September 12, 2019

Madonna x Too Faced Makeup Collection Will Be Available During the Madame X Tour

Madonna x Too Faced Makeup Box Sets I betcha you didn’t see that one coming! I mean a Madonna x Too Faced Makeup Collection? Whoa! Too Faced founder, Jerrod Blandino announced on Instagram today that he worked with Madonna to create not one but two new makeup kits based on two looks that Madonna will be sporting during her upcoming Madame X Tour. How do you get your hands on the Madonna x Too Faced Collection? You’ll either have to attend one of her shows where the collection will be exclusively available or starting tomorrow you can shop the collection at her Madame X Pop Up Shop at 430 W 15 St in Manhattan. You gotta be quick though as they are apparently super limited at this location!

Since writing this post the collection has now launched online at! You can buy both kits for $75 at!

From the small video Jerrod posted there are two sets one is called the Medellin Set and it includes Melted Matte Liquified Long Wear Lipstick, a 5-pan palette with what appears to be four shadows and 1 blush, Damn Girl! Mascara, and Better Than Sex Liquid Eyeliner. The other is called the I Rise Set and that includes Better Than Sex Mascara, a 5-pan palette which again seems to have a blush and 4 eyeshadows, Melted Matte Liquified Long Wear Lipstick, and a new chocolate eyeliner!

I guess the collection comes as no surprise as Jerrod has been posting about being besties with Madonna for a while. She sent him her skincare, she did a recent mini vid on Instagram using Too Faced Mascara, he mentioned going to a show of hers and having dinner with her, etc…seems about right that a makeup collection was in the works.

They haven’t mentioned a price for the Madonna X Too Faced Makeup Box Sets but I imagine it’ll be in the $39-$49 vicinity. Update: As per the price list at the Pop-Up Shop that Jerrod showed on an Insta-story it appears these are $75 each. Ouch! That’s pretty high considering the lipsticks in the set have gone on sale numerous times for $10 each!

At the risk of pissing off hardcore Madonna fans I thought the collection looked really phoned in. The Melted Matte Liquified Lipsticks don’t even look like new shades and the eyeshadow palette is such a snore. Not to mention Damn Girl! Mascara is so horrible! Or at least I think it is.

I would guess after her tour they’ll launch this on Too Faced’s website. I can’t imagine it just being available so very limited but who knows. We’ll have to wait and see.

What do you think of the Madonna X Too Faced Collection?

See the mini tease video on Jerrod’s Instagram!


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  • kjh

    I cannot believe that you waste your time looking at Jerrod’s SM! I guess it’s due to your interstitial job…the one you fit in in the time cracks of your day job. This is the kind of release that does not surprise me in the least, even when I knew nothing about JB and Madonna’s love fest. He is the ultimate * effer. Zero Fs given.

    • Isabella Muse

      I follow most creators/founders because they leak releases early which does imply to the blog and info people wanna hear about πŸ˜€

      • kjh

        I realize you ‘gotta’ for the blog, but your insights WHICH REALLY SHOW HERE are why many of us read here, rather than the latest product offerings. Not only is this phoned in, it hardly represents what one channels as Madonna, no matter what incarnation she’s in. It’s as if he does not know his bestie. The packaging is inelegant and the colors are hardly unique. And Madonna can be elegant and is always unique. Pretty much epic fail…even though it’s obvious that JB inspires the rant in me.

        • Isabella Muse

          Thanks girl! and yup! I totally feel you on the JB rant! I’m here for it!

  • Violet

    Yep, a total yawn fest! There’s nothing about this collection that excites me and there was never anything about Madonna that would make me care.

  • Robbie

    Wow how shocking and original you are….Madonna releases something and IMMEDIATELY someone has to go out of their way to criticize it. It would be more original if someone ACTUALLY CRITIQUED her products/music/movies/etc… rather than going after her.

    • Isabella Muse

      Well this is a beauty blog therefore I share opinions about makeup on it. I’m critiquing the makeup collection and Too Faced for phoning in a collection not Madonna, not her music, not her clothes, or even her products. Simply this makeup collection which most Too Faced fans will likely agree is phoned in.

  • Rebecca

    I agree with you. I was so stoked when I saw the headline for your post. I mean, what woman wouldn’t be at least a little interested in any cosmetics Madonna put out? But there isn’t anything really stand out about these sets. I have no doubt they make some pretty looks, but I was expecting something a little more exciting from a Madonna collab.

    • Isabella Muse

      amen sis! I mean Madonna putting her name on something is an insta-buy! but this is sort of boring πŸ™ I don’t blame Madonna for that though, it’s all TF :-/

  • Eraser

    In a way, you’re a journalist and you’re writing an editorial. That’s how I look at it. You’re just reporting on a story in the beauty world, which is the purpose of the blogs we read. People shouldn’t be so quick to criticize. I’m sure there are others who want to know about this collection.

    That being said, I always disliked Madonna for many reasons and I think this is her way of getting attention since her career has faded. In my humble opinion, Too Faced is a gimmicky line and I don’t own much, although I have some of the peach collection and I do like those products.

    • Isabella Muse

      Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly, I don’t even consider myself that! I’m just here sharing my opinion. If you agree cool! If not that’s totally cool too but at least disagree respectively! I’m not a massive Madonna fan but I don’t have much to say bad about her. I am however, super critical of TF as we all know and this collection is phoned in sorry not sorry ;D It’s just not their best in show imho!

  • Susan

    Whoa, where is all the blog criticism coming from? This is a beauty blog; Muse reports beauty news, whether we like the products or not (caveat: I freely admit to being very critical of Kat Von D and refuse to buy anything associated with her). Don’t shoot the messenger.

    Now, this collection: I am so over TF and JB. Nothing but hype and sex names any more, same ol’ same ol’ shades, just repackaged differently. Extreeeeeme limited release, perhaps to jack up the price even more. Watch for it on eBay at wildly inflated prices.

    p.s. Hi, Muse! Haven’t posted in ages because I’m seriously decluttering and downsizing my makeup stash. I hope to move to mostly a small collection of cream sticks/pencils/crayons for my makeup soon, and only own a few things I love versus a ton of stuff I don’t care about. Take care!

    • Isabella Muse

      Hell girl I’m critical of everything you know me ;-D haha! Oh yes! it’ll be selling on ebay for $50000000! lol! No doubt. I am shocked it is $75 per set! That liquid lipstick formula has been on sale numerous times for $10! How are they charging $75 for this? I hope you’ll still pop in to say hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo!

      • Susan

        And of course they have to put BTS mascara (which I loathe, so clumpy and smudgy) in EVERY SINGLE RELEASE!! lol Have a great weekend!

        • Isabella Muse

          and the new mascara! Horror show. I tried it and not into it at all! You too dear!

      • Cindy

        $75 for that shiz?? OMG! That does NOT look like a $75 set when most of it either has already been released for eons or is constantly being given out as a GWP on Ulta.

        I’m a Madonna fan and really wanted to go to one of her super-small shows at BAM but any decent seat had an astronomical price. $500+ for first row mezz and it’s not even a VIP! $750+ for a non-VIP orch seat! And they are all sold out! Sorry Madonna you’ll have to do without my fabulousness this time lol.

        That said, if they actually came out with a makeup collection that was reflective of Madonna, (like a bright red lipstick with a fancy case) I’d be all over it!

        • Isabella Muse

          It has some collective value but jesus, $75? It’s grossly overpriced! Those lipsticks are always on sale for $10! At least if it was some sort of exclusive item I think I’d get hyped but damn! It really looks thrown together in a flash! :-/ Concert tickets have become really, really pricey lately. I swear I can’t warrant half the ones I purchase sometimes. Even some of my fav indie bands have really high tix prices lately. Girl, Madonna doesn’t know what she’s missing without you there hehe ;-D I’d buy something special like that for sure. This though? This feels really like they put little thought into it πŸ™

          • Cindy

            Haha! Yeah, Madonna’s missing out! (As if lol.) You’re absolutely right. Thrown together for sure. Some drugstore stuff looks like more planning has gone into it!

  • willow chang

    long time fan does not preclude preferences or feedback.

    that said, i’m a fan of both your blog, and madge, since ‘everybody’, was released (a lifetime ago.)

    your on point, so on point, about this product review.
    the products from the images, lack passion and intrigue. her images are flat and corpselike- and she’s a master image-maker of icon looks!

    i would have pegged m as a more pat mcgrath kinda woman- exceedingly fierce, unique, luxe and intense.

    too faced, other than a horrible name, attribute to be and just ho-hum products, seem very pedestrian, for madonna.

    i’d even say L’oreāl, might have been a better partnership, for critical mass.

  • kate

    very run of the mill colors, etc

    no one here is criticizing
    Madonna or her body of work, rather TF for a rather boring palette,
    I clicked on the article expecting something fun

    will be at Marshalls/TJs within a year