June 24, 2019

Victoria’s Secret Sweet Fix Fragrances Are a Sugary Treat for Gourmand Lovers

Heads up gourmand lovers Victoria’s Secret Sweet Fix Fragrances are here with a sugary selection of fragrance mist and body lotions in fun, fruity, sweet scents!

I need all of these in my life ASAP! It feels like forever since VS or Bath & Body Works did a fun sugary collection! This one sounds like just the thing! There’s even a Candy Baby scent maybe it’ll smell like the old Beauty Rush Candy Baby scent!

Scents include:

  • Candy Baby (a warm fruity glazed mango and and sugar scent)
  • Sugar High (a warm fruity rock candy and fruit nectar scent)
  • Fruit Crush (a fruity floral with notes of citrus and raspberry punch)
  • Cake Confetti (a warm vanilla cream and marshmallow scent)

They sound delicious especially Cake Confetti! Can’t wait to smell them!

Victoria’s Secret Sweet Fix Fragrances are not yet in stores but you can snag them on their website!

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