June 5, 2019

Violet Voss Best Life Eyeshadow Palette Launches for Summer 2019

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I’m not much of a rainbow eyeshadow kind of girl but Violet Voss Best Life Eyeshadow Palette caught my eye today! This is a rather fun, vibrant selection of eyeshadows! It contains 14 shades plus seven finely-milled pressed glitters and of course, I was all, “Oooo love the combo glitter!” I do wonder when I’ll grow up and out of sparkle and shimmer. Will it ever happen? Will there come a time in my life where I’m TOO old for shimmer?


Probably not.

Anyway, I’m not for rainbow looks but this palette has some really fun, funky shades that might just make their way into my Summer wardrobe. Although, I did promise myself this year I’m going more natural and light with my makeup for Summer. Especially on the weekends when I’m WAYYYYY lazy about doing my makeup! Although, I do have a few Pride Parades upcoming and I need some fun, funky shades like this one!

Violet Voss Best Life Eyeshadow Palette is $49 and available now at Sephora.

Oh P.S. Supernatural Spoilers ahead…!

I finally got a sec to watch the season finale and the fact they killed off Jack really hurts my feelings. I was starting to like that kid. How do you think it’ll all end next year? A great big blaze of glory? Sam and Dean finally in heaven, taking a break, kicking back on a porch, sipping beers? I think they will die and that really makes me sad as I rather they meet a nice girl, fall in love, retire from the family business, and raise a few kids. But likely, the Impala is headed for a great big drop off a mountain somewhere a la Thelma & Louise. They’ve talked about it ending that way so much that I’ve become sort of convinced that’s how they’ll go with it! I have hopes it won’t end that way as these two guys deserve some sort of rest and now the 6 feet under variety.

That’s my two cents.

Happy Pride Month! May it be filled with rainbow palettes like this one and plenty of Wincest fanfic!

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