April 15, 2020

I Mean I’ve Been Preparing for This My Entire Life but Milani Is Just Getting Into The Ballgame

If I’m honest I’ll admit that I’ve been collecting seasonal Bath & Body Works Hand Soaps for far too long. I have a closet worth of it. I feel like I’ve been preparing for this event all my life. I may not have toilet paper but I have plenty of hand soap.

As for Milani? They are just getting into this ballgame! Today Milani Rose Hand Sanitizer has launched and this may very well be the first beauty brand that has decided to cash in on the current situation. And hey, we needed hand sanitizer anyway right? Purell and Bath & Body Works has been off the radar for a month now. Someone had to do it and Milani decided it was them.

Milani Rose Hand Sanitizer isn’t all about getting your dollar though. As they are actually donating a hand santizer to the Downtown Women’s Center in LA for each one you buy. There is a limit on how many bottles you can purchase though! It’s 3 per a customer and I have a feeling it’ll sell out fast.

Milani Rose Hand Sanitizer is proudly made in the USA and contains 68% (Ethanol) Alcohol to meet CDC and FDA guidelines for recommended alcohol content in sanitizers. It also contains hydrating glycerin and a rose fragrance.

Each bottle is $4.99 for a 2 oz spray bottle.

Milani Rose Hand Sanitizer is available now on the brand’s website.


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  • MDW

    Sounds similar to a hand sanitizer some hospitals use. I wonder if the rose scent is from a preservative like the kind Lancome uses?

  • Traci

    Ugh, already sold out! Thanks for the information. I hope they make more available.

  • Veronica Denise Lee

    I bought 3 yesterday which was the limit, which mean they donated 3. I am and RN and that Purell stuff gives me a headache it smells like Vodka. I called my friend who is also a Nurse to see if she wanted any- she said Oh I’m wait to see what you think it smells like.
    Went back 4 hours later and it was sold out.

  • Veronica Denise Lee

    If you blow the picture up you might be able to see the ingredients
    They said they are sold out but getting more in

  • Moi

    This is already sold out! But thank you for letting us know it’s out there.

  • Chris

    Hand sanitizer like rubbing alcohol is like a unicorn. Unable to find anywhere!

    Can’t understand why a certain person doesn’t demand that beer companies start making hand sanitizer instead of beer.

    • Isabella Muse

      try logging into the bbw really early in the AM (5ish) and you can sometimes score. Last week I logged in when I got up at 5 while eating breakfast and snagged 10 smaller antibacs. Over the weekend, same thing, I was up at 6 and logged in and was able to get 10 more (don’t worry, not hoarding, I donated all 20 to my local hospital because I have plenty of hand soap and antibac from past seasonal collections). They are restocking but it’s at odd times. Also Grove has restocked their sanitizer a few times! But it only has 62% alcohol not sure if that’s a major issue for you. Some people want a higher alcohol content of 68%.

      • Traci

        Thanks, I was just able to order 1 bundle of the Peach Bellini pocket bacs. I didn’t want to pay $9.99 just for shipping, so I also got a candle for $24.50 in order to pay $5.99 shipping. That’s not backwards, right? LOL.

        • Isabella Muse

          Oh that’s great news! I hope you don’t mind if I share they are back in stock 🙂 LOL! not backwards at all ;D

    • Michelle

      Actually I know one is! There’s a small brewery near me in South Florida (sorry I don’t remember the name), that is now making hand sanitizer instead of beer. Others may follow suit.

  • Julie Fielding

    Sadly sold out, but thanks for always giving us the scoop!

  • Nicole Stransky

    I live in Australia and we have numerous Australian beauty brands that have already created beautiful hand sanitisers which is great for us all.