June 15, 2020

Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale Sale Sucks More Then Ever Before This Year

The Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale 2020 started yesterday online and I don’t know how they achieved it but they unlocked new levels of suck with this sale. We all know the past several years the sale has been pretty bad. We all yearn for the days when the bins were overflowing with Holiday goodies, candle holders, accessories, and Tutti Dolci. Long gone are those days!. I read a recent rumor on Instagram where someone said the sale wouldn’t even be referred to as a Semi-Annual anymore. That the Semi-Annual would take place once a year, after Christmas, and the June/Summer sale would be just labeled as a “Summer Sale”. Obviously, that wasn’t true as they are still very much promoting it as the Semi-Annual.

Typically, during the Semi-Annual they do bring back old favorite signature scents like Vanilla Bean and the Coconuts everyone adores. However, it’s understandable this didn’t happen this year as COVID-19 likely had their factories on lock down. That being said I thought with stores closed up they would have a lot more clearance available online from Spring. But online the sale is looking rather bleak. Most items are 50% Off at best and nothing lower than that. $12.50 candles? Meh! $7.75 Fragrance Mists? Double meh!

I have seen people lining up outside stores for two hours and many of these stores are well stocked with items marked down 75% . Obviously, the sale is looking a bit better in store than it does online. My own stores are not yet open so, online shopping it is for me. But I didn’t even bother as the sale is disappointing. Honestly, even when my stores do open I have a feeling the selection will be disappointing.

Good news though!

I’m saving money so thanks Bath and Body Works for having another sucky Semi-Annual Sale this year.

Did you purchase anything from the sale?

Do share! I’d love to hear what you got.

Did you go to a store or did you do an order online?


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  • Michelle

    I wish they had not got rid of the CO Bigelow line, I loved the Lemon hand soap! My area stores are still listed as closed, but Florida is still bad with the virus so I don’t want to go anyway.

  • Jana

    My store was completely out of wallflowers and very little in the good ole’ discontinued stuff. Was not worth the wait. Online looks very disappointing too. Be safe!

    • Isabella Muse

      I’ve seen some very well stocked stores but they seem to be located all in the south! I doubt my own store would be as well stocked if it opened!

  • N

    It is a disappointing sale, but I’m not mad at it because not buying at this time means I’m saving money for autumn which is my favorite for candles and fragrance anyway. Plus, not buying new things means I’m using up what I already have.

  • Kimmwc03

    Worst sale ever! And the stores near me are still closed (even though everything else is open).

  • Jules

    I feel like they’re intentionally trying to drive people into stores. I understand why they would want to do it economically, but I think it’s a huge disservice to those of us us who either can’t shop because of closures, or won’t shop because of the risk. If you’re a healthy 25 year old, sure, the world is a safe place for you. But my parents are both high risk, and I’d rather see them safely than potentially risk their lives for some body wash.

  • Sarah

    I’ve been really disappointed with them as a whole over the last three months. I don’t think I ever got a single free shipping promo, and hardly ever saw any by three, get three promotions while many other bath and body companies were running amazing sales to try to help boost the economy. I just rolled my eyes when I got the email this morning because quite frankly I am not interested. I know they can do better and they have done in the past, but there has been nothing to entice me to shop there in quite a while aside from some of the fragrances I liked back in the late winter. It’s just surprising because there is such a supportive customer base… You would think a company so large would want to help everybody out because I’m sure they can afford to. Oh well. Money saved. Instead I took advantage of some really good specials through Molton Brown which, while pricier, has had some pretty decent promotions lately. I’ve been going to eBay to get my B & BW fix because frankly the prices there are just better, and generally so is the customer service. and also, I can usually get free shipping. Very disappointed overall.

  • Melissa

    And shipping too is charged .Definitely not buying .75% instore 50 % online -Not worth it if stores are closed

  • CatG

    Wow, it really is sooooo disappointing! I don’t get it. And I won’t be going to any stores for non essential shopping. Boo

  • Mary

    I went today , I had an hourish to kill between appointments, so I said “if I pass by that time then great , if not I will just head to my appointment” . I did made it on time, it took 1.15 hrs in line , I had a chance to talk to one of the employees and she told me what deals they had , so I knew ahead what to get etc. I am in Ottawa, Canada, there is only 1 of the 5 stores in the city open so its crazy, she said yesterday people were waiting for over 2.30hrs . She told me there will NOT be giving coupons for a while ( business move i am guessing ) and the SAS in Canada will be MAYBE mid July, but so far there is no info.
    They had $16 can candles, some body care for $6 can and 6 x$10 cad of the hand sanitizer. Surprisingly they had the $35 dollars badgs (no tax on those) , which with all the prices and no coupons , that was the best deal, I have never paid and will never pay $22 for a candle lol.
    So I got the bag , 12 hand sanitizers (that’s the max per person) and 2 $6 body creams. That’s all so yeah , sad when the best deal is the $35 bags

    • Isabella Muse

      I heard stories of a 2 hour wait time too! I don’t think it would be worth it for me to wait that long and risk it even if my store was open! Thanks for the update in Canada! As I have a lot of Canadian readers and never know what is happening in your stores!

  • Natalie

    Wow, those lines sound crazy! I don’t really need anything at BBW, I like the body sprays but I bought a bunch last year on sale for like $3 and still using those, I spray them a lot and they still last forever. I’m not sure if my BBW are open or not, if I passed one and it didn’t have a line I would look.

    I did wait in line for Nordstrom Rack, no line to get in the store but 2 hour line for checkout, luckily shopped with a buddy so we got in line immediately and kept switching places to hold our place in line vs. look. Everything additional 40% off, and most of it was already marked to clearance, final sale but I rarely return things I buy in person anyway. I found so many deals, so much merchandise to look through we were shopping the entire 2 hours we waited.

    Beauty wise we both bought 2 of the Kopari Christmas sets (full size deodorant, small Coconut Melt, and lip gloss) for $5 a set, I think was originally $32.

  • Jane

    My stores are also closes here in HI. The online be sale sucks to high heaven. I would think they would try to do better, but no; how disappointing. Their lack of not bringing back retired scents for the low keeps pushing me away from this “sale”Ah. well, I guess I saved money this year also.

  • Jennifer

    I’ve been disappointed with BBW for a few years now; all of the fragrances seem to have an artificial undertone. Ew. I am also eternally disappointed that Ile deTahiti Coconut Vanille continues to languish in teh dicontinued pile. I really with I could find that offered by another company…

  • Lindsey Howard

    I usually stock up a couple times a year on hand soap. They’re my favorite! But this year is awful! 6/26?!?! Seriously??? That’s no better than what it is usually!!! I’m so bummed as I’m on my last two bottles! Grrrrrrrr

  • Debbie D.

    I’ve heard B&BW is soon going out of business. This would make sense as during Covid, NOTHING online was at great prices. The hand soaps were 6/$26 (that’s a horrible price). They could’ve made a ton of $$$$$ if they would’ve put wallflowers on sale during the pandemic. You can only buy the doubles online, and normally during a good sale I can get them for $6.

    This Semi-Annual sale is the absolute worst I’ve ever seen!! Normally in the store you can get hand soaps for $3, single wallflowers for $3, Aromatherapy items for 50% off, and some discontinued body lotions, shower gels and body sprays for 75% off.

    It’s like they’re doing their best to try and go out of business. Thank goodness I had placed an order in late Feb. for 20 of the double wallflowers, so I’m in good shape. However, I was sure hoping to add to my stash during this so-called sale, but that won’t be happening. Very disappointing!

    • Isabella Muse

      They are closing 50 stores but not going out of business. VS was a much better sale in comparison. I’m shocked how bad the semi annual is this year. But it doesn’t surprise me as it isn’t the first year it sucked! 🙁

  • bebe

    All of our stores in NYC are still closed, and driving to an open store somewhere upstate is impractical..the money spent on gas would far exceed the $5.99 shipping cost. You’d think that with so many stores still being closed nationwide that B&BW would offer their customers whose only recourse is to shop online the same 75% off deals that are available in store only. Truth be told, those one day $3.00 and $5.00 flash sales that they used to have online along with the $10 off $30 coupon was miles better than this current farce that they have the nerve to call a semi-annual sale..ugh!!!

    • Isabella Muse

      Yup, I’m in NY. Even upstate nothing is open. I have a summer home and upstate and a lot of stores are still closed.

      • bebe

        Wow!!..so upstate stores are closed, too..that really sucks..in any case, I won’t shop a semi-annual sale without 75% off and/or coupons. I sure hope Candle Day won’t be like this..that is if we even have one this year. Stay safe, Muse.

        • Isabella Muse

          No stores are open upstate. I was there over the weekend. A lot of outdoor dining options. Walmart, Target, Michael’s Hobby lobby but BBW, Home Goods, TJ, Sephora, Ulta, all a big nope. I think they are scared to have employees in stores and being liable if they grow ill. I’m worried about Fall/Winter. I think it’ll be worst considering how everyone is running wild in Manhattan at the moment. 🙁 We stayed home nearly 4 months, loss tons of money, destroyed NY’s economy, put the state in debt, and now we have a bunch of idiots hanging out in crowds outside outdoor bars, etc…without masks. It’s driving me bonkers seeing this.

          • bebe

            So sorry to read this, Muse..people can be so irresponsible at times..stay strong..things will get better.♡

          • Isabella Muse

            I sure hope so! I feel kind of sad I’m still isolating as best I can but there are so many people that are like I don’t give a f*ck let’s get outside. It’s scary 🙁

      • Dajshy

        I said I wouldn’t go to a store but I had to run some errands on a particular Friday morning and decided to stop at a BBW in the mall…There was no line so I walked straight in the store…Shame on me– I spent $140.00!! I went crazy on 75% stuff only, especially the travel size and pocket bacs…..

        Normally I would go to several Locations during the SAS but with this pandemic, I’ll chill…..Unless online SAS go to 75% I won’t bother spending another dime.

        Victoria secrets online SAS on the other hand is looking pretty decent so I got my eyes on quite a few goodies there… I’ll wait until the very last weekend to buy because I like to see if the prices go even lower… We shall see!!

  • Jessica

    I live in Oklahoma and their stores have been open for a few weeks now. I went to check out what deals they had, last week. I did not find one thing I wanted on sale. They only had a few fragrance lines on sale and everything else was regular price. The store I went to had limit capacity so I waited about 5 minutes in line. I left with nothing but at least I am saving money. One thing is I did buy hand sanitizers a few weeks ago and I noticed they had boxes and boxes of them. It is upsetting the price for their hand sanitizers went up though.

  • Angela C Diaz

    I love Bath & Body Works, but this semi annual sales really does suck!! All my favorite scents aren’t on sale, and the ones on sale aren’t worthy! Lol!

  • Monica

    Totally agree…coupons have also been nonexistent and they always have stuff like free shipping or 20% off…sure feels like they’re trying to make as much money as possible

  • Mary E Drinkard

    I agree with your story. I live in a place that has no stores open, so I don’t get the sales. I waited for
    5 months for my favorite item to be on sale, only to find they are the same price as they always are.
    What a bummer.

    • Isabella Muse

      Totally sucks 🙁 I’m sorry your item isn’t on sale! I can related to the disappointment!

  • Tiffany

    Ha! I searched “why does the bath and body works semi annual sale suck” and found this. I am surprised with covid that they are promoting crowds to their stores. Brick and mortars opened first, so if the online sale has anything good left for the end, as an online shopper I’ve gotta wait? I’m right there with you, miss the format and variety of the old awesome BBW summer semi annual sale!

    • Isabella Muse

      I am too! But that appears to be where the deals are this year because online there is really nothing 🙁 Me too me too! It’s sooo sucky!

  • Bee Shepard

    You are correct! You will be disappointed with the selection at the BBW Stores. Forget about getting any holiday Christmas scents! BBW is really pushing the 50% off products in stores. The 75% off selection consists of about 6 scents the selection is pitiful. None of the 75% off scents are in sets either it is a mixed-up selection. Personally, I believe BBW is implementing a new sales tactic that is not going to be popular at all.

  • Satinee777

    I was thinking the very same thing; I ordered online and I asked the sales person why there isn’t anything really on sale as far as the body lotions and bath gels are concerned. The only thing on sale are $5.00 and $6.95 scents that no one wants. The regular scents are all $12.95 or so. she stated that “there are on sale, buy two get one free and buy three get two free” however this is the case always, no sale. I remember when they actually had everything on sale… I don’t know if I will continue with them because I see a future of everything constantly going up on price!

  • Sarah Kleman

    I did buy 10 3-wick candles at $12.50 because I just love the candles. I had no coupons to bring the price down. In my order I had 3 Lilacs candles because that’s my favorite scent. When it arrived, one of the Lilacs candles was broken, so I took pictures and called and they said they would send a replacement. Unbelievably, they sent 3 Lilacs candles because that was the line item. So that was fun and brought the average price down to $9.60 which is about what I paid in previous sales with coupons. Other than that fluke which I enjoyed, this was the weakest BBW Semiannual sale I’ve ever seen. But I figure they’re in great disarray because of the whole 2020 economy and I really hope BBW makes it through.

  • Dani

    Omg THANK YOU, this year’s sale and bath and body works’ tepid Covid response has totally turned me on to Sephora. Never again, lame b&bw. No social responsibility, no promises to change for the better (transparency… what foul chemicals ARE in their skin products? Do they still test on animals?), the SAME “Peppermint Noel” on sale for like 2 months now. Bye bye b&bw.

    • Isabella Muse

      It’s so sad 🙁 Sephora didn’t handle covid as well either sadly as they did fire a lot of people during the pandemic 🙁 BBW has a host of issues for sure :-/ I hate myself for continuing to buy it sometimes!

  • Nadia Jacobs

    Absolutely not!! I haven’t purchased anything from them since covid started! Their sales have been horrible, I wouldn’t even can them “sales”. Everything is so overpriced! I’m really hate them now, their crap ain’t Worth it!