May 19, 2020

Remember That One Time We Were Promised Cash Rewards For Our Sephora Points?

Sephora released new Beauty Insider Rewards and Benefits a few months ago one of which was a Beauty Insider Cash program much like Ulta’s Cash Back Rewards that would allow you to exchange points for dollar amounts off your purchase. They actually haven’t yet implemented this program yet. The news broke back in February so it was well before COVID started giving Sephora plenty of time to get the program up and running but like most rewards this seems a fail. When will it happen? Who knows?

And why do I feel when it does come it’ll be something ridiculous like 1500 points for $2 off my purchase? Also, if it turns out as badly as the Rewards Gift Cards (remember the Huda Beauty Palette dilemma I had?) it’s going to be really crummy!

Other new bogus new benefits include and everyone gets free standard shipping benefit. Rouge still get free shipping so no compliants here but the bogus part comes in when they give “free shipping” with a minimum to VIB and BIs. Basically that isn’t free shipping in my opinion. For VIB it’s free with $35 purchases and Insiders get it free with $50 purchases.

There’s also a new discount event exchange. Sephora will run Insider events which you can exchange for. They haven’t elaborated what these events will be but it seems it’ll be a savings type event. Points will also be able to pay for services soon.

There are a few other benefits but they aren’t new by any means and reference the current Rewards Bazaar and Sample Program.

The most exciting aspect is most definitely the exchange for points benefit but I’m not keeping hope alive this is going to be implemented anytime soon nor do I think it’ll be as good as Ulta’s program. But we’ll have to wait and see!

How do you think Sephora will handle the new point to cash rewards bonuses?

I think they’ll a lot of conditions that come along with this new program!


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  • Courtney

    I think Sephora is going to bungle it up and not offer real cash rewards like Ulta has. I’ve changed my shopping habits to buy from Ulta or directly from brands at Sephora, rarely shopping at Sephora because I’m just not impressed with their crappy rewards program. And their return policy with gift cards has bit me on the ass one too many times to even exchange points for gift cards these days. When I buy a $65 palette for my birthday with a gift card, hate it and want to return it and I’m told I can’t return it for the full value, only $19, it’s really annoying. It’s not a customer centric policy at all.

    • Isabella Muse

      I was bit by the Rewards GC return. I was offered $1.56 for a Huda Palette I was returning because I stupidly purchased two of the same one while checking out with a reward GC. It’s so dumb!

    • kjh

      Whatever S does with their rewards system, it’s always a major clusterfuck. Guaranteed. This will be no different. There will be changes to the initial announcement, and the changes will not benefit the customer, they will minimize the risk (lost $) to the company/corporation. Now they have to figure in the impact of Covid on their business. The returns will be hell, esp on our end. No good will come of any of this. I’m out. Only reviewed stuff that is really needed and not duped in stash. I’m old, in a major decluttering mode, and shopping the stash. Sick of the Sephora shit, totally.

      say hi to your dogs from me. Both of you.

  • Vikki

    Meh, I guess I’m sticking with Ulta and also purchasing directly from “exclusive at Sephora” brands that offer better seasonal discounts than 20%!

    • Benni

      I used to be a Rouge many times over but saw so little benefit that I’m now mostly Ulta and brands directly. Still VIB at Sephora but spend a lot less now.

  • kimkats

    All they’re doing is pissing people off. If they really want to compete with Ulta, they need to copy Ulta’s points program. I have over 1800 points at sephora – because there’s never anything worth using them on. Their new and improved (eye roll) program is going to confuse the bejeebers out of people, and piss them off further.

    Sephora is rapidly losing ground to Ulta, and if they aren’t careful, they’ll lose out entirely to Ulta.

  • Dee

    I think they will have a horrible cash program too. Ulta has them beat all the way and I find I can get most of what I want there. I did shop Sephora’s Rouge sale but I had gift cards I wanted to use. Good thing I didn’t return anything! I had no idea if you used a gift card and wanted to return they wouldn’t give you what you paid! That’s just unbelievable to me.

    I know I won’t qualify for Rouge after my level expires and I’m fine with that. I am happy being Platinum at Ulta .

  • Shelly

    I think people are thinking more about where and how their money is spent so Sephora better get with the program or lose in the long run

  • Cindy

    Welp, you know how I feel about Sephora LOL! In the new program they will take 500 points for $10 off. One time per purchase. Big whoop.

  • TC

    My friend has spent at ulta, less than half of what I’ve spent at Sephora (I’m in Canada so no ulta) in the same period and has twice redeemed for $125, getting a pmd cleanser the first time and a pmd microdermabrasion the second time. Plus bunches of samples and offers.

    I cant wait till Ulta comes to Canada, it was due this year but due to the pandemic is likely gong to be 2021. That said Shoppers has an amazing points program. When I shopped exclusively there I’d get well over $300/year back in points to spend in anything in store, I only stopped because I used stuff avail exclusively at Sephora, after being gifted it originally.

  • IrrationalRae

    Yes honestly I’ve started purchasing directly from brands because the majority of them have been having really good deals and Sephora’s perks just aren’t enough incentive to buy from them instead even with the free shipping lately.

  • Michelle

    Yes, Ulta kills it with better point perks. No question.
    But I hate their slow shipping and carrier choices (Lasership, ugh). Also, I like Sephora’s stable of brands better, especially in the skincare department. They really lack in the irritant-free category of skincare products.
    On the plus side, they are my hair salon choice, although I don’t know when I’ll be able to go back for hair service. Or at least feel comfortable enough to do so.

    • kjh

      Funny. Here, Sephora uses Lasership and Ulta, at least usually, does not. Love Lasership. Not. How about 3 weeks from a hub <45 miles away, and the package with Spanish and Portuguese written all over it and crossed out? No easier for the delivery people than the customers.

  • Tracy

    I think Sephora was going to roll out the “cash for points” program because they needed to to compete with Ulta – however I suspect both Sephora and Ulta are really hurting in sales because of COVID. If that’s the case then does Sephora need to roll it out to try and entice customers to spend, or can they not actually afford to implement the program right now? Since they’re a private company and we aren’t privy to financials like we are with Ulta it’s probably going to be hard to say unless the info gets leaked somewhere. The Ulta Q1 2020 Earnings Release is on 5/28 so it’ll be interesting to see what that looks like, because I’d imagine Sephora was impacted similarly.

  • Susan

    They had a cash for points program last year. They would offer it periodically and it was hard to get. The amount of money you got for the points (which are worthless imo) was pretty decent. The catch was if you wanted to return the product you bought they gave you nothing back. Agreed, Ulta kills it in the rewards arena. No one comes close.

    I am like everyone else who has posted, so far. I just don’t buy at Sephora much anymore. For skincare dermstore and lovelyskin have better products and sales. You can easily get 20% off most brand sites periodically and almost all of them will give you 15% or more on your first order. There is virtually nothing Sephora has that I can’t get somewhere else cheaper.

    • Isabella Muse

      The did? I don’t recall that. I remember the GC for points but not cash. The GC for points was a problem for returns! I wrote a long post about it when it happened to me. When was the cash points thing happening? I can’t remember!

  • Hannah

    It’s actually starting May 31st. I’m excited about the $10 off because I have points just gathering dust.

  • yelena

    really over sephora at the moment. last time they FINALLY had a decent 500 point perk and I jumped in to place an order only to receive an email shortly after saying they were out of stock.
    I am trying to buy everything from sephora so I can actually get some worth while points !

  • Thea

    I actually just received an email with what I think is a discount event. It says I can spend $75 on ONE item now to receive 15% off* (*with exclusions) a purchase in a month or so.

    Bwahahaha no. I haven’t bought anything from Sephora in six months and this doesn’t make me want to buy anything now. This is the first time I’m not a Rouge in YEARS and I’m not mad about. I am about to make Platinum at Ulta though, soooo.