July 28, 2020

If You Went Into Walmart Right Now What Mid-Range Brand Would You Like to See Available For Purchase?

Lipstick Queen was spotted at Walmart this month. Yeah, Lipstick Queen. The brand has gone through some changes but interestingly enough they have remained the same in regards to quality. In 2011, Poppy sold Lipstick Queen to Manzanita Capital but she remained on board for the next several years. Even though she wasn’t running her lipstick empire all herself Poppy still managed to maintain the brand’s image and quality and even after she left the brand still remained very strong formula wise. Let’s be honest here, we all know if larger parent brands like Estee Lauder or L’Oreal become involved in things the quality on products certainly takes a nose dive! Lipstick Queen is one of those rare brands that did successfully come out of a change of hands without changing overly much.

The question remains if that good fortune will last once they hit Walmart shelves. Will the quality remain the same? The formulas the same? Will the pricing be lower? I’ve always considered the brand one that toes the line between mid and higher-range due to the price point. I’m not sure I can see myself walking into Walmart and indulging in $24 Sinner Lipstick. Can you?

I think we do have to come to terms with the fact that COVID, the ever changing beauty world, and the absolute saturation in the makeup world will force certain mid-range brands into larger department stores like Target and Walmart. I think I’d be a lot less surprised if Lipstick Queen said they’d be sold at Target versus Walmart but hey, it is what it is at this point and the makeup world is starting to feel like the wild wild west.

You know I’m not a big Walmart person and absolutely loath going there but sometimes it’s a necessary evil.

If you went into Walmart right now what mid-range brand would you like to see available for purchase?

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  • Michelle

    Poppy King started another lipstick line that was sold at Barneys and QVC, but as you know Barneys has since closed and I only see one lipstick on sale at QVC. I don’t know what the status of her new brand is. Not sure what’s happening at Lipstick Queen either, they’re still at Ulta and Space NK. It seems weird to find it at Walmart.

    • Isabella Muse

      She’s done a few things since leaving LQ. Did you mean Lipcentric? It’s still around and available on QVC. I know right? I always associated LQ with higher-end brands.

    • kjh

      Poppy’s first and eponymous line was at Barney’s, ~25 years ago, iirc. Her original 7 deadly sins, not the later version. Some of the post Poppy LQ are interesting, and Isabella is right, the quality did not suffer. (I personally like Black Lace Rabbit, both lips and cheeks.) The breadth of color certainly did. They used to have ~20 Saints and ~20 Sinners. And old old LQ was quite adventurous. Now they seem best known for their shade shifting colors. In a way, Poppy is like Marcia Kilgore, a born entrepreneur. Can’t wait to see what she does next. But her first line (iirc, she was under 20) will always be my sentimental favorite.

  • Kristin

    I can’t speak about quality, but *perceived* quality will no doubt go down. The cosmetic displays in Walmart are uniformly trashed; that certainly does not make me inclined to purchase something! Hard Candy isn’t a bad brand, but I can’t remember the last time I bought something, because the displays are just so unappealing. Spotty restocking, open products, stuff smeared everywhere, nothing organized…Pass!

    • Isabella Muse

      Thankfully the two Walmart I visit aren’t bad at all! The displays are kept well. BUT…! That being said, I do experience issues when buying stuff. For example, I purchased Glee Wax Strips and several were missing from the box. I purchased lipsticks where they are used and I didn’t realize it. Now anytime I check out I ask if I can open the box or uncap the lipstick to check and make sure it wasn’t tempered with before I spend $$ on it 🙁

  • Kimmwc03

    I don’t think any of the mid-range brands are going to be sold in actual Walmart stores, right? They’ve had some prestige brands online for a while but never in store.

    • Isabella Muse

      Lipstick Queen is now sold at Walmart, in stores. Who knows who might pop up next!? 🙂 I can see Tarte entering Target or something at some point! And in a few years maybe even TF!

      • Sarah

        I ordered a bottle of Nars Sheer Glow from Walmart’s website the other day. $10 off the retail price plus free 2-day shipping. I was very pleasantly surprised. It’s a brave new world out there!

          • Gabrielle

            The picture that I saw of the display in Wal-Mart showed that the prices for the lipstick was $9 (and some change). Even the mini trio packs were $9. So I wonder since the price is lower, did the quality change or maybe even the quantity of the product? But I am definitely interested in trying it out.

          • Sarah

            It was from Walmart directly. I don’t think I would feel comfortable ordering from a 3rd party seller on their site, but since it was sold by Walmart itself I felt more confident.

          • Isabella Muse

            Cool! I’m always a little skeptical of third parties too!

  • Vivianne

    That is some interesting news about Lipstick Queen; I’m not sure how I feel. I’m curious about how the quality of their products will be. I really do not like going to Walmart too. When I do go there for absolute (I mean absolute) emergencies, I always come out shaking my head. I will say their their Medieval lipstick is one of my favorites! It’s the closest dupe I can find for Benefit’s Benetint lip balm in the jar packaging. Miss the old school Benefit.

    • Isabella Muse

      I don’t either. It’s a mess in there 🙁 I try to avoid it as much as possible. LQ seems like a better fit for Target versus Walmart but who knows!? Medieval is def a fav of mine too! Hopefully the quality remains the same!

  • Ashley

    definitely not, lipstick queen is way over hyped and priced in my opinion. Head over to Space Nk US site for 50% off lots of lipstick queen products. I love the sparkly lipglosses with outer space names. I got a small sample in a past Space Nk spring or Fall beauty edit. Its currently on sale for $7! I sure hope Space Nk doesn’t go out of business. I love treating myself to the fall and spring gift with purchase!

  • Linda

    Lipstick queen actually had a collection sold at Target before and it was cheaper but still excellent quality

    • Isabella Muse

      I remember that but always forget about it if that makes sense ;-D

  • D

    Thank you Muse for letting us know! I still remember Poppy King’s original lipstick collection from the 90s—straight from Oz—that was exclusive to Barneys. It was the Seven Deadly Sins collection and it was *so* popular at the time. She also came out with an adorable gloss line called Shine that came in oversized, clear pots. Loved!

  • Miska

    Before the pandemic hit us here in the US I saw a lot of LQ at both TJMaxx and Marshalls. Who knows what kind of stuff they’ll be getting in now though. Just an FYI to keep your eyes peeled. I’m thinking that the quality of LQ products will most definitely go downhill now but I hope I’m wrong. I remember when Urban Decay eye shadows were like an HG status product for me. Then they were sold to L’Oreal I believe and now the quality of their eye shadows is complete sh!t compared to what it was. The beginning of the end for me was the Gwen Stefani eye shadow palette. The lippies and the blush palette were okay but the eye shadows were definitely NOT the normal UD quality. Sorry I kind of got off subject, I just hate when brands sell and then the quality goes downhill.

    • Isabella Muse

      I hope I’m wrong too but I have hopes it’ll stay the same but walmart…I dunno! I totally agreed! UD eyeliners and eyeshadows have never been the same since they were brought out! 🙁