July 30, 2020

Here’s a Love List and All The Info You Need About Gotham At the Moment

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Wakey wakey! It’s almost Friday! The weekend looms ahead and I’m ready to live deliciously!

I’m a bit tired this week as work has been a stress-fess of fun but as I said in a recent Instagram post I’ll never complain about being busy or stressed because right now so many people are out of work. I’ve always been very grateful and thankful to have a job in bad economy times, in good ones, doesn’t matter, I always feel blessed that I’m self employed and have steady work. I think hard work and good work ethics have been instilled into me since birth. My father is a super hard worker and he’s always pushed both my sister and I to have good work ethics. He’s of the firm belief with hard work comes great success. I push myself hard in all things I do in life. Even when I’m not feeling 100% I’m still pushing hard and trying to do the best I can do.

As for the world, well, it feels like it’s crumbling down around us. Oddly enough, Gotham feels untouchable at the moment. The streets are eerily quiet and there aren’t tourists stopping in the middle of a busy sidewalk to take pictures or to gawk at their surroundings (it’s sort of every New Yorker’s dream to just walk quickly from A to B without being sidetracked by a tourist). There aren’t tons of “ants” marching across the street as I head to work in the AM but there’s still a sense of normalcy that we haven’t experienced in nearly four months.

I still haven’t seen friends or family as we are all still social distanting but fears, anxiety, and paranoia of going to the store have disappeared. I feel a lot more comfortable and confident going to stores by myself and not sitting in the car while my boyfriend goes in or me cowering behind him hanging on to his belt loop if we do go together. I mean, I went to Home Goods twice in the last seven days all by myself without being terrified I was going to catch something (and he was pretty relieved because he hates Home Goods).

So, Gotham, Gotham is good at the moment. Cases are still falling, less people are dying (thank goodness), and generally speaking about 99.9% of the people are wearing masks (although you do have a few folks with it down around their neck or covering their mouth not their nose). Andrew isn’t on the news daily anymore but no worries he’s still on Twitter lacing it into us daily like our dad’s and reminding us to behave.

I dunno how long this will last and I’m waiting for the shoe to drop and someone to break the news to me that a second wave is coming. I hope that doesn’t happen but we still have a good deal of time to go before a vaccine is available.

If you’re in California right now, Arizona, Florida, wherever cases are hitting hard please know my heart is with you. Every night I close my eyes and send good vibes and wishes to those struggling right now. I hope things get back to normal for you too soon!

Now that you know what’s going on in Gotham how about a love list to wrap up your week?

Here’s what I love this week!

Stratton Home on Sale
Yasssss! Stratton Home was on Hautelook this week and I got excited to haul a few of their pieces! I got the cute Lick the Spoon sign and I finally caved and got one of those “This Is Us” wood frames. It’s oversized and should fit nicely above a bench in our mudroom.

National Lipstick Day
Ok, so, masking is not making lipstick and lipgloss wear easy but I have to admit National Lipstick Day was a smashing success this year wasn’t it? I loved all the killer deals on lipsticks and glosses this year! Ulta did a particularly amazing job with their sales! Did you haul anything?

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Perfume
Remember when Sex and the City was an institution (and religion) for chicks living in New York? Remember when SJP was the coolest chick we knew? Remember when she created perfumes like Lovely? I dug out a bottle of Lovely this week for some reason and I’m all about it for a light Summer scent. I forgot I loved this so much. It’s a delicate clean, lightly woodsy rose fragrance. Perfect for Summer nights!

Hard Candy Just Glow Shimmer Blush
Oh my god! I’m in love with this six dollar blush! It gives my cheeks a gorgeous golden peachy pink sheen! It’s a bit powdery but not dry and blends like a dream!

All Your Instagram DMs
You guys crack me up on Instagram! No matter what I am posting in stories whether it’s makeup, my dog, or my crazy cleaning antics you’re all quick to dm and chime in with your thoughts, witty comments, or recommendations! I love talking to you all daily and I truly appreciate how interactive you are with me on that social platform <3! Instagram Loving

Alikay Naturals Lemon Grass Leave-In Conditioner
Someone recommended me Alikay a few weeks ago in the comments and I wanted to say BIG thank you as my order came and I love it! One of my favorites at the moment is the Lemon Grass Leave-In Conditioner! WHOA! This stuff is incredible. I mist it on after I wash my hair when it’s still wet and roll my hair up in a towel as I get ready for my day. When I take my hair down it’s tangle free, super soft, and my waves are so refined and gorgeous sans frizz! Love, love, love this stuff! I need the big bottle ASAP!

That’s my love list for the week!

Wanna share yours?

Comments are open!

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • kjh

    New Yorkers, in general, are real smart, life-smart, with a short learning curve. You need that about now. And you succeeded in the pandemic because of that. The first time i hit the supermarket, I wore all grubbies in multiple layers, and the washer was ready to drop it all in. The bleach and Lysol Laundry sanitizer were ready to go. But it was handled so well, that my anxiety was instantly assuaged. I’m thankful for a walkable, ‘distanceable’ ‘hood, and the few parts of the ocean/beach that are not Covidville. LND: Despite getting too psyched (It’s like the Mass state Tax Holiday to me) and reading your recs, esp Ulta. I checked dupes on Christine’s blog, and no surprise to me, had at least one dupe of everything that caught my eye, except maybe in finish. Put on the big girl attitude and pants, and said no, for once.

    • Isabella Muse

      Not just saying this because I’m a New Yorker but yes, we are. We’re all amazingly tough and resilient. We take a licking and keeping on going ;-D LOL! That sounds like me! I was just being super careful! I feel a little more relaxed now! ;-D Ha! Danger danger danger when home and browsing Christine’s blog LOL!

  • Cindy

    Don’t mean to be negative Nelly but COVID in NY isn’t over, not by a long shot. The way it’s raging across the country so hard it’s inevitable that it will spike here again. There are also loads of people who refuse to social distance and wear masks, and bars & restaurants that refuse to comply with COVID regulations. Since I’m immunocompromised I still refuse to go into any supermarket (grocery delivery is a wonderful thing) and everything else I need I get online. I’ve only been going to Dr appointments. Am I sick of all this? Hell yes, but since the only person that can keep me safe is me, I do what I need to. Having to rely on the behavior of others when your life depends on it isn’t a good thing.

    • Isabella Muse

      Oh no it’s not over. We’re experiencing a calm in the storm. I’m under no day dream that this is over. We head upstate on the weekends and we see so many cars on the road from Florida, Texas, Arizona…! They stop at gas stations, stop to eat, etc…! So much for self isolation when arriving in NY. Not to mention the fact that a lot of people aren’t great with social distancing. Upstate New York is a wild wild west world of no masks and no distancing at all! They didn’t have many cases so they are under the impression they are somehow immune. We have been out a bit but we are practicing as much safety as possible when out. If I’m somewhere where I feel unsafe I’m out of there.

      • Cindy

        Shame about upstate. I see people out here on LI blatantly disregarding the mask order and it’s ridiculous. I’ve gone to get my haircut and I’ve also been to my nail salon and I have to say that I feel safer in my nail salon than I did in a Dr’s office the other week. I was shocked that this place was letting the waiting room get crowded, was not taking temperature, cleaning the seats or doing anything to promote social distancing. I waited in the hallway for most of the time.

        • Isabella Muse

          I did my hair this week too which I was very, very, very, very nervous about but ended up being nervous for no reason because it was all safe. They did temps at the door, they all had masks on, I was asked not to talk and they didn’t talk to me, and I was asked to pay ahead of time via phone to make the process a little easier. It was actually fantastic. I’m sorry to hear about your doctor’s office! That’s terrible! I honestly probably would have left and told them reschedule me if I saw it was like that. A lot of my anxiety and paranoia about COVID has vanished but it still instilled A LOT of safety into me. If I don’t feel comfortable somewhere I get out of there fast ;D

          • Cindy

            I thought about leaving and rescheduling but the thought of going back there again made me ill LOL. I just wanted it overwith. What blew my mind even more is that nobody in the waiting room except for one other person (also immunocompromised) cared. And a lot of the women in the waiting room were pregnant!

          • Isabella Muse

            That’s crazy! As you know I’ve been super careful with my parents. last week my dad had to go the doctor and they sent him a letter how to prepare. He had to wear a mask, gloves, etc…! I made sure to drop off N95 type masks for him in the mailbox as my dad is clueless with these things and thinks a simple blue mask will protect him. So I got one of those n95 5 layer equivalents for him and he was already prepared with gloves. I explained to him to make sure there weren’t a ton of people there when he went and for them to keep his appointment time (as you know how doctor’s are! They say come in 2:30 and don’t see you until 4pm). He went, proceeded to call me from the car and say it was jammed packed. He asked me if he should wait. I told him walk right out of there and reschedule. No, just no. He has a pacemaker I’m not having him exposed like that. I proceeded to call the nurse there and explain to her that I didn’t love the idea of him waiting there like that and she said she totally understood and they would set up a tele-med call with him instead. That’s another adventure LOL as I had to facetime and walk him through setting up the app but at least that was WAY more safer! I mean, how can stores and supermarkets be safer than the freaking doctor’s office!? They really need to take this most seriously 🙁

          • Cindy

            I KNOW! Every Dr’s office I’ve been to has been ok except for that one, it was unbelievable. I’ve done a few video visits myself, it definitely makes more sense for your Dad to do that then go to the office!

          • Isabella Muse

            If you don’t have any major major issues to deal with I think the the telemed is the way to go! It just seems too dangerous to go into the office right now. I’m a little scared as my yearly mammogram is in September. I’m sort of squeaked out by the machines and all those people touching them, etc…! That’s going to be an adventure lol!

          • Cindy

            You can’t miss the mammogram! I had to go for a “6-month follow-up” during the apex and I postponed it a month and went then. I was terrified but I got through it! I wore mask, gloves, and wiped down my bag and phone when I got out of there.

  • Rstar

    Happy to follow you on insta, the more the merrier! We are also social distancing and not mingling, my friends and family circle are mingling since the pandemic and this is dividing us further. But it’s all good there are plenty of video calls. I haven’t ventured out to Home Goods or the N Rack but did go to Bed Bath and Beyond because I had to, and hit up the travel beauty/toiletry section found some face creams and shower gels that would come in handy to try out different things since haircare and skincare is more in use. Sephora has an amazing 5x point sale. The hard candy blush looks amazing.

  • Carin Wood

    I am always somewhat annoyed when nyc residents complain about the tourists and their annoying gawking. Well, they pay the bills for your city.

    • Isabella Muse

      Sorry you’re annoyed by the rant but it’s a common one for New Yorkers. Tourists can be a frustrating experience sometimes. We’re a mecca of major financial, insurance, and healthcare companies as well as media so, I wouldn’t say tourists are paying our bills.

      • Carin Wood

        I get what you’re saying as I lived in the city for several years myself.
        BUT you cannot say that the loss of Broadway, museums, ball games,restaurants, shopping, etc, etc does not have a significant impact on the finances of the city.
        I live in NJ now, most of the people I know who work in the city are now working at home, so that hurts transportation as well.
        It will take years to recover from this cursed pandemic. Of course, that applies to everywhere not just ny.

        • Isabella Muse

          Oh I’m not saying that at all. But I think a TON of different things factors into loss of revenue and it will take years to get back to what it was if ever (It’s somewhat surreal to think it only took three months to completely bring Manhattan down to its knees). I even have doubts it may ever recover 100%. I work in the insurance industry and many of the main lines we write are incredibly impacted by this pandemic. I just don’t think tourists are the main source of income within the city. They factor into that but just the general fact that 90% of the work force is home is a major factor. Transportation, dinners, lunches, social aspects of people that live and work here. It’s not only tourists that contribute to the economy of Manhattan (or other boroughs).

  • Kathy

    I absolutely love Sarah Jessica Parker lovely perfume. It’s a scent I always have in my collection and it is in a wonderful summer scent. I live in Canada and we can pick it up here for $20 a bottle at our local drugstore. Thanks for reminding me about it

  • MDW

    Boyfriend/husband belt/belt loops are useful for us in big cities. If I don’t hold on to my husband’s belt, the crowd swallows me up if I am two steps behind.