July 3, 2019

Sephora Has Sheet Masks for Your Butt with the New Bawdy x Sephora Collection Butt Sheet Mask

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Need a facial sheet mask for your butt? Sephora has a new range of sheet masks for your ass. Yes, your ass. The Bawdy x Sephora Collection Butt Sheet Mask is a new range of masks that firm, plump, and brighten your ass cheeks!

Someone please hold me back here as this is beyond absurd. Come on. I am an avid lover and user of facial sheet masks. I was overjoyed when the trend hit the Western market and facial sheet masks became such a thing in the US! Although, I must admit I still stick to using my favorite K-Beauty brands because I find them far superior to some of the ones I’ve tried here in the US. None the less, I’m still happy its become a regular staple from a variety of different brands.

With the uprising of sheet masks there was of course, some room to create other masks. Masks for your hands, masks for your feet, masks for your hair….! Hey, that’s cool! However, I draw the line at a butt mask. Seriously though…!? I mean facial sheet masks are sort of awkward to use imagine having to place them on your ass? Do you stand up for 15-20 minutes while they are on? What happens when they slip off? Do you lay down? Do you need a helping hand to put them on? It’s all so much work!

There are three masks available in the following formulas:

I’ve heard and seen it all now.

Bawdy x Sephora Collection Butt Sheet Masks are available now at Sephora.

Insert rolling eyes here.

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I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Susan K

    Thanks for posting! Was feeling a little blah & meh today but this really made me laugh! Now I feel perked up. Much like my butt would if I used one those masks lol

    • Hollybell41

      This is hilarious. I’m so glad you posted this because I saw a BOOB mask the other day in Sephora and I just thought I was an out-of-touch Gen Xer! Seriously, 2 little rainbows for the boobs. It actually happened to be next to great rollerball lip gloss that took me back to the Kissing Potion days. Love the blog Isabella!

  • Maria

    This made me crack up hysterically. What about for large and big butts? Would they fit?

    • Isabella Muse

      my question exactly. As a girl with a big butt I need to know! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Cindy

    Ok, ok, canโ€™t resist commenting on this one! First of all, I never thought of my ass as being a part of my body that needs to be โ€œbalanced and purified.โ€ Second, itโ€™s going to take more than a sheet mask to โ€œreviveโ€ this ass! Third, I never thought of studying my ass hard enough to see if I had โ€œuneven texture.โ€ How would that be done anyway?? LMAO!! I think Sephora has lost the plot.

  • Christina

    I see… -_-

    I really have nothing else to say about this. It is pretty ridiculous…Haha!

  • kimkats

    I do not need brighter butt cheeks. Nor do I need them “purified” or have the “dullness” in them removed. I just do not.

    WTH sephora??? and at $8 a pop?? I am wondering if anyone other than porn stars will be buying these…. (eye roll….)

  • Denise

    If butthole bleaching can be a thing, then I guess this shouldnโ€™t surprise me.

      • Angie Clementine

        April Foolโ€™s in July??

        But really (or should I say BUTT really), this is sort of embarrassing to admit, but sometimes after I use a sheet mask on my face, I will put some of the leftover essence on my thighs/butt. I have noticed that some of them have a plumping effect that can really help with the look of cellulite! Might come in handy before spending a day at the beach or poolside in a swimsuit. That said, the idea of putting a sheet on my butt doesnโ€™t sound particularly pleasant!

  • Felicia Ferrick

    OMFG! I am laughing out loud hysterically here at work while reading this. Too funny. Thanks for the morning levity over here. I needed it. ๐Ÿ™‚ P.S. I took some swatch photos for you last night for the Milani palette but not sure how to upload to your site? Hope you have a happy 4th my dear!

  • Annie S.

    Doesn’t this require a partner to see if yer buns are brighter, plumper, purer, firmer with less wrinkles (butt wrinkles?) and more even? I suppose that you could use a mirror but that’s a lot of twisting and turning.

    Are you going to review them, Muse? (ROFL)

    • Annie S.

      Just noticed that they are limited edition- I guess you can only get better buns for a short time.

  • Krastins

    If someone is making you feel bad about your butt to the point that you think you need a mask, then they can see your butt for the last time when you walk away from them

  • FrugalCat

    Come on Muse, you OWE it to us, your readers, to try this and let us know about it. With pictures. All joking aside, i’d try it for a goof. How much are they?

  • Colleenie

    I actually went back to check the date of this post to see if it was a repost from April 1. This is crazy!

  • kjh

    Hardee har har! Did you ever, in your Asian skincare travels, come across the point masks for both female and male genitals? OMBFG! They pinken up and tone (yup) the vagina and the penis. Seriously, WTF! Something is off here. Way off here.

  • CL

    Classic marketing. Create a fear of inferiority about one’s appearance, then sell a product to address that fear of inferiority. Tooth-bleaching, for example, wasn’t a big thing until about 25 years ago. Now almost everyone hates the idea of their teeth looking naturally dull, so they bleach them to what I call “radioactive white” levels.

  • Heather Barber

    Because apparently everything on a woman’s body needs to be improved, obsessed over, revived, etc etc. If they can exploit our insecurities to make a buck, they certainly will. Ugh!

  • Becky

    I couldn’t wait to scroll down to the comments and you ladies didn’t disappoint! I’m rolling with laughter! Thanks to all of you for making my day!

  • Fey

    Maybe these are marketed toward people who love a bikini or athletes and people who get acne from sweating and self tan addicts..which may cover the purifying and retexturizing ones. But…plumping? Is it inflammatory and makes your skin puffy? Is it superficial collagen that likely won’t be absorbed? Firming? Is it a multimonth workout for your butt in a single application sheet?

  • Randi Macdonald

    Have you been to the beach lately? The trend is thong type bathing suits. Its amazing to me that women with not the best butts were wearing them. These might help. LOL.

  • Mary

    Oh, Muse, thank you! I almost choked on my coffee, but it was worth it. I couldn’t stop laughing.

    I don’t think Daiso will have a silicone mask for that one, but Amazon might, LOL.

  • Frozendiva

    Maybe they can fit on the toilet seat and people can spend the 15-20 minutes sitting on the throne perusing their phones and catching upon texts and then get up, and throw the mask away.

    • Denise

      People who spend 15-20 minutes on the throne need to eat some dang carbs! :-;

  • Powell

    Lol Isabella. You gotta draw the line somewhere. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚