August 19, 2019

Fragrance Discovery Sets for 20% Off (or 15% Off) at Sephora

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Anyone shopping fragrance during the Sephora Summer Bonus Event? I always like when Sephora offers 20% off on fragrance! It’s typically the second category I head to when shopping (the first is typically skincare!).

Lately, one of the very best things about purchasing a new fragrance at Sephora is the abundance of fabulous discovery sets! Many niche fragrances that Sephora has are typically available in a discovery sets that contains a house’s entire range of fragrances in one great set for as little as $20! English brand, Floral Street, recently launched at Sephora and already they have a complete discovery set with the entire collection of the brand’s fragrances for $19! With 20% off (or 15% if you’re VIB) you’ll get the set for as low as $14. Better than paying $75 for a fragrance you’ve never smelled before!

Here’s some great Fragrance Discovery Sets to take advantage of!

Skylar Perfume Palette ($16 after discount)
I recently purchased Skylar’s cute little perfume discovery set at full price and don’t regret it! You get all six of the Skylar fragrances in 0.05 oz mists! This is a nice set if you have fragrance allergies as Skylar was created with sensitive users in mind and is hypoallergenic.

Maison Louis Marie Discovery Eau de Parfum Set ($14 after discount)
I’m in love with the strong botanical blends from Maison Louis Marie! If you haven’t tried them I strongly recommend checking this little discovery set as it contains four 0.05 oz mists!

Floral Street Discovery Set ($15 after discount)
Floral Street is a British fragrance house that recently launched at Sephora and luck would have they introduced a discovery set that includes all eight of the scents! This set includes eight 0.05 oz scents to try before you buy!

Victor & Rolf Magic Discovery Set ($108 after discount)
This isn’t a new set by any means but it contains a host of the gorgeous Magic Elixir Fragrances! The Magic Elixirs are truly like no other fragrance V&R have done in the past! Dancing Roses is probably my very favorite it’s a candy rose fragrance with notes of delicious cherry! This set is well worth checking out!

Huda Beauty Kayali Miniature Discovery Set ($76 after discount)
You’re likely tired of me talking about this set but it’s such a great deal! I do wish it was available when I had blind purchased larger bottles of the Kayali scents! I’m a huge fan of them all but Kayali Citrus is my very favorite! This set gets you 0.33 oz mist bottles of all four scents!

Ellis Brooklyn Chronicle Fragrance Discovery Set ($17 after discount)
If you’ve been curious about Ellis Brooklyn this set has a great selection of fragrances from the house! You get 7 0.07 oz mists!

Juliette Has a Gun Essential Wardrobe Travel Set ($22 after discount)
If you’ve been wanting to try out some of Juliette Has a Gun’s newest scents like Vanilla Vibes this set is for you! It contains Not A Perfume and the two latest scents from Moscow Mule and Vanilla Vibes in 3 x 0.17 mists!

Kilian My Kind of Love Discovery Set ($40 after discount)
Again, not new, but a great way to explore some of the newest Kilian fragrances that are 4 x 0.25 oz mists of some of these beautiful gourmands!

Are you purchasing any new fragrances with your discount?

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