July 24, 2019

Alamar Cosmetics DesNUDEas Lipgloss Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.
3 stars out of 5

Alamar Cosmetics DesNUDEas Lipgloss ($15) might be familiar to you if you’re a BoxyCharm subscriber as apparently there may be a shade appearing (or maybe it already has) in your next box! I purchased all four of these shades the day they launched which I believe was early July. I saw a few people on a makeup forum talking about them and was drawn in by my the temptation of grabbing some great nude lipgloss shades.

I’ve never been a nude lip fan simply because I always look like a zombie in nudes. I finally figured out that there are so many different versions and meanings of nude in the makeup world that it just takes some time and patience to find the right nude suitable for me. Since discovering I can wear nudes I’ve been on the hunt to collect all the perfect nude shades.

That hunt seems to have led me to indie brand, Alamar Cosmetics, DesNUDEas Lipgloss.

On a very rare occasion I’ve featured a few Etsy makeup discovers I love and also, I’ve featured brands indie brands like Aromaleigh, Skindazzles, and Lathers n Lights in posts I’ve done. I try very hard not to get to sucked into the indie makeup world because it can become more addicting than mainstream makeup. I bet if we gathered up all the drugstore brands and all mid and higher-range brands they still would equal the sheer amount of different indie brands out there. There are just SO many to choose from. I love variety but indie brands can be terribly addicting! Look at Colourpop! Today they launched their new Orange You Glad Eyeshadow Palette and you know I was first in line to buy it! Not to mention they just launched those Halo Ice Cream Palettes a few short days ago! I can’t keep up 🙂

Anyway, I broke my cardinal-rule about indie brands to haul these lipglosses and I’m glad I did as I love them. A few shades didn’t work out for me but others really did and I’m glad I tried them out for size as two of the four shades are truly keepers.

DesNUDEas Lipgloss is vegan, cruelty-free, and available in four shades for $15 each which are 0.09 oz each. The brand markets them as a thick gloss that “stick around” with a hydrating, high shine, medium coverage finish.

They are thick, very, very thick. Thicker and tackier than MAC Lipglass. I’m ok with that because it wears and wears and wears and wears. You can get a good six hours out of this gloss without it moving an inch on your lips. It hugs lips in color and just wears like a champ. It’s very pigmented as well so a single application will get you opaque color and plenty of good shine. But it’s a thick one, my friends! It’s a formula that will make itself very well known on your lips! It’s no lightweight that’s for sure.

Out of the four shades my two favorites and the ones I felt performed best were Divina and Coqueta. Divina brings back the 90s and gives my lips a gorgeous chocolate brown with a warmer undertone. Coqueta is a caramel nude with a warmer undertone. These applied smooth and flawless on my lips and each wore for a total of six hours providing shine and color through that wear. They aren’t transfer-proof though so, if you are eating or drinking they might be transfer to your cup or fork.

Chula and Dulce didn’t perform as well for me. Both of these shades seem to sink right into my natural lip lines immediately and aged my lips horribly not to mention the shades are a really bad choice for me as they give me a really bad case of zombie lips. If you’re truly a wizard at lipgloss application you can likely work magic with a nude lipliner and a darker gloss and one of these shades to create an ombre lip look. I am not sadly. So sadly, applying these directly on my lips without any other aids did give me a really living dead girl kind of look. I also, just wasn’t feel the formula. It seemed like it wasn’t as smooth and beautiful as Divina and Coqueta. A little clear lipgloss does help make the shades more smoother though and much more wearable!

Alamar Cosmetics DesNUDEas Lipgloss Swatches (Chula, Coqueta, Divina, Dulce)

Alamar Cosmetics Dulce DesNUDEas Lipgloss

Alamar Cosmetics Divina DesNUDEas Lipgloss

Alamar Cosmetics Coqueta DesNUDEas Lipgloss

Alamar Cosmetics Chula DesNUDEas Lipgloss

Packaging was a bit of an issue as the stopper on two of the shades separated and got stuck inside the cap. Without that stopper in place I ended up with a sponge saturated in heavy gloss. I tried fixing it but it was a big mess. I ended up using some extra lip sponge applicators I had with the tubes that were broken. This could be a fluke and I just unlucky. I was going to contact the company and ask for replacements but decided against it as they are a smaller business and sending me replacements would likely put them out. Plus the extra applicators I had are working out well. You can see what I mean in my photos of the sponge tips in this review. It’s just a bit old sloppy mess without that stopper to clear off excess.

All in all, the Alamar Cosmetics DesNUDEas Lipgloss was a hit or miss experience due to packaging issues and inconsistencies with the formula. That being said, if they released more of these shades I would considering buying them as they are very long-wearing and look lovely on so long. The overall rating I gave the product was a 3 out of 5 but if I had to rate Divina and Coqueta alone I’d likely push that rating to 4 or even 5 if the packaging flaw was a fluke or it was fixed in the future.

If you like long-wearing lipglosses and don’t mind a thicker formula I’d recommend these.

Where to buy

Alamar Cosmetics

Alamar Cosmetics DesNUDEas Lipgloss is an indie brand that’s cruelty-free and vegan. They recently launched four nude lipglosses that are $15 each which are 0.09 oz each. I hauled all four but had mixed results. All four shades have a very, very thick formula that’s flavor and fragrance-free. The formula is pigmented and give lips opaque color on a single application. These wear amazingly well at around six hours with a nice shiny finish but they aren’t lightweight and feel very heavy with a tackier texture. I loved the darker shades in the launch! They looked smooth and wore well! The lighter shades I didn’t have as good a result as they sunk into my natural lip lines immediately and aged my lips. I did have some trouble with the stoppers popping off and getting stuck in the cap.


  • Super long-wearing.
  • Thick and tacky but comfortable to wear.
  • Shiny.
  • Pigmented.
  • No flavor or fragrance.


  • Faulty packaging.
  • Formula inconsistencies across shades.
  • Very thick, quite tacky.


Alamar Cosmetics DesNUDEas Lipgloss do have some issues with packaging and formula inconsistencies but some shades are fabulous and worth hauling if you like long-wearing, pigmented, thicker gloss formulas.

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Felicia Ferrick

    Ooh I’m glad to see a review on these. I have an Alamar blush palette I got in a boxycharm that I love and surprise surprise it’s all orangey-peachy tones. I highly recommend even for fair skin. I too ordered the orange palette from Colourpop, luckily for me a lot of the things I wanted were sold out so that helped but now I want these glosses.Bye bye $$. I was hoping to get one in my boxy but I didn’t. 🙂 P.S. I don’t usually shop Kylie cosmetics but I did get her new summer kyshadow palette and was curious if you had or ever do use her stuff and what your thoughts were? The colors seemed right up your alley.