October 29, 2019

L’Oreal Metallic Rouge Signature Liquid Lipstick Review & Swatches

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4 stars out of 5

L’Oreal Metallic Rouge Signature Liquid Lipstick are a new finish that are available in six shades for Holiday 2019 that are now available at drugstores. I really enjoyed the original L’Oreal Rouge Signature Matte Lipstick and even though I dislike metallic lipsticks I decided to pick up one of the Metallic Rouge Signature Liquid Lipsticks in the hopes it would make for a fun, festive lip look!

I like that L’Oreal has been adding new colors and finishes of this formula to their catalog. You know when you like a formula and you just want to see more of it? That’s the case with this formula for me. I’m not much of a matte long-wearing liquid lipstick fan but I actually liked this formula when it was launched several months ago so I am happy to see new shades, formulas, and finishes of it.

Let’s take a look at my review of the L’Oreal Metallic Rouge Signature Liquid Lipstick and see what I think!

L’Oreal Metallic Rouge Signature Liquid Lipstick are available in six shades along with three new Glitter Topper shades that are launching now at drugstores for Holiday 2019. I found a display at Harmon’s of these new shades and they were marked as $9.99 each at 0.23 oz. The packaging is the same elegant barrel with the black top and gold L’Oreal face plate. It’s a nice packaging for drugstore makeup! Quite elegant and higher-end looking!

I think the metallic formula is a smidge different from the original all matte version! I found the formula a little thinner and a little less creamier but still with a very easy to apply formula that didn’t cling to drier areas or fall into my natural lip lines. The color was pigmented, very vibrant, had a hint of a metallic sheen but wasn’t too sparkly, too frosty, or overwhelming metallic! I found the metallic finish was just the right amount without being glaring metallic if that makes sense. It was just a really pretty metallic sheen that felt festive and Holiday-like without making me look like Miss Roboto. The initial application is shiny but it sets within a few minutes and wears for several hours without moving, migrating, smudging, or fading. The formula is very lightweight on my lips and doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything at all! I also didn’t notice any dry feeling through the wear although there is a slight tackiness as the lipstick dries down that isn’t evident in other variations of this formula I’ve tried. Although long-wearing it does remove easily and does leave a little bit of staining behind. There is a subtle perfume-y flavor and fragrance here but it disappears after several minutes.

L’Oreal Metallic Rouge Signature Liquid Lipstick Swatches (I Magnetize)

I selected the shade I Magnetize which is a pretty ruby red slipper shade! Rather perfect for the Holidays don’t you think?

All in all, the L’Oreal Metallic Rouge Signature Liquid Lipstick are fantastic! Lightweight, non-drying, long-wearing, pigmented, and comfortable to wear this is a lovely little metallic lipstick for Holiday looks!

L’Oreal Metallic Rouge Signature Liquid Lipstick is a new range of metallic Rouge Signature Liquid Lipsticks that are available for the Holiday 2019 season. These are popping up now in drugstores in six shades and will set you back about $9.99 for 0.27 oz of lipstick. I found the formula very lightweight, comfortable to wear, non-drying, and pigmented. Application was really, really easy due to the thin texture of the lipstick! There was a nice metallic sheen here that wasn’t too sparkly, glittery, or frosty. The wear is several strong hours without cracking or needing reapplication but at the end of the day removal was very easy.


  • Pigmented.
  • Affordable.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Easy to apply without being messy!


  • Light perfume scent and flavor.


L’Oreal Metallic Rouge Signature Liquid Lipstick is a perfect pick for anyone that’s a little wary of metallic lipsticks or even long-wearing ones! This formula has the perfect and lightest metallic sheen without being overwhelming and the formula isn’t drying and very lightweight!