrom. One of my fav dept stores, excellent customer service no matter which dept you are shopping be it beauty or otherwise!