August 13, 2020

Here’s the Face Mask I’m Feeling Safe in Lately And It Won’t Fog Up Your Glasses

I purchased this item.

Please note its come to my attention from a reader the following masks are no longer FDA approved. The company name is called Fujian Pageone Garment and info on the masks can be found at:

‘Ello ‘ello! I hope you’re well today! It’s almost Friday yay! That doesn’t mean much nowadays but it does mean a bit of relaxation from work right? And I can sure use it because it’s been a bit of a busy week over here!

I was talking to a very lovely reader and new friend on Instagram a few days ago and she’s a teacher here in New York and has to go back to school in the next month. I sure hope she’ll be ok and safe! It has to be hard being a teacher right now I’m sure. If it’s your job please know I’ve always had the utmost respect for what you do but right now? You have double my respect because it has to be hard teaching kids from home and now, when things are so very scary, having to go back to work and tell kids they need to stay away from each other? You have a big task ahead of you! But I believe in you and know you’ll get it done because that’s what teachers do they get things done!

If you teach or you’re essential I thought I’d share one of the face masks I’m feeling safe in lately. I typically use washable face masks because they’re better for the environment not to mention they are just easier to keep clean and sterile. But if I’m doing something major like going to a doctor’s appointment or going to an area I know they’ll be a lot of people around I feel a bit safer in these masks.

So, few things before I give you my thoughts on this mask. First off, I’m not an expert on face masks and I can’t lay claim to how great these are working. I like them, they make me feel safe, but I don’t know if they 100% safe and I don’t know if they will prevent COVID. Secondly, I purchased them from Masksheets but I am not affiliated with them. I use that site quite often to buy sheet masks but I’m not involved with them nor affiliated with them nor am I receiving compensation of any kind for this post. The mask featured I purchased with my own money.

KN95 5 Layers Respirator Face Mask are the ones I’ve been using when I think I need extra protection. I use these in high traffic areas like trips to the supermarket. I gave my dad a bunch of these because he needs to venture out to the doctor soon and I feel like this is good protection for him. This is a five layer mask and it conforms well to my face and the nose wire really contours perfectly to my face. It also remains in place and doesn’t slip around or fall down like some of the blue surgeon masks do. It also seals around my entire mouth and nose. There isn’t a single area left open so I feel like I’m less exposed.

A box of five is currently on sale for $13.75 (I originally paid $20). I did Bill Nye’s little safety check with these by lighting a match and seeing if I could blow it out with the mask and I couldn’t. Just as an example how safe I feel in these would be the fact that if I am wearing it in my car and the AC vent is pointed near my face I’ll be able to feel the air blowing on my face but not on any area covered by the mask. Cool right? My sister also likes these as I gave her some and she loves they don’t fog her glasses up. The nose wire completely conforms to the contour of my nose and prevents any air from escaping which in turn means no foggy glasses!

I am guilty of re-using them but not too many times. Basically what I do is I keep them in a ziploc bag and I place that bag on top of my car console in the heat all day. I have hopes the sun is killing any germs in the mask. I re-use them about five times each before I toss them out.

Again, I’m not an expert. I dunno if these will prevent COVID but I feel quite safe in these and I think they are a great mask. If you need something a bit thicker with more protection than those basic blue surgeon masks you might want to try these out for yourself.

Let me know what mask you are using at the moment! I’m always shopping new ones!

I purchased this item.

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  • Leah Davis

    I appreciate this post! The majority of people in my area of Texas aren’t wearing masks…I’m the crazy one that is & feel like I’m the minority! I just purchased some new KN95 masks & they were so expensive.
    It’s nice to have a recommendation for a good deal on these since they’re (like you said) only good for a handful of wears. So nuts that this is what we’re shopping for these days!

    • Isabella Muse

      they are indeed very expensive! Isn’t it crazy that this is what we are worried about?! Sheesh….! Life is a changing! New normal right?

  • Gloria

    I believe if properly certified, this is the Korean FDA’s equivalent of the N95 masks made here in America. They’re supposed to filter out at least 95% of very small (0.3 micron) particles. So I do believe you’re right to feel like these are safer than using reusable masks.

    • Isabella Muse

      That’s what they said on their website but who knows!? 🙂 I hope it’s protecting me! It feels very thick which I like!

  • dia

    Your mask looks similar to my Soom Lab hyper purifying mask. As with Korean skincare, I think Korean masks are far superior to the ones in the US. Soom Lab says their masks are reusable a few times if you lightly spray both sides with alcohol and let it dry completely between uses.

    • Isabella Muse

      Do you use your Soom lab ones for work? I looked into them but ouchie the price was so high! Thanks for the alcohol tip!

      • dia

        I bought 100 of them directly from the manufacturer in Korea and split them with my mum and my sister’s family. In bulk, the price isn’t terrible, about $2 a piece. Shipping was quick, less than a week. I am currently working from home (in California), so I only wear them during my once weekly excursion for exercise and necessities. They’re very comfortable.

        • Isabella Muse

          and you use regular rubbing alcohol to sanitize them? I may do a box of 100 and give half to my parents!

        • dia

          The manufacturer says to use a 75% alc spray, so I use the hand sanitizer spray I have from Factory that has 75% alc. I just mist it a couple of times per side and hang it high up in a corner in my bedroom to dry. I don’t go out very often, so I’m still only on my second mask.

  • FrugalCat

    I bought masks that have silver woven into the fabric. Silver is often used in underwear, socks and athletic wear as it is antibacterial, and the bacteria is what causes your sweaty garments to stink. The silver is antimicrobial as well. I don’t know if silver is antiviral but a virus is a microbe, right? Are these masks effective against Coronavirus? Who knows. But I have to wear a mask anyway, so this way I feel like I am doing a little something extra. They are made by a company called Gryphon, which makes sheets and towels as well. I got a pack of 10 for about $40. You can machine wash (don’t put them in the dryer as the lining frays).

      • Chris

        A couple of points on metals woven into fabrics — antibacterial is not the same as antiviral. Viral particles are much smaller in size over bacterial particles. If metals woven into fabrics worked against viruses, it would be woven into the N95 masks that health care providers wear.

        Now to explain differences between N95 & KN95 masks. The N95 is the standard used by construction people & now health care providers. It is form fitting to your face. The KN95 is a softer mask & not as form fitting as the N95 & might be easier for some people to use. Our family physician uses the N95 below a surgical mask when he is making hospital rounds but in the office setting, wears the KN95 mask with a surgical mask above that.

        Recent research is showing the N95 masks with the valve on them, are not a good choice to protect against Covid, as that valve while making it easier for you to breathe, releases your exhaled breath into the air. So you could be expelling virus particles using that type of mask.

        • Isabella Muse

          Thanks for the info Chris! These do not have the valve but I did see the warnings about those valve ones a few weeks ago. I always felt those were kind of pointless so never understood why everyone wanted to wear them!

  • Dee

    Who would have ever though we would be posting about masks? But we are, and I appreciate it! Will definitely pick some of these up. I like cloth masks but my husband doesn’t and much prefers to use a mask like this.

    Has anyone put a coffee filter under a cloth mask for extra protection?

    • Isabella Muse

      I know right? It’s sort of crazy. This all still feels like a bad movie. I DO! 🙂 When I wear a cloth mask I use the coffee filter trick. I always feel some of the cloth masks I have are really thin and I dunno that coffee filter sort of makes me feel safer….! Dunno if it is or isn’t making me safe but my mind is reassured lol!

  • Hollie

    I’m a front line healthcare worker and the hospital gives us small paper bags, like a lunch bag, to put our N95 in. I personally wouldn’t keep a mask in a closed, plastic zip lock bag in the heat and sun. This is providing any germs/bacteria on or in the mask to grow at a rapid pace. Think about moisture, if the mask gets a little wet (sweat,saliva) then closing the bag and giving the germs/bacteria the perfect source to multiply, heat. You definitely can reuse them. The hospital tells us we can reuse our N95 up to 80 hours if they are in satisfactory condition. Although, I would grab some paper lunch bags to keep them in. Just a thought.

    • Isabella Muse

      excellent advice! thanks Hollie! I’ll be using paper bags from now on!

    • Gloria

      Thank you for this info! I bought 2 packs based on the fact that they were FDA certified. I just wrote an email to Masksheets asking for a refund since their certification was revoked.

      • Isabella Muse

        I wrote one to masksheets as well asking them to remove the FDA certification as it is misleading!

        • Lisa

          You’re welcome everyone! I bought 2 packs based on their FDA certified status also for my parents because they’re high risk. I’m trying to find one that’s FDA certified. Has anyone tried this one before?

          The manufacture is listed on the FDA website as certified and they showed the certificate.