October 21, 2019

Rachel Zoe x Lorac Hollywood Glamour Mini Palette Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.
5 stars out of 5

Rachel Zoe x Lorac Hollywood Glamour Mini Palette in Effortless Glamour is one of six new mini 6-pan eyeshadow palettes that launched in collaboration with fashion designer Rachel Zoe for the Holiday 2019 season. These are extremely affordable little eyeshadow palettes that are $15 each. Ulta got two of the palettes and the remaining four are available on Lorac’s website.

As you may know Lorac was sold to Markwins Beauty in 2018 which is also the parent company of Physicians Formula and Bonne Bell. I haven’t seen any bad reaction to the Markwins take over of Lorac. We didn’t get a Pro Palette this year but as they say the night is still young and that could be coming down the pipeline!

This palette is Made in China where as before many Lorac Palettes were Made in the USA. Markwins does appear on the PETA cruelty-free list but I didn’t notice a leaping bunny logo on the box. People do have concerns with makeup that is made in China regardless of the cruelty-free status. I personally have no issues with makeup Made in China and have used it from a variety of brands in the past without issue. However, one thing that is notable about anything Made in China is the quality can be considerably different compared to products made in the US or within Europe.

That being said, on with the review!

Rachel Zoe x Lorac Hollywood Glamour Mini Palette is pretty tiny. It’s just the size of a business card with a nice mirror inside and six eyeshadows that are 0.0425 oz for a total of 0.17 oz. It’s a really cute palette that will travel very easily with you or store away without taking a ton of space. I put it right next to the an Urban Decay Lipstick for size comparison. The eyeshadows are all named but they names are not printed anywhere on the palette but instead are on a clear film insert.

The palette contains five eyeshadows and one pressed glitter. There are no warnings about using the pressed glitter shade around your eyes or whether or not it is eye safe. It’s a chunky glitter suspended in a gel-like base making it easy to pat on however, I don’t recommend using it near your eyes due the the larger glitter chunks which can be a danger to your eyes. I would have appreciated some warnings about the pressed glitter but I searched both on the palette and on the box and saw no such warning. The gold is so pretty and goes so well with the other shades it’s a shame that I can’t use it but I’m a little scared to use it. Glitter Glue might be helpful if you do decide to risk it! I’m absolutely in love with this palette but I could have definitely done without the glitter!

These shadows are not quite like Lorac’s typically powdery, silky eyeshadows. They have firmer texture with a lot less powdery kick up but they still have a gorgeous buttery feel that apply and blend easily. I’d go so far as to call them creamy! There are two mattes here, one satiny metallic, one shimmer, and one satiny shimmer. There’s absolutely no fall out with the satins nor but I did experience a little fall out with one of my favorite shades in the palette which is Champagne. Oh my gosh I love this shade. It has a light almost creamy texture (it is a powder though)! You can apply it easily with a fingertip if you like! It creates a really ethereal glow on my lids and makes for a nice nude eye that you can accent with a darker shade at the outer v of the eye. I’m also a lover of the reddish brown shade called Amaranth! The golden brown hue of Chiffon is equally lovely.

Rachel Zoe x Lorac Hollywood Glamour Mini Palette Swatches (Sepia, Amaranth, Gold Sequins)

Rachel Zoe x Lorac Hollywood Glamour Mini Palette Swatches (Champagne, Chiffon, Blush)

I swear this palette was so made for me. I was very pleased with the texture, performance, pigment, and shade selection in this tiny little palette! It’s made me want to try the other five in the collection. Lorac, you nailed it with this little guy! I’ll be purchasing more of these for sure!

Rachel Zoe x Lorac Hollywood Glamour Mini Palette are available now at Ulta and on Lorac’s website.

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Rachel Zoe x Lorac Hollywood Glamour Mini Palette is one of six new Holiday 2019 palettes that were created in collaboration with fashion designer Rachel Zoe. Each palette is a little smaller than a business card and includes six eyeshadows for $15. The total palette size is 0.17 oz of product. I went palette called Effortless Glamour and that’s exactly what it is! A really effortless, easy to use palette with a gorgeous selection of pigmented, buttery textured eyeshadows that blend and apply like a dream. There wasn’t one bad shade here!


  • Affordable.
  • Stores easily, travel-friendly.
  • Pigmented.
  • A soft, buttery, beautifully creamy formula.


  • No warnings about Pressed Glitter.


Rachel Zoe x Lorac Hollywood Glamour Mini Palette is a super affordable eyeshadow palette that will be best loved by fans of the brand’s fantastic eyeshadow formula!

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • S. Le

    Thanks for the review! I have this and the other palette in my cart. Will definitely get them now .

  • Kjh

    Looks good on you. These look pretty nice, rather like a Milani palette. No pro palette last year either. Last holiday it was Shine Bright, this year Diamond Lux. I strongly disagree with you ( and very seldom do that) about Lorac; in fact I wrote the ‘most helpful’ critical consumer review on Ulta. Oddly enough, that is my major function for Ulta, to be negative in a tactful way…. I have at least 3-4 of them, lol. I think LOTS, MAJOR LOTS of Lorac has been lost under Markwins. And that was before i realized that they went from terrific themes to influencers. I’m sick to death of influencers. Tell me Rachel Zoe can hold a candle to Pirates, Beauty and the Beast, LA vibe mini palettes? Sorry, no. Lorac lost something in pandering to public interest. They lost creativity in search of the mighty buck.

  • Dee

    Lorac has some of the best shadows out there. Glad to see the quality hasn’t changed!

  • Eraser

    I have a lot of issues with goods made in China, and unfortunately it’s almost impossible to avoid buying other necessities like clothing, household items, etc. So far beauty products are the exception. However, what galls me about beauty companies resorting to China is that they’re doing it strictly to boost their bottom line and they already have an incredible profit margin. When I worked in department stores, I learned that the markup for beauty is something like 300%, which is almost obscene if you think about it long enough.

    • Agona

      I just take issue with the quality difference for mid-range brands. If you’re a low end brand, then I know what I’m buying and I’m making that purchase consciously knowing that I’m taking a dice roll on the quality. But if you’re say…tarte, and usually I love your stuff, but then you roll out your holiday stuff using different manufacturers than your permanent line, and I buy a lesser quality palette thinking I’m getting a good quality palette, then I get annoyed. That being said, in tarte’s case, they’re pretty obvious with their price point: I bought a “upcycled” palette for $19 (Flawless on the Fly” holiday, made in China, and the eye shadow was not as pigmented and stiffer) but the original palette (Dream Big, made in USA) was $39 and the pigmentation was way better and so was the way it applied…but I’m not mad at it because, well, $20 cheaper. I knew what I was buying. I guess what I’m saying is I just don’t want to be tricked?

  • Vashti

    Isabella ~
    Just the other day I was on Ulta’s site, and saw this palette, but had so many questions. I hop on your site, and you answer every question I have. My initial question, “just how mini is mini?”. I LOVED your relatable size reference, comparing it to a business card.  Your tight shots and swatches are so helpful, and really beautiful!

    I appreciate your description of the glitter, and your gentle guidance (and warning) about using chunky glitter close to the eye.  Perplexing that something that may not be safe for the eye area is in a product that is eye specific – humm…

    You do a FANTASTIC job, and I’m so thankful for the incredible amount of time and energy that you invest to produce a great site!!

    • Isabella Muse

      wow thank you so much Vashti! You made my day with this incredible comment thank you so so much! I’m so glad the review was helpful! Glitter is such an issue lately 🙁 It appears in almost every palette I purchase lately including Tati’s new palette (disappointing!) and many colourpop ones! And even NARS Holiday 2019! It’s crazy! I sure am glad you enjoyed the review 🙂 many thanks for the beautiful comment!