August 11, 2020

Whisk Whiskers Away with This Grape Bubblegum-Scented Waxing Kit

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.
5 stars out of 5

I’m just saying if it wasn’t for the Glee The Face Wax Kit I would be a monkey by now. I picked up a Glee Face Wax Hair Removal Strip at when things were really bad in New York and a trip to get my eyebrows or upper lip waxed was not in the future (and still isn’t because hello, that’s so scary right now!).

I’ve been using these for the past four months in place of keeping my normal waxing appointing and they work a treat.

Keep in mind I’ve tried a few different brands of wax strips lately but I come out of the experience always going back to Glee! I really, REALLY like these.

Back in the day, when I was a good deal younger, Sally Hansen Wax Strips were totally a thing but they hurt and the wax had to be warmed up by rubbing it back and forth in your hand. Wax strips have come a long way since that time because that isn’t something you need to do anymore.

Glee Face Wax Hair Removal Strips contains 12 double-sided wax strips (24 total) along with 12 after wax facial wipes. All you need to do is peel the wax strip apart and you’ll end up with two strips. The one strip that opens open into two is plenty to do your with in my experience! If you have other hair on your face you wish to remove like chin, sideburns, etc…you’ll obviously need more than the one strip.

This is very painless removal for me. I apply it the strip, I swipe my hand down it a few time so it adheres well, and let it rip. I’ve been waxing for years so don’t even wince when I do it. I have more pain when they use hot wax at the salon I go to compared to this. This was very gentle in my opinion and it should be a good pick for those that have never used wax before. It removes all the hair in one go. Just remember to hold your skin a bit taunt to get the best results.

I did use these on my brows but you have to cut the shape and it can stick on the scissors when doing this, etc….! So, they aren’t completely ideal for this area! I would stick to using them on the upper lip area, sides of the face, or chin.

Best part? They smell amazing. Just like grape bubblegum! They also include a follow up wipe to smooth, hydrate, and remove any excess wax after using a strip!

All in all, a really great product when getting to the salon is an impossible experience!

I highly recommend these.

Do you use at home wax kits?

Which ones?

What’s your experience with them?

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I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Kimkats

    I still had part of a box of sally Hansen strips left, but i bought these anyway because of your review. Gonna try them out tonight – the fur along the corners of my mouth needs waxed, so kind of eager to try these out!

    • Isabella Muse

      I think I prob do too somewhere but I like these much, much better!! Let me know what you think!

  • Claudette

    Those Sally Hansen wax strips never worked for me. Thanks for the recommendation, I will give these a try on my femstache & chin. Never had hair on my face before menopause. 🙁
    My eyebrows will have to wait until my brow lady opens. She’ll probably need a weed wacker on them though.

    • Isabella Muse

      LOL I needed a weed wacker for mine! I ended up doing them myself. It was bad!

  • Miska

    Lol, as I started to read I immediately thought of those Sally Hansen wax strips that you had to vigorously rub together before use. Very happy to hear these are much better! I’ll have to check these out. I currently use the Gigi Azuline blue soft wax from Sally’s. I have the warmer, muslin and the whole caboodle. It’s a pain to heat up that entire tin just to wax my stache. The other day I actually just took my razor that I shave my legs with and swiped my upper lip because I didn’t want to bother with heating up “the monster”. What can I say? I’m lazy! Any experience with those one super sharp blade facial razors? I’ve seen them at TJMaxx, Marshalls and Sally’s. I’m afraid I’ll cut myself. I was recently gifted Wakse (made by two hairy guys lol) hard microwavable wax but I’ve never worked with hard wax only soft and I need to do some research before I try. The reviews are either love or hate it seems and I’m a bit apprehensive. Also, I have this facial hair remover tool from Tweezerman that I found at Bed Bath and Beyond of all places. Not sure of it’s name but it’s a long bendy spring with a handle at each end that you twist as you run it along your face. It hurts but you get used to it. There’s a bit of a learning curve to it but it does yank out the hair. Sorry I’m all over the place here about hair removal:)

    • Isabella Muse

      LOL yup! I remember those well 🙂 No? Never used one of those…! Got a link? Curious to see those! I know the one! Those things hurt like the devil haha! It’s like threading on crack!

      • Miska

        I’m sorry I don’t have a link and I’m not even sure of the proper name for them. It’s a small super sharp single blade that people use to clean up around their eyebrows (I’m not coordinated nor brave enough to bring any kind of blade near my eyebrows) and the hair and or peach fuzz on the face. Supposedly the big rave is that the makeup goes on smoother afterwards. These little razors are the “at home” version of dermablading. Of course I would think getting it done professionally at a salon is like comparing apples to oranges. I’ll keep an eye out for the actual name of these blades. Or if I ever get to a TJMaxx, I’ll snap a pic on my phone:)

          • Miska

            Yes that’s exactly what I was talking about! I looked up Twinkle and Amazon reviews say they’re a dupe for Tinkle razors. They give you a lot in a box. So you like them, good to know. Is Twinkle the brand you prefer? My biggest fear was I’d cut my face up but I still am curious to give em a try. Ugh, facial hair is a pain in my ass!!!

          • Isabella Muse

            awesome ;-D I do like the Twinkle ones! I’m sad because the razors changed a little and aren’t as sharp but they are pretty good! Tell me about it. Facial hair is not fun!

  • Miska

    Speaking of eyebrows…when I first started plucking my own someone told me to use a white eyeliner pencil and draw a line where you want to pluck to give you and idea of where your arch is and make sure that you don’t over pluck. So you draw the line and only pluck whats underneath of it. I hope that makes sense. Just in case anybody on here is in dire need of a salon but cannot get to one and is at the end of their rope and about to give it a go. This definitely helped me from massacring mine when I first started. Also, the liquid tooth numbing stuff Ambesol can be used to numb the eyebrow area. Just dip into it with a Q-tip and rub it over the area you want to pluck.