March 11, 2020

Peach Vibes from I Heart Revolution Mini Tasty Peach Palette and Tasty Peach Palette

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All my love going out today to the I Heart Revolution Mini Tasty Peach Palette and and I Heart Revolution Tasty Peach Palette. Have I mentioned lately how much I love me peach eyeshadow anything. This is an obvious nod to the Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette but on a much brighter level! Not to mention it actually looks way more peach than the Too Faced version every did!

I hope by now you all own that delightful I Heart Revolution Peach and Glow! It’s my bestest friend and I’ll be re-hauling it out for Spring looks soon! I sure do hope with the launch of the Tasty Peach Palette they’ll also do some new peachy blushes or highlighters because if they do I’m buying!

I’m personally loving the I Heart Revolution Tasty Peach Palette much more than the mini version! The larger palette holds 18 shades in bright oranges, tangerines, and peach. I think the most appealing factor of the palette is how much brighter it is compared to the Too Faced version! It’s actually way more orange than it is peach and I’m quite ok with that! These shades are gorgeous to say the least. The palette is $15 and in my opinion the better deal since the Mini Tasty Peach Palette only holds 8 shades and it’s marked at $9 plus the shades look a lot more subtle and less peach than the larger palette!

As for quality, that remains to be seen. I’ve tried a lot of different Makeup Revolution products and they aren’t groundbreaking but they aren’t bad either! I’d liken the quality to E.L.F.!

Expect a review of the Tasty Peach Palette soon!

Will you be indulging in it or you over the peach trend that always seems to make an appearance in Spring!

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