December 12, 2019

Nabla Glimmer Light Palette Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.
4 stars out of 5

Nabla Cosmetics Glitter Light Multi-Reflective Illuminating Palette is a new Holiday 2019 glitter highlighter palette that includes three shades. I picked this up recently from the Nabla website but was pleasantly surprised to see it arrived at Ulta. I’m happy to see items from such a newly launched collection available so quickly at Ulta.

I picked this up because I was hoping the shades would work as a blush and they do but man, they are truly a glitter bomb. If you’re quick enough you can catch a pick of me on my Instastories today and you can get a feel for how this looks in regular light as in flash photos it does have intense sparkle but in the daylight it isn’t half as bad. The glitter is major that’s for sure.

The Nabla Glimmer Light Palette arrives in a hard plastic compact with a nicely sized mirror tucked inside and the names of each highlighter printed below them. The palette retails for $26 and includes three shades with a total weight of 0.42 oz. It’s very fairly priced but I got it for 40% Off during the Black Friday sale which I have to admit made it even nicer.

The palette contains three shades which are:

  • Supermoon (gold and pink sparkles with a baby pink translucent base)
  • Elixir (amber and gold sparkles with an imperial red translucent base)
  • Reborn (magenta and fuchsia sparkles with a raspberry translucent base)

The texture of these shades are a joy to apply and blend. They have a light, thin creamy texture which surprised me as I thought they would be powder. I found applying them a lot easier than your typically highlighter. They just glide on very easily using fingers and just as easily with a fiber brush. Due to the light creamy texture I didn’t have issues with the product clinging to drier areas on my face. If you like the looks of a dewy or wet highlighter look the glitter in these provide it. I think less is more with the formula. I went a little crazy with it and the flash picks up the glitter in a major way giving me a discoball look. The key is to go in lightly and build as needed. They actually worked great as a blush because the base that the glitter is suspended isn’t clear it’s colored. However, since there’s SO much glitter it’s a little harder to use these as a blush without overdoing things. I decided they worked best when I applied light and subtle application of blush on my cheeks first and blended a bit of the highlighter on top to give it a really mega-watt shine. Although it looks dewy it does set to a more satiny finish without being sticky or tacky on my face. The wear was nice and lasted about seven hours but I noticed the base shade faded quicker than the glitter which means at around hour six I had a lot of glitter still on my face but not as much color so it looked a bit weird.

All in all, this was a cute little highlighter palette. I liked the shades a lot, I liked the formula, and I thought the application was very easy. It’s a glitter-fest though so, if you hate glitter it’s not something I’d recommend but if you love sparkle you’ll adore this!

Nabla Glimmer Light Palette is available now at Ulta.

Anyone try it?

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Nabla Glimmer Light Palette is a new Holiday 2019 highlighter palette that contains three glittery highlighters. The palette is $26 and contains 0.42 oz of product. This was a nice palette but isn’t a great pick for glitter haters as it does contain a healthy dose of glitter and sparkle. This formula is light, thin, and creamy and applies easily with fingers or a soft bristled brush. It applies really well and blends easily. It also adheres smoothly to the face without adhering to drier areas on my cheeks. The base the glitter is suspended in is colored which means you’ll get a nice sparkly layer of color and glitter on cheeks. I did try using this as a blush and they are pigmented enough to act as one but it’s hard to use them like this due to the very intense glitter. The finish has a dewy, wet look that was very pretty but again, a light hand when applying works best because the glitter is intense. The wear is about seven hours but the color fades at around six hours and leaves behind glitter with no color which can present a messy look.


  • Beautiful selection of shades that are quite pigmented.
  • Super shiny, glitter, and dewy looking on face.
  • Easy to blend and apply.


  • Intense glitter.
  • Wears long but when color fades and leaves lots of glitter behind.


Nabla Glimmer Light Palette is a great pick if you love sparkle but avoid it if you don’t!

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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