May 28, 2020

I Promise the Lack Of An Ulta 20% Off Coupon Isn’t About You But Something Entirely Different

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I’ve gotten a ton of e-mails asking when is the Ulta 20% Off coupon coming because I really wanna do an order. I totally get it. I did a little bit of damage at Sephora during the Rouge Event but I was actually overall really good. There just wasn’t anything I really needed. I did get some skincare both old and new items like the new Tata Harper Water-Lock Moisturizer with Skin-Smoothing Peptides. But overall, my haul was kind of boring.

I do have a few bits and bobs I want from Ulta though at the moment and 20% sure would feel good right about now. Ulta did make an announcement several weeks ago that 20% was delayed and I promise it isn’t about you it’s all about them.

I should note Sephora had a statement on their site during the Rouge Event that stuff would ship a bit slower due to COVID but they got me my order surprisingly fast. That being said it could be they weren’t overwhelmed with orders and maybe that’s why it went so quickly. What was your experience if you shopped the event?

Ulta though, that might be another thing entirely. A lot of Sephora’s customer base have migrated to Ulta for many of their purchases and that could mean a sale would create issues for them. What issues? The issue of not only keeping their fans and consumers happy but also, keeping their warehouse workers safe. A sale right now would create a lot of pressure for their warehouses and it could overwhelm their warehouse workers. Everyone wants to be safe at the moment but not everyone is in a position where they can be safe. Some people have to be out there ringing up your groceries, delivering your packages, making your pizza, dropping your Uber Eats order on the porch, and most importantly, be in a warehouse packaging up your items and preparing them for shipment.

I’m sure Ulta will launch that 20% off coupon soon and the fact they are delaying it isn’t about you I promise! It’s likely them just wanting to keep their employees safe and healthy so they can go home to their families at night. We need to get the economy raved back up again but we also, have to make sure all our essential workers are safe while we do that.

For now, let’s make our virtual wish lists and wait on that coupon!

What are you wanting to buy when the coupon does pop?

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Karla

    I am glad Ulta wasn’t pouring coupons down our throat. Many were struggling and others should be saving their money during these times. I appreciated that they didn’t encourage us to spend all of our money on them.

  • Casey

    I work in retail (backend as a buyer) and with many different brands- All brands are trying to find their footing right now. Years of planning, promotions, and gift with purchases have been completely scrubbed. Launches of new products have been pushed back, seasonal lines have been cut by more than half. Products coming from overseas are being held up in their country of origin or in customs. It’s a mess. Retail works YEARS in advance. When things with Corona started I was looking at designs and planning products for Summer 2022.
    The brand I work for is also not doing any sort of large promotion because we had to lay-off warehouse staff by over 50% and due to state “gathering” laws, they have to work in small groups and in shifts around the clock. Also, brands aren’t want to go into a promo because there are millions of Americans out of work and shopping isn’t in the main focus.
    Don’t give up on your favorite stores or brands because they arent following the normal promo schedule. It will come. We promise. Just be patient.

    • Isabella Muse

      WONDERFULLY said Casey! Thanks for the insight!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally agree! We just need to be patient. We’re in uncharted waters here and we need to learn how to navigate them!

  • J

    I’m an Ulta employee (over 3 years now) & can assure you that their concern is keeping their employees & customers safe right now. They continued to pay us right up until we were assured we could get Pandemic Assistance & are moving forward cautiously with everyone’s health in mind. I can’t believe how well they have taken care of us. This is a company that genuinely cares about their employees, stylists & estheticians.

    • Kay

      I am so happy to hear ULTA has taken such good care of their employees. I have been really worried about our local store and the smiling faces I have come to know over the years. Hang in there! Thank you also, Muse, for this great and insightful post. It’s great to look at the big picture of all of this.

      • Isabella Muse

        Aw thanks Kay. I think sometimes, myself included, forget that there aren’t a bunch of robots in a warehouse packing my boxes up and preparing them for shipment. There are actual people out there, working super hard, and putting themselves in danger to get us all our packages. We just sometimes gotta take a deep breath and remember that 😉

  • Cindy

    I haven’t been buying any makeup or beauty products since the holidays, only skincare that I need. I’ve definitely downsized my collection, and threw out a ton of stuff. I used to be Platinum every year, but most likely I won’t be next year because I’ve spent zero dollars to date. They don’t have enticing coupons anymore, and since I downsized, I’m not thrilled by new makeup anymore. I hope they do have the 20% coupon coming up.

  • Jay

    I’m surprised released a statement considering how coy they are about their coupons. That’s pretty cool. I wish I could share this post with every entitled person in the Bath & Body Works Instagram comments section. It’s disheartening how crazy people are being! I’m excited for a coupons too but I’ll be more excited when Lysol wipes are restocked in my local stores lol!

  • Tracy

    During the last Sephora BI sale, I made a purchase (I’m Rouge) and I got my order pretty quickly. My friend who’s not Rouge (I think she’s just BI level) placed an order and it took hers about 2 weeks to get to her. So the shipping speed was definitely BI tier-dependent.

    • Sara Bledsoe

      So, it may be that it was less tier-dependent and more when you made the purchase. Essentially, Rouge members could place their orders earlier and they were fewer in numbers so a backlog hadn’t occurred so they could get their orders quickly. By the time regular BI member could place their order, I think a backlog had developed. I think this was the case because I’m Rouge and placed an order on day one of the sale and received my order a couple of days later. When I placed subsequent orders once the sale was opened to everyone, it took a couple of weeks for the orders to arrive.

      Just my hypothesis.

  • Jennifer

    I’m glad you brought up this viewpoint! I’m glad to hear that Ulta is treating their employees well- makes me reconsider my view of Ulta.

    I was a BI during the Sephora sale, and my order and my sister’s orders definitely took a little over three weeks to reach us.

  • Kathy A

    I love your posts! I am a Sephora rouge and ordered 4 separate times to get the samples, but 3 of the 4 orders took over 2-3 weeks to arrive and only one had the correct samples I requested. Ulta is not getting much business because they did not up their game during the lockdown. They frankly ignored it outside of closures and layoffs. Ulta did send me the too faced palette quickly, but it was alone in the box bopping around with the shipping slip.

    • Isabella Muse

      thank you!!! Gosh that sucks 🙁 even prior to lockdown Ulta’s shipping has always been a bit yack with lack of safe packaging imho!

  • Judy Jascomb

    Hey, Isabella….
    I have a suggestion on how to increase your Ulta points, if you’re not doing it already….Have you used any salon services? I get my hair cut and colored at Ulta (by a very talented haircutter, btw), and I love that I can accrue points.