December 13, 2019

With All The Good Clarisonic Deals I Decided To Start Using Mine Again And Wondered Why Did I Ever Stop?

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I purchased a Clarisonic when it first came out 8 or 9 years ago and I felt like it was really gimmicky. When newer models came out I gave it a second chance and oddly enough ended up falling in love with it. I think around the time the Aria came out I was an active Clarisonic user. With time and new advancements in the technology the brush became my very best friend. They aren’t joking when they sale it cleans your face better than hands alone. You not only feel the difference but also see the visible results when you’re using it daily.

Like most skincare the Clarisonic is a tool you need to commit to. You have to be willing to put the work in to see the results. I had a fantastic honeymoon period with it that lasted years but for some reason I stopped using it. I think that’s because I always feel very pressed and stressed for time. I’ve said it millions of times before and I’ll say it millions of times after, I need more hours in the day to get everything done 🙂

At the moment there are a ridiculous amount of good sales on the Clarisonic Website and at Sephora on Clarisonic units and brushes etc…! Recently, I hauled some new brush heads at Sephora because they were on sale and I hauled out my Clarisonic Smart Profile (which isn’t even around anymore!?) and decided to start using it again. I gotta say I don’t know why I stopped! The results are amazing. My skin is so much more brighter and smoother since I started using it again! I could kick myself for stopping! I even started using it nightly (I typically used it everyday in the shower but not at night). My skin is going through a minor adjustment period as seems typical when I use the brush so I’m a bit more oily and I have a bit of a pimple breakout on my chin which is all very abnormal for me. This is pretty standard when I use the brush! For some reason my skin has this weird session where it seems to detox and goes back to normal within a few days. Anyway…! That being said my typically duller skin looks so much more brighter lately and less dull not to mention my moisturizer absorbs so easily. I’m glad I started using it again!

I sure am glad I started up again.

Have you every had a WTF skincare moment where you stop using something that your skin really liked and start using it again down the road only to ask yourself, “WTF did I stop using this? It’s great!”

Do share!


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Eraser

    I’m still using my old Mia. It took me a few uses to figure out that 2 uses a day was too much, so I use it in the morning with good old-fashioned soap and water. My favorite brush head is the deep cleansing one (white with a blue center). Unfortunately I don’t have the little travel version so I carry a manual brush, which doesn’t work nearly as well. I need to save up, assuming they still make it. Glad you got back in the swing!

    • Isabella Muse

      I typically use mine in the AM too but I started doing a double cleanse with it just recently and I actually like using it two times a day! I use the deep cleansing one at night and the gentle in the AM! They actually only have two now! The Mia and the Mia Smart! Maybe we’ll see something new in 2020?

    • Sharon Starr

      My sister stopped using hers and raved about how great a difference she saw in a good way. So, I stopped using mine. I was a loyal fan. Used mine every single night. So then my face starts looking better and I haven’t used it since. Something just keeps telling me to use it again. I completely changed my skin care when I quit using my Mia so I’m going to give it another shot and maybe it will look even better! Worth a try, especially after I read this article. Happy holidays to you and thanks for getting me thinking!!!!!

  • kjh

    I gave the C up, when I switched from anti aging/dehydrated to anti-inflammatory routine. Always used the strong head; now using konjac sponge. It seems a waste to have a C and never use it. Maybe I’ll get some soft brush heads and give it a reboot.

    • Powell

      I love the charcoal konjac too but there’s nothing like the clarisonic. I use the C twice a day but every once in a while I use the konjac at night. Get the cashmere head which is super soft. 🙂

  • Dee

    I love my Clarisonic. I notice when I don’t use it! I’ve read some mixed reviews on the newer models so I hope my Mia 2 keeps on!

  • Powell

    I got the new clarisonic off clarisonic’s website. I’ve been wanting it since it came out 2 or 3 yrs ago now. My old one stopped working. I really had no idea the battery would go dead one day. I once watched a guy in YT take his apart and replace the battery. No way. You have to pry it open, so some soldering to wires. I’ve just still been using it as a manual face brush. I saw it was on sale from the $169 🙁 price on sale for $126, 2% back on my credit card and 10% back on Top Cash. I’m excited to get it. 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      yay glad you snagged one at a deal sorry to hear about the issues with your old brush 🙁 yeah lol not sure I really wanna go through the effort of the repair!

  • Jin joo Kim

    I had been using C faithfully for years, but once I discovered the two -step Korean cleansing with oil + foam I’ve never looked back and my skin looks better now at 53 than at 43. I have the first iteration and it still works after almost 10 years (I think?)