January 13, 2020

And The Newest Bath and Body Works Perfume Is…..

Bath and Body Works Saltwater Breeze Eau de Parfum arrived yesterday for Spring 2020 and I’m curious how it smells. Now that the Holidays are over, the Semi-Annual Sale is nearing an end, and Spring is looming straight ahead we’ll see plenty of new items popping up from our friends at Bath and Body Works but one day I did not expect to see so soon was a new perfume. Their perfumes releases are really rather wild as you never know when one might hit. A holiday perfume is always a sure thing but any other seasonal perfumes are always sort of random.

Speaking of Holiday releases I did score two bottles of Into the Night that released for Holiday 2019 and was quite pleased with how it smelled! I have hopes it’ll become permanent. But I’m not convinced Saltwater Breeze will be something I love. I’m not really into those fresh linen beach-y scents.

Bath and Body Work Saltwater Breeze is a blend of fresh linen, water blossom, and white musk. White musk is very appealing as hey, I’m a huge Tova girl but I know that note will likely be swallowed up by the linen and water blossom making this a fresh aquatic scent. I’m sure it’ll be very nice just not my thing.

None the less, I look forward to smelling it.

What do you think of the newest Bath and Body Works perfume? Do you think you’ll love Saltwater Breeze?

Bath and Body Works Saltwater Breeze is available now.

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