May 26, 2020

Quick, No One is Looking, Put These EOS Lip Balms On Your Cheeks

EOS Shea + Shade Color Tinted Lip Balms launched a few months ago and I forgot that I purchased two shades. There they were sitting in my beauty closet all lonely and stuff until I pulled them out this morning and was like, “OOooooo how did I forget about you?” After tearing them open I realized quickly this was going to turn into a Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Cheek Flush situation. I decided against using them on my mouth and instead I whipped out a fiber brush, dipped it into the lip balm, and went to down blending EOS Lip Balm all over my cheeks.

And I don’t regret it at all.

I have the shades Sunset to Sunrise and Red Haute and they are pretty pigmented when built up with a brush. I was able to get a really nice flush of natural color on my cheeks. Sunset to Sunrise is particularly pretty as it’s a nice peachy coral perfect for Summer. They are dewy you can apply powder prior and it kills a bit of the dewiness once applied. So yeah, I didn’t wear them on my lips at all yet but they sure are making a fun blush!

EOS actually launched a blush a few weeks ago and it sold out super fly fast and is now being sold for $40 and up on E-bay. But hey, who needs to go crazy hunting it down when these little guys are as cheap as $6 bucks each.

If you’re looking for quick swipe and go blush and no one is looking go ahead and slip on some of these EOS Shea + Shade Color Tinted Lip Balm.

Promise it looks great!

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