January 22, 2020

Ulta Radiant Rose Lip Oil Tastes Like My Grandfather’s Wine

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1 stars out of 5

Ulta Radiant Rose Lip Oil ($10) is a new lip oil infused with chamomile oil with Aloe Vera Extract and Avocado Oil to hydrate lips. I always have hit or miss situations with lip oils! They commonly come start popping up during Spring launches just after the Holidays have passed. I guess brands realize some of us are suffering from a cold and have badly chapped lips or we’re going through a long hard Winter and our lips are paying for it. So, yeah, now is a common season for the lip oils to start popping up! As I said, I always have a hit or miss situation with these formulas but mostly miss. They aren’t always hydrating enough for me and are basically just a thinner lipgloss that offer a ton of shine but no real long term moisture benefits.

But I never give up on them! I always migrate towards new formulas to see if they might help my chronically prone dry lips. That’s what led me to the purchase of Ulta Radiant Rose Lip Oil!

Ulta Radiant Rose Lip Oil is $9.99 (I got mine for less during an Ulta BOGO sale) and arrives in a 0.5 oz squeeze tube with a slanted applicator. The tube is clear so you can see the translucent pink lip oil inside. Ulta also has a Green Tea Glow Lip Oil available which I haven’t tried but I sure hope it’s better than the Radiant Rose one.

You’ve probably heard me tell you about how when I was growing up I spent a lot of Summer’s in Portugal with my family. One thing we almost always did daily was travel from Viana where our house was to Arcos where my father was born and where his parents lived. We did this drive daily because we went to see my grandparents for lunch almost everyday. To this day I remember how my sister and I drove my grandmother insane with our picky American pallet. There were so many amazing things to eat but we were picky. She’d always tried to shop for the most American things to eat and made us things like ham sandwiches and grilled cheese. At the time, I don’t think either one of us realized how fresh and incredible her cooking was and instead tucked into sandwiches. We were just spoiled. Another of my memories was the smell of the wine my grandfather used to drink from une tasse, a glass bowl. He used to make his own wine and always drank a bowl with his lunch at room temperature. I’m not a drinker at all but I’m pretty sure my first taste of red wine was from my grandfather’s cup. I remember it tasted horribly fermented. It was quite strong and not the least bit fruity.

Using Ulta Radiant Rose Lip Oil brought those memories flooding back. Oh my gosh it tastes horrible. The flavor is like badly fermented red wine. It’s rather gross. There’s nothing rose here nor chamomile. It’s just bad wine. Yak! This really ruined the experience me as I instantly wanted to scrub it off my mouth as soon as I applied it. I’m not a drinker at all and I dislike the taste of alcohol and this just tasted horribly like alcohol.

If you can get over the taste the formula is ok. It’s thin, runny, and provides loads of beautiful shine. I wouldn’t call it groundbreaking in the world of lip oils though! It provides some light moisture but not long term hydration nor any healing benefits for drier, cracked lips. The wear time is around an hour before it wears away. It provides no tint nor color and applies clear. I was most pleased with the shine factor as it give lips a really glass-like finish and looks great over lipsticks. Sadly, the flavor is a huge deal breaker for me though as it just tastes really horrible. Sometimes you have to wonder how these things go into final production. Is no one around tasting them and thinking, “Jesus this tastes horrible! We can’t put this on shelves with this flavor!”

Oh well!

Ulta Radiant Rose Lip Oil has some potential as a shiny lipgloss but not a lot of other benefits and the lousy flavor will likely make it a major miss.

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Ulta Radiant Rose Lip Oil is a new, permanent lip oil that’s $9.99 and 0.5 oz in size. This lip oil contains a host of hydrating ingredients like avocado oil but sadly, only provided very light moisture. The formula is thin, runny, and very, very shiny. I loved the shine factor and would likely buy it for that reason alone but it does wear a shorter time and the real deal breaker is the flavor. It tastes like a really bad red wine and left a rather bitter taste in my mouth! I don’t drink so this was unpleasant tasting to me and really killed the product for me!


  • Very shiny.
  • Affordable when purchased on sale.


  • Horrible flavor.
  • Short wear.
  • Very light moisture with no long term hydration benefits.


Ulta Radiant Rose Lip Oil