August 20, 2020

A Love List and a Check Up

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Wakey wakey!

How’s your day going so far? I’m here to check your pulse! Are you doing ok this week? I’ve been busy. When did life get so busy again? Someone remind me! It’s not really normal but it is busy which is always good as it keeps our mind off the chaos going on around us. I hope you’re staying safe and I sure hope you don’t have too many hard decisions to make regarding your children (if you have any) and whether or not they need to go back to school! I don’t have kids and I can’t even imagine the stress and strain of having to be a mom-ager at the moment and make tough choices for them regarding their education.

I’ve been busy at work, busy at home, busy relationshiping (and failing at it! My boyfriend is working on West Coast time so it feels like sometimes our schedules are wacky! At least we have weekends off!), busy with life, and busy reorganizing all the things in my house because people, it’s Fall soon and the Fall decor is going up soon! Fall seems like it may be as cancelled as Summer is but it isn’t preventing from hanging leaves on every surface in my homes I can! Basic bitches can relate I’m sure.

Today a love list filled with all the good things in life.

Eat Deliciously
You guys! Trader Joe’s Everything But The Bagel Nut Duo is ridiculously good! This is a bag filled with almonds and cashews that have been covered in Everything but the Bagel seasoning and you can pretty much eat it in one sitting if you aren’t careful!

Eat Healthy
It’s grape season! You might following along on some of my Insta-story adventures on Instagram and noticed me posting my odd ass grape hauls. Start heading to H-Mart, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and local Asian markets and you should be able to start finding a variety of different table grapes like concord, niagara, and champagne. Now is sometimes a good time to get Hybrid grapes as well like Gummie and Cotton Candy grapes. Some of the smaller table grapes like champagne ones are tiny, seedless, and great for charcuterie board or even just snacking right out of the bag!

Beauty Things to Love
A few beauty things I love this week! Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Smoothing Eye Cream now comes in a duo! I love this stuff! It’s super creamy and really hydrating. The duo set is $98 (purchased individually it would be $141!) and includes two 0.51 oz jars! Natasha Denona introduced several shades of Chromium Liquid Eyeshadow which I think have to come home with me! I love how sparkly these look! Belif now cleansing balm!? Belif Aqua Bomb Cleansing Balm is a new hydrating cleansing balm that transforms from balm to cream to oil to easily remove makeup!

Fragrance Home, Happy Home
I’m a candle hoarder as you know plus I love wax melts! I just like the comfort fragrance brings to my home! I’m a newbie oil diffuser too now and recently purchased an Aromatech BT and also, a regular water diffuser from Amazon. I’m not your average oil diffusing person though because of course, I had to search out gourmands to diffuse! I located a great Etsy store that has millions of different yummy oils like Coffee Cake, Lemonade, Hot Chocolate, and more! I’m eager for Fall to arrive so I can diffuse these and enjoy the yummy scents!

Tis Nightmare Before Christmas Time
It’s that time of the year that Jack comes out of the wood work and Halloween decor a plenty ends features all our favorite characters from Nightmare Before Christmas. My favorite decor at the moment? These Sally potion bottles from Box Lunch! They are prebooking now and on sale! I got these for my kitchen! I want to see if I can find the Target Potions shelf that’s available at the Bullseyes Spot and I’m going fit these in there and hang it in my kitchen for the Holiday!

What’s on your love list this week?

Do share!

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • MDW

    Face masks are on my love list. I heard a YouTube guy say that he thinks he looks cool wearing a face mask. I feel the same way. I wear mine anytime I am out of the apartment. Oh, I wear the children’s size. Fits better.

  • kjh

    Lots of good things to click over to in this post. Most of the schools here are going hybrid, but giving parents the option for the kids to stay home. The reopening at my day job sites is going remarkably well. Lots of cleaning, precautions, protocols. The behavior Day Hab has some out of control meltdowns and total freak outs, but that was true before Covid. College openings aren’t faring as well. UNH had move things before people moving in. We’re betting everyone will be remote by mid September. I was invited to a party with people I used to work with, but have not been exposed to for 1-2 months. How do you say ‘Fuck, no. That’s typical for a mini infection group’ in polite terms? Party? Maybe lower on my list than going out to eat, but…. One sad thing is my work bestie…she’s 29 and I’m 71…but we goldbrick on an epic, quasi-intellectual scale…is moving back to Washington state, while she can! Fall seems here, and I’m barely into summer clothes. I saw migrating plovers this PM. Sigh. At least Covidville beach will clear out.

  • Glenda

    I’m a crazy cat lady that buys toys for my two cats like they are my children and I am currently stalking Target for all of their Eek Boutique Halloween cat scratcher/houses. Seriously they have like 5 different ones this year. I think they are counting on people staying home + boredom + cats being tired of people staying home = multiple purchases of various cat scratcher/houses. Target sales people told me I’m not the only one asking for them; I already ordered the pirate ship ( it’s available online) but I absolutely must have the 2 story Haunted Hotel.
    My other seasonal loves are my BBW candles. I am getting ready to transition my tropical fruity scents into pumpkin everything even though it won’t feel like fall here until probably December.

    • Isabella Muse

      Oh I know the feeling well! My dog has enough toys for a hundred dogs LOL! The actually halloween stuff goes live August 27th! You might want to check at that time ;-D I already rotated all my Summer candles for Fall!

      • Glenda

        Thank You!!! You always have the deets!
        BTW I forgot to mention one more fall love I just bought based on a reco from you, Lush Let the Good Times Roll. It’s so yummy!

        • Isabella Muse

          aw my pleasure <3! YAYYYY glad you snagged it! It's yummy isn't it!? 😀

  • Dee

    I’m so ready for Fall! It’s in the high 90s, and unfortunately we have several wildfires burning out of control in CO. But my fall decor is going up soon. It makes me happy and we all could use some happy!

    • Isabella Muse

      I am too! I’m waiting until next week to start hauling it out. I’ll be away for Labor day I thought I’d go ahead and start getting it up before the 1st! I don’t care I’m so ready ;-D Even in the heat haha!

  • Elaine

    Hi there from Cape Cod!
    Can you repost the link to the Etsy store? I keep getting the Amazon link for the diffuser. Also, what’s your favorite store these days for wax melts?
    Look forward every day to reading what the Muse has to say!

    • Isabella Muse

      Hi Elaine 🙂 Oops sorry reposted it! I love the Bathing Garden for wax melts!!!! That’s def a fav of mine! ;-D Thank you! Flattered ;D

  • Julie Fielding

    You are always so sweet to check in! Side note, since I collect Tarot cards on top of perfumes, the Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot set is getting released soon. Looks absolutely adorable, and is under $20 on pre-order at Amazon and other book retailers. Enjoy the weekend…xoxo, Julie

    • Isabella Muse

      aww <3! I worry about all of you! You're my extended family! I SAW THOSE! I don't collect tarot but I do collect a lot of Nightmare Before Christmas stuff so yeah, I def saw those ;-D How are you doing? All ok? Any new fragrances I need?! 😀 You too dear you too! Enjoy!

      • Julie Fielding

        Fragrances you need? Ha ha, of course YOU never NEED, but a couple of cheap ones that are on the newer side you might like (if you don’t already have):
        Pacifica Cosmosis – Vanilla Stardust (Vanilla w/ smoky ash & a touch of metal)
        Avon Far Away Amalfi – (Neroli & Tuberose)
        Otherwise I am always a hoarder of anything Comptoir Sud Pacifique, and if you don’t have Vanille Banane, you MUST get it.