June 13, 2019

Wet n Wild x Pac-Man Celebrates All The Great Things We Love About the 80s

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Wet n Wild x Pac-Man is a new limited edition makeup collection that’s a complete and utter homage to the 80s. Nothing, nothing speaks the language of the 80s like the Atari 2600. Although, it actually released in 1977 I feel like it gained real popularity in 1980 when the original Pac-Man released. My first real gaming console was an Atari 2600 and I’m going to let you in on a tiny little secret but you can’t tell anyone. Lean in. Lean in closer. I still have it. And it still works. I also still have a Commodore 64 but that’s a story for another day.

I spent many, many hours playing Pac-Man and also, getting lost in the stupidity of ET (if you haven’t do watch Atari: Game Over).

The fact Wet n Wild is honoring the awesomeness of this game just thrills me. This is better than Wet n Wild Fire Dragon vs Ice Dragon Collection!

I feel compelled to purchase a Wet n Wild x Pac-Man Vault because I’m positive they’ll do one. It feels like it’ll be some incredible collector’s edition twenty years down the road.

The collection consists of 12 pieces the two main ones being the Wet n Wild x Pac-Man Game Over Color Palette and the Wet n Wild x Pac-Man High Score Palette. The eyeshadow palette contains bright pops of yellow, pink, and orange where as the blush palette has some pretty glowing peaches and rose shades.

The collection also includes two makeup brushes, four shades of lipgloss, a cherry shaped lip balm, an apple lip scrub, a nail polish set featuring five shades, bronzer beads, and blush beads.

It’s a really fun collection! And it brings back many good childhood memories for me. I’m a gamer and I really think that all started with Pac-Man!

Wet n Wild x Pac-Man will be available shortly!

Will you be indulging?

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I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Carol G

    OMG! I am more than thrilled about this! I just made the comment a few days ago that I haven’t been excited about anything makeup related in a long time. But this! I, too, grew up playing the Atari 2600 and I was quite good at it. Frogger, Pitfall, Qbert. I dominated all of them. This really made my day. Wow, does this bring me back to my childhood – something I need in my life right now. Thanks for posting these great pictures. Cannot wait to see this in person!

  • Cindy

    OMG! I’m never happy with Wet N’ Wild makeup but I think I need this anyway LOL!

  • kimkats

    Are those little apples lip balms?? If so I MUST have them! ๐Ÿ˜€ And (whispers) I had an Atari 2600 too – Man, I played the yell out of that thing – in the late 70s when I was in college, there was a game arcade just a few blocks from where I lived, and my friends and I spent a lot of time (and quarters!) there. I had 2 favorite pinball games, and I loved this little shooting arcade game called Carnival. I was pretty dang good at them, if I say so myself! ๐Ÿ˜€ Ah, good memories….

    • Isabella Muse

      There’s an cherry lip balm and there’s an apple lip scrub ๐Ÿ™‚ ha awesome ๐Ÿ˜€ Things seem so much more complicated nowadays! I year from the 80s/90s!

  • Kimmyyy

    This looks so cute! I’ve always been a gamer too, but even if I wasn’t, this is still an adorable collection. That apple lip balm reminds me of the Tony Moly one! I’ll probably end up snagging the shadow palette, the lip balm, the scrub, the brushes, and maybe that weird little pellet highlighter thing. I wonder when it will go up on their site… Ipsy has some Pacman things coming out with their June bags, but their collection just looks tacky! I’d much rather have some W&W.

      • Kimmyyy

        You’re right!!!! I don’t know why I was thinking PacMan! I just got my bag and plus box yesterday and realized I was totally wrong.

  • Angie Clementine

    Wow, this collection looks so cute! I’m especially interested in the blush palette.

    My favorite Atari games were Frogger and Space Invaders, but Pac-Man was fun, too!

  • Brandy

    This collection makes me want to visit the crab restaurant/ arcade near my home. The crabs and service are terrible, but the games and beer more than make up for it. Lol. I play Donkey Kong and Mortal Kombat while the S.O. plays Punch Out.

      • Brandy

        Sure!! The arcade side is always empty when we go. It’s great because we have all the games to ourselves, but it makes me sad that kids aren’t experiencing the fun old school games we had back in the day.

  • Randi

    No wet and wild for me after they lied about their cruelty free status.

  • MissMercurial

    I was so excited to hear about the return of their LE nail polishes… and so disappointed by the actual pictures :'(.

    Unless the set is like a stamping formula polish, in which case I’m right back to interested again. WnW, I miss your old school LE nail polish releases. They were my gateway drug to being more of a WnW brand loyalist.

  • Hind

    Hi I stay in dubai
    Where in US can I find this collection specially in Chicago ????

  • Anastasia

    Woo Hoo!!! Kindest Thanks, Muse-y!!! I needed the perfect excuse to buy colors like this, and this is it!!! I was delighted to find both brushes at my local CVS! They’re so soft!!! I got everything I was interested in; BOTH palettes and THREE of the lippies. (The blue one was not for me!) I really appreciate your detective work!!! Without you, I wouldn’t have known until everything was sold out! What a fun collection for summer!!! Now I want a vintage Pac Man table!!! I’ll even settle for a Ms. Pac Mac one! ๐Ÿ˜‰