July 9, 2020

Favorite Concealer Right Now and GO!

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Good morning fam!

How’s your day? Almost the weekend. Does that mean anything anymore? I used to look forward to the weekend. Movies, shopping, brunch, dinner out, seeing friends, socializing, doing fun stuff….! Movie theaters aren’t even open here yet and forget about seeing friends as we are all avoiding each other like the plague still. We’re good New Yorkers trying to keep the curve down.

How are you things where you are? Hopefully good. If you’re in Arizona, California, Texas, Arizona, or any other hard hit states please know you’re in my heart right now! Stay inside, stay safe.

I’ve been keeping pretty busy. You know me and my long list of things I want to do. I did a bunch of house chores yesterday and I treated myself to actually sitting down for 90 minutes to watch a movie. I went all 80s and re-watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Man, Phoebe Cates though…! Do you know she’s 56 years old now? What? How did that happen?

Speaking of aging I feel about 180 today. My eyes are sooooo puffy! I really need to stuff sleeping on my stomach with my face buried in my pillow. It really makes my eyes super puffy 🙁 Concealer is of course, as always, my best friend.

What’s your favorite concealer at the moment?


Mine is below.

So, mine is, drum roll please, Covergirl TruBlend Undercover Concealer. I tried this when it first launched a few months ago and I didn’t give it the proper time of day as I remember disliking it. I’m really quick to judge concealer one swipe and a little blending and I’ll tell you right away if I’m keeping or ditching it. This got tossed into the ditched pile.

For some reason, I hauled it out recently and re-tried it and ended up kind of digging it. I needed some a little peachier and darker than my normal Tarte Shape Tape because I tan easily and at the moment my skin is a little darker than normal. I had this on hand and started playing around with it and suddenly it’s my go to daily now. I think it’s sort of Covergirl’s nod to Shape Tape with the overlarge applicator but the pigment and coverage isn’t quite there but all in all, it provides medium coverage and with good eye cream it blends quite easily for me. I think I didn’t like it before because it sheered out and had a drier look but I started using it with Peter Thomas Roth Hungarian Thermal Water Eye Cream (also, obsessed with this at the moment!) and it seems to go on nice and smooth. It brightens up my eye area nicely and does a fairly good job concealing that puffiness and making my eyes look well rested again.

How about you?

What’s your fav concealer of the moment?

Do share!

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I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Mary Brenner

    I don’t wear concealer it ages me terribly and I’m only 40. I just bring my foundation up to my lower lash line and call it good.

    • Isabella Muse

      eye cream and a little bit of face oil makes a HUGE difference with concealer ;D

  • L

    Hi Muse, I also sleep on my stomach w/ my face smushed into the pillow! OMG I’ve tried so many times to sleep on my back but I always wake up on my stomach with my face in the pillow! I actually use silk pillowcases now to hopefully decrease the amount of wrinkles that I know i’ll get, LOL! Anyway, my fav concealer currently is Jouer Cosmetics, Essential High Coverage Liquid Concealer. I’ve actually repurchased it a couple of times which is big for me because I’m always looking for something better usually.

    • Isabella Muse

      ME TOO! It’s horrible. I either end up with my face smashed into a pillow, into the mattress with no pillow, or into my bf’s chest. and PUFF! oh the puff! I started using silk pillowcases too but I sort of hate them! My head feels like it slips off lol! So I went back to regular cases! LOL! I actually LOVE that one too! Great concealer for sure! Very creamy!

  • Jane

    The Armani Luminous Silk, Nars Radiant Cream Concealer, and I need to get a refill on my Revlon Candid. That stuff was amazing.

    For what it’s worth and for heartburn and ulcer purposes, I have quit eating by 6 pm and need about 60% less concealer. I’m working toward giving up sugar, because I suspect that I’ll be able to go nearly concealer free at that point. I’m really not looking forward to that process though!

    • Isabella Muse

      LOVE! the Armani is awesome! Purchased in April very impressed! Sugar? Really? I always thought it was salt that increased the puff! :-/

      • Jane

        Seems to be the sugar for me. Which I’ve known for some time, but giving it up is another thing entirely.

        • Isabella Muse

          It’s hard! Even keeping away from salt can be difficult. Good Luck! I hope you succeed!

  • Kristen

    Colourpop No Filter Matte Concealer. It has amazing coverage, is only about 6-7 dollars and lasts better than most of my high end concealers. I do dab a little bit of serum underneath just due to my dry undereyes

    • Isabella Muse

      there shades seem like they run a bit too light for me 🙁 I wish I could see and swatch them in stores 🙁

      • Kristen

        I found that I have to mix two shades (medium 22 & 24) in order for it to be my right shade. I also occasionally have to mix in light 18 if I’m paler than normal. My local Ulta had them in store and then abruptly removed them in place of their hyaluronic acid concealers which I am not a fan of. Makeup revolution concealers are also some of my favorites and remind me of Shape Tape without being too drying. Their range also runs a bit wonky so I have to mix shades.

        • Isabella Muse

          I do so love me some Makeup Revolution concealer ;-D Def a fav of mine and much creamier and less drier than Shape Tape but yup, me too, I have to mix at times too!

  • makeupismyjam

    I like that concealer for my general face area and love the matte formula for my oily skin but under my eyes, even with high end eye cream, it clings to dry patches and breaks up few hours later, even though I set it with powder. My favorite concealer right now is the Milani Conceal & Perfect Longwear Concealer! I have 3 shades, one for contour, one for bright undereye/cover dark circles and one for face to cover any discoloration or anywhere I need a little extra coverage. I sometimes use Milani concealer for no foundation days, set it with powder, and my skin looks so smooth and flawless. With Milani Make It Last spray, my face looked amazing from 8:30 am – around 8:30 pm. LOVE it!

    • Isabella Muse

      I really need to try the Milani one again! I tried it once and was kind of meh on it but I didn’t give it enough time to love ;-D

  • Violet

    IT Bye Bye Undereye. I have super dry skin under my eyes, so I use 3 layers of products – anti-aging cream, hydrating eye cream and then oil. This allows me to wear concealer. I have horrible life long allergies and the skin under my eyes is very thin, so it is very bluish purple. I bought my first concealer & makeup (Max Factor Erase) when I was 13 years old. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup, but I did such a good job of matching & blending, my parents and everyone else never knew.

    • Isabella Muse

      Does it feels like they reformulated it though? Like when they did that big extension of shades it felt like the formula feels different somehow or at least I thought it did or am I nuts? I love Bye Bye but find I don’t reach for it as much because it feels and performs differently than when they had less shades!

      • Violet

        Oh, I hope not! I haven’t tried a new tube since the shades were expanded. Still working on an old tube & have another backup.

        • Isabella Muse

          I could be crazy but I swear it feels like the formula changed!

  • kjh

    Concealer obsessed. Such a personal thing. I got 3 this week, and will never reach a holy grail. First impressions /New: MAC 24 hr studio fix. NW 15. Blends well. Adapts well to different lighting. Dries down, but not to a dawn of the dead finish. Keeper. Revlon Candid in 025 Creme Brulee. Squeeze tube, ball foot applicator. Surprisingly similar to the MAC in the feeling of the formula. Neither was either moist or ‘coney. They’d need significant moisture before use. Not sure they’d work well if you use silicone primer. KGD: chose the darkest, which is pretty bloody absurd, if I’m really NW15. Quality, yes. Worth the price and seeking out, probably not. My faves may always be the Revolution formulas. Go figure. Concealer is personal to the core.

  • Kelly

    It’s bougie as hell, but Cle de Peau. I tried it because I had a Nordy note so I figured why not. It’s well worth the price and the hype. Great full coverage, blends like a dream.

  • Camille

    I’m currently enjoying the winky lux peeper perfect concealer. It’s moisturizing which is great because my eye area can get dry. It says it’s full coverage but I’d say it’s more of a medium coverage which I prefer because I usually wear it with tinted moisturizer.

  • kellly

    I can’t be convinced right now to try any new concealer, and that’s saying a lot. I’m probably almost as much a concealer junkie as you. My go-to for over a year now has been Milk Makeup Flex Concealer. This stuff does.not.crease. Period. I love it so much I even bought a back up the last time I had 20% off at Sephora. The first tube I have has lasted almost forever and the best part is that it will not crease. I’ve tried Shape Tape, didn’t like it because it creased. Bye Bye Undereye, same. I could probably still be convinced to try something new thinking it’s magical because I’m such a concealer hoor but Milk Makeup so far has been the best of the 80,000 different concealers I’ve tried. 😀

    • Isabella Muse

      You should try maybelline super stay concealer, reminds me of Flex!

  • Christina

    I am rarely wearing makeup these days due to WFH but when I do decide to make myself presentable I am reaching for my Lancome EFFACERNES concealer. I mix # 210 and # 220 to get my perfect shade.

  • Hannah

    I’ve been really enjoying the Marc Jacobs accomplice for my under eyes. I also just got the First Aid Beauty Bendy Avocado to try out and liked it a lot the one time I wore it. I always use Nars Soft Matte if there is any blemishes on my face, but I am always on the search for my holy grail under eyes concealer.

    I am in Arizona btw. Shocking to see how many people aren’t wearing masks or social distancing here still. My twin sister has been waiting for her test results for over a week now and more of her coworkers are testing positive. Luckily she’s feeling good, but might be asymptotic and spreading it. But her work won’t give time off unless you have a positive result. In my neighborhood’s Facebook group people were going crazy when the community gym and pool being closed again was being discussed a little over a week ago. In the end only the gym was closed. Crazy. And I drove by my closest Marshalls on the way home from Target last week and there was still a big line to get in there. With the rising case count, as much as I’d like to, I don’t quite feel comfortable yet going there.

    • Isabella Muse

      I really liked Bendy too! It’s a nice creamy formula! Oh god be safe. You guys have a lot of cases over there right now 🙁 I hope she’s ok! Fingers crossed for good results. We are downward on the curve now and we are they even saying we may now be immune and not see a second wave but I am still being SUPER safe regardless!

      • Hannah

        When I saw Bendy was on sale for $16 over the weekend I couldn’t resist. I’m still wanting to try the Pat McGrath concealer as well and maybe the Beauty Blender one. I remember you said you had bought the PM one, but I think you said you hadn’t tested it fully yet.

        Thank you for your kind words! Hope you continue to stay safe! Arizona could definitely learn something from NY. The mask mandate is really dividing people here. What a crazy world we are living in.

        • Isabella Muse

          I’m still on the testing fence with PM. It’s a little dry and I’m sort of testing it still. It has excellent coverage that’s for sure! ;-D Awww <3! Thank you! We truly are living in unusual times Hannah. I don't see the problems with a mask tbh but some people feel like it takes their freedoms away!? I'm trying to understand their side of it but kind of failing. If it stops the spread, just wear it ya know? But people gonna do what people wanna do. You just be safe out there and make sure you take good care of yourself <3!

  • Linda

    Bobbi Brown corrector and creamy concealer. I keep trying to find something that covers in one step but I haven’t found anything with enough coverage that isn’t drying so I keep going back to these.

  • Ashley

    My favorite concealer at the moment is Estee Lauder’s. Its liquid & in a tube, it lasts, & covers & is super hydrating! Approximately $29