July 2, 2020

Bath and Body Works Fall 2020 Candles Arrive But There’s Nothing Exciting To See Here

Bath and Body Works Fall 2020 Candles have arrived but don’t worry there’s nothing exciting to see here as it’s a round of re-promoted scents. Don’t worry, the Summer is young and the Fall is long so, I’m positive we’ll something pop up that we haven’t sniffed before. This is only round one they’ll be a round two and three I’m sure before the first day of autumn even gets here. For years now, perhaps since Harry Slakin stepped down, Bath and Body Works Candles have been a bit lacking but it hasn’t stopped me from buying them (you know I’m over hear hoarding thousands of 3-Wick Candles). However, this doesn’t mean I don’t step up on my soap box from time to time to shout about the re-promoted fragrances with new names, the lack of creativity when creating newer scents, and the endless round of re-promotes.

The only new scent I see popping up, correct me if I’m wrong, is Salted Butterscotch and Pumpkin Vanilla Crème . But really, these are probably not new at all and smells identical to something we already own! We’ll see! That’s on my list to pick up for sure.

As always Marshmallow Fireside is returns , Pumpkin Pecan Waffles (which is sort of good but I’m really not understanding how that one even lands on their bestselling list), Caramel Pumpkin Swirl, and others!

Here’s what else popped up today!

  • Salted Butterscotch (Warm Brown Sugar, Sweet Cream, Pinch of Sea Salt, Melted Butter)
  • Pumpkin Vanilla Crème (Creamy Pumpkin, Vanilla Crème, Fresh Ground Nutmeg, Graham Cracker Crust)
  • Marshmallow Fireside (Toasted Marshmallow, Smoldering Woods, Fire Roasted Vanilla, Crystallized Amber)
  • Leaves (Crisp Red Apple, Golden Nectar, Warm Clove Spice)
  • Sweater Weather (Fresh Sage, Juniper Berry, Aromatic Eucalyptus, Fresh Woods)
  • Banana Walnut Muffin (Sweet Banana, Golden Nutmeg, Cinnamon Sugar Muffin)
  • Pumpkin Peanut Brittle (Crunchy Caramel Brittle, Salty Peanuts, Toasted Pumpkin Seeds)
  • Caramel Pumpkin Swirl (Luscious Caramel, Ground Cinnamon, Rich Brown Sugar, Creamy Vanilla)
  • Pumpkin Donut Shop (Glazed Donuts, Warm Pumpkin Spices, Sprinkled with Powdered Sugar)
  • Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow (Tahitian Vanilla, Pumpkin Spice, Homemade Marshmallow, Drizzled Caramel)
  • Blueberry Maple Pancakes (Wild Blueberries, Griddle Fresh Pancakes, Warm Maple Syrup)
  • Pumpkin Apple (Red Delicious Apple, Fall Pumpkin, Fresh Ground Cinnamon, Clove Buds)
  • Pumpkin Pecan Waffles (Maple Syrup, Golden Waffles, Pumpkin Spice, Brown Sugar)

Have any of your favorite scents returned?

What would you like to see from Bath and Body Works that’s new this year?

Do share!

Bath and Body Works Fall 2020 Candles are available now on their website.

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  • Michelle

    Hot Cocoa and Cream is my favorite, I hope it’s back. Stores are still not open locally, and with COVID-19 so bad here, it won’t be anytime soon.

    • Isabella Muse

      Where are you Michelle? Be safe! Hot Cocoa and Cream is typically a Holiday release so I’m sure we’ll see it back 🙂

      • Michelle

        Oh sorry. SE Florida. I used to see it before the winter releases, maybe it’s an in-between thing.

        • Isabella Muse

          It’ll pop up in November just when Holiday stuff starts dropping ;-D Be careful over there. Florida is getting that big first wave 🙁

          • Sam

            I got a hot cocoa and cream branded as “hot cocoa and scream” in a halloween jar with a witch on it at my local store. Should pop up online soon!

          • Isabella Muse

            It’s been online for about two weeks now 🙂

  • Jess

    Every candle I’ve bought from them in the past year has had drowning wicks. They never did that before last year. I end up using my warmer on them but I’d still like the option to burn them on cold nights . Have you been noticing the same problem?

    • Isabella Muse

      do they tunnel do you mean? I’ve had on and off issues with wicks but not every single candle has a wick issue thankfully. Just a few that tunnel which is very annoying!

    • Agona

      The first time you burn them, you have to let it melt completely on top so it doesn’t tunnel! So don’t start a new candle unless you know you can let it burn for awhile.

  • Dee

    Fall is my favorite candle time of the year so this is disappointing. I do like Marshmallow Fireside and Salted Butterscotch sounds good. But I won’t rush to buy anything.

  • Jane E Karr

    I am so disappointed. I so wanted them to have the Hot Apple Pie candle. I know they had it last year and stupid me only bought one. I got hooked on all the hedgehog candles last year and I love the decoration on the candle but the smell, not so much.

    I will keep my fingers crossed that they will put it out at Christmas.

    What is your suggestion for the best eyeshadow palette to purchase right now?


    • Isabella Muse

      I don’t think I have the hot apple pie candle how odd as I tend to grab up all the fall stuff! hopefully to launch it again! Don’t worry, it’ll def be back! Did you try the body spray? It smells amazing! I’m really in love with the Natasha Denona Bronze Palette at the moment ;-D

    • Jaimie

      Hi Jane!

      Bath & Body Works has a Warm Apple Pie Candle on sale right now for $12.25. Not sure if that’s the same thing. . .

  • Shanna

    Pumpkin Apple is a fav of mine, and I want to try the Pumpkin Vanilla Crème. I overdid the Blueberry Pancakes one last year so I’m over it. A lot of the pumpkin scents have the weird donut smell which to me just smells like dirty grease. Hard pass. I’m intrigued by the Banana Walnut Muffin, but I would need to smell it before purchasing. Something tells me it sounds better than it smells.

    • Isabella Muse

      I really like the blueberry pancakes last year. I’m actually gonna grab another! Ew that’s awful!

  • Jaimie

    Marshmallow Fireside and Sweater Weather and my favs! I love that they made Bonfire (which smells like Marshmallow Fireside to me) in the Bath and Body Line! Obsessed! It reminds me of a lighter version of Killian Princess which I also adore. I use the Bonfire shower gel, lotion and spray and then top it off with Princess so it lasts all day. Love!

  • bebe

    I adore Leaves, Marshmallow Fireside, and Pumpkin Pecan Waffles. Fall candles in July..why the rush, BBW?? Last year my store had a Halloween display with matching candles, wallflower plugs and pocketbacs in August..yikes!!! Hopefully this new collection will be marked down by the end of the year, since current sales have been so lackluster, and they haven’t been giving us any coupons. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for Candle Day in December..that’s when I usually stock up. 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      There have really been noooooooooooo coupons at all lately. I’m sure we will def have a candle day 😀

  • jill

    aaaaahahahaha! this brings back a funny memory! this time last year, one of the first fall candles to come out was Blueberry Pie, and i was IN LOVE! i showed it to everyone who came in the store. until…one lady started whaling on me, just beating the c**p out of me when i showed it to her! she was yelling, “DON’T YOU DARE BE SHOWING ME FALL STUFF! ITS SUMMER, LADY! I JUST WANT TO ENJOY MY SUMMER! NOW GET THAT FALL STUFF OUTTA MY FACE RIGHT NOW!”

    oops. sowwy.
    i went in the back and laughed myself silly. you just can’t win.

    • Isabella Muse

      LOL! I don’t care show me ALL the Fall stuff right now, right away! I love the Fall ;-D

  • Reena

    The salted butterscotch candle is not new. I bought it in fall of 2019.

  • Chris

    They always release there tried and true scents first especially for fall. They will have plenty more released in the next few months.

  • Shelley

    Unfortunately, Salted Butterscotch is not new either. I still have mine that I bought last year.

  • Agona

    There’s too many scents to buy them all. 🙁 I love fall scents the most, and try to stalk up on shower gel and lotions during the fall to last throughout the year.

  • victoria faircloth

    Do you know when the Halloween products are being released?

    • Isabella Muse

      Test stores already have a lot of it out but I’d say around August 7 in stores and prob August 14th online!

  • Bethany

    Do you happen to have an idea of when the fall body washes will come out? Those are my fav so relaxing

    • Isabella Muse

      Some stores have them out depends on where you live! But I’d say August 5-7 they should be in stores and online soon after!

  • Yasmine

    Hey! Do you happen to know around what time of year their fall line ends and stops selling the fall candles? I want to get my hands on some products but I don’t want to be too late and they’ll be gone. Thanks !

    • Isabella Muse

      I’ve seen Fall go all the way into Christmas but not all of them stay in stock that long! I would say get them this month because by next month most will be sold out. Also, when candle day arrives they completely disappear!