August 11, 2020

KVD Vegan Beauty Formerly Kat Von D Makeup Is Now Sold at Ulta

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Kat Von D launched her makeup line in 2009 at Sephora and it was a massive success. I remember it like it was yesterday! The endless press, the hype, it was really a big deal at the time. Fast forward over a decade lately and cancel culture caught up with Kat Von D. In January, she posted on Instagram that she was selling the shares of her brand to Kendo and would have nothing more to do with the brand. In most interviews done sine that post she has blamed motherhood as one of the main reasons she left the brand but there have been plenty of times she has mentioned cancel culture and the woe of being cancelled.

The brand has changed a good deal over the years. When it first launched Kat was heavily involved in the creation process and that came through on the incredible packaging and attention to detail. As years past, it seemed like she was less and less in the process as the releases weren’t as creative, the packaging not as gorgeous, and the formula seemed to be iffy as well.

In my opinion, Kat is partially responsible for makeup lovers losing interest in her brand. Her controversies caused people to step back and away from the brand. It’s a weird thing with Kat as she’s guilty of some crummy stuff but I’ve seen others in the same position who have done far worst yet are still quite popular and have managed to shove off their controversies and come out on top. But that’s cancel culture for you…! You never know how people will turn on a dime against you when you have a large following of people that expect good things from you!

Kat Von D Makeup is now known as KVD Vegan Beauty and it is now sold at Ulta.

I actually always thought that Kat’s makeup collection was part of Sephora’s house brand as in they manufactured her line. I think I assumed this because her contract with Sephora lasted far longer than any other brand I have ever see entering the doors of Sephora. Lots of brands have come and gone from Sephora some of which have literally crumbled after leaving Sephora like OCC Cosmetics.

But in fact Kendo is responsible for Kat’s Makeup Collection along with other brands like Marc Jacobs Beauty, Elizaeth and James, Bite Beauty, and others.

I find it interesting Kendo put effort into bringing KVD to Ulta. Why? Because I think they have other brands under their belt that are far better in formula that deserve more attention. Case in point, Bite Beauty which currently feels like it is going down the drain. I mean, they have virtually discontinued their entire range of incredible lipsticks. I was convinced they’d come back with something new and exciting for Spring 2020 but maybe COVID caused delays and that is still coming? But right now, it feels like the brand is doing rather poorly.

Moral of the story? Kendo must feel like KVD still has some value to become involved with Ulta. This must mean the brand is still selling well or they are taking a chance in the hopes that it will regain lost followers or even new ones.

Are you done with KVD?

Do you like the re-branding?

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Denise

    The limited line of products won’t be available until 8/23 at ULTA. I was really hoping to see the Lolita Por Vida palette, so I could buy it with points. ☹️

  • Kimmwc03

    I was surprised to see the announcement yesterday of this brand at Ulta. I knew she was no longer with the brand but I don’t think I care anymore. I’ve moved on to other brands and I mostly only liked KVD for the liquid lipsticks (which I no longer wear) and a few shadows.

  • kjh

    When i saw this yesterday, i thought, after being shocked as shit, ‘What will Isabella say in the AM?’ I figured Kendo had sold KVD VB. Apparently not. KVD is one of the few m/u arena celebs that got cancelled for good. For most, the brouhaha passes and they recover. I wonder if Kendo has had any other lines at Ulta? I was cruising info about KVD and saw an INCREDIBLE video of her red Chinese lacquer bathroom. Wish i had captured the address to put here. Total monochrome overkill, but spectacular.

    • Isabella Muse

      I thought Kendo sold KVB when it popped up on Ulta too! I got confused. But since Guerlain is now sold at Ulta it clicked that maybe Kendo/LVMH brands will start popping up further at Ulta. It’s a weird, fuzzy line that Ulta crossed into lately with some of the lines they carry! A good line but a weird one none the less 😀 She is indeed! I find her cancellation very intriguing as I’ve seen other influencers, gurus, and celebs do far worst and they are still very popular so KVD’s being cancelled is an intriguing topic of convo imho! I am not justifying anything she has said or done but I just think I’ve seen MUCH worst yet some of those people are just fine but KVD is just completely done and people want nothing to do with her. Oh I’ve seen that! ;-D She’s pretty eccentric as is her home!

  • Em

    JS is likely worse but KVD is associated with real Nazis so I feel like it might be unfair to say that those worse than her are still around. Yes I would probably consider JS worse but I feel like if you’re trying to name a lipstick a term that was used by the Nazis to commit genocide that probably you aren’t a product of being unreasonably cancelled.

    • Isabella Muse

      To clarify, I never said she was unreasonably cancelled just that I found it intriguing that she fell and others have not. Just her entire anti-vax rant came across incredibly selfish to me and put me off a bit and I don’t even have children or a weak immune system. There are celebs/influencers dropping the n word, being very racial in the past and sometimes even presently in tweets or across other social platforms, yet they are still thriving. So, I def find it interesting she fell quickly and hard but I wonder why others have not suffered the same.

      • Em

        part is patriarchy I imagine and also partially that people are more likely to throw people under the bus that don’t fit social norms (ala face tattoos). It would def redeem 2020 partially if others fell too 😛

        • Isabella Muse

          Patriarchy, how so? But there are a good deal of unique influencers out there that look different. I feel like I’m one. I’m not miss beauty queen over here 🙂 No facial tattoos but also, not exactly what people look for in a makeup blogger either. There are a lot of different types of bloggers/influencers that don’t fit the mold so to speak. Mel Thompson, Isabel Bedoya, Ida Ekman, not really completely beauty but Grav3yardGirl. Oh I agree. It’s not that I wish bad on anyone but I don’t think people who are hateful or racial deserve to thrive either. It’s quite disheartening to see someone acting poorly and have a ton of followers stan them anyway. I found some celebs/influencers utterly trashy and tasteless yet they have followers that worship them. It’s a little disturbing. Somethings you just can’t excuse.

          • Em

            Patriarchy in that the men in the makeup community tend to be given much more leeway than the women do. Part, I think, is because men are seen as marginalised figures in it but men definitely are not being held to the same standards especially as brand owners– Jerrod Blandino with his ‘rich lives matter’ and the fact that his company name stems from his views of women, Marc Jacobs with his ‘I don’t see colour’ and appropriative runway styles, JS with his… well, everything. You’re right that KVD got cancelled when others did not and I think this is part of the reason why. And there is still serious prejudice about tattoos (in general– I think the makeup community probably cares less about this than other communities do).


          • Isabella Muse

            I’m an awful empowering woman sometimes because I never really see it that way. I never notice that men are getting more of a pass in comparison to woman (in the makeup community that is! in life I see it far too often especially in my industry) but you’re 100% right because if say Bobbi Brown posted a pic of that cake I bet she would have been ripped for it but Jerrod got off pretty easily! Tattoos are definitely are viewed differently across many parts of society (especially religious ones) but I think they aren’t as frowned upon or even judged by people within the makeup community so I don’t really think that was something KVD was ever judged for if that makes sense. I think the mysteries of who gets a pass and who doesn’t is just that, a mystery! ;-D I sure did enjoy talking to you about it today as I’m learning everyday and you educated me today! YES! I love some of the fragrances from that launch and I’m so pleased they are bringing it back! Also, can’t wait for Halloween!!!!!!!!!

  • MDW

    KVD worked well with my goth skintone. The other Kendo, Fenty seems to cater to warm skintones.

  • kellly

    Her facial tattoos never disturbed me because after all, she was a tattoo artist. But being Nazi- and anti-vax-associated is a lot more disturbing to me personally. I haven’t purchased anything lately and recall being disappointed when the eye shadows disappeared in favor of lipsticks (but then almost everybody else has done this, too). Just I guess nothing I need in my life at this point.

    • Isabella Muse

      me either. Face tattoos aren’t really something that I think about much. I wouldn’t do one because a tattoo wouldn’t work for at all, I change my mind too often to commit to something like that. Knowing me I’d do a pink butterfly on my arm or something and the next day I would want it to be blue. But I don’t really find tattoos off putting and I think they are pretty beautiful and attractive. A lot of the formula went downhill so I don’t think you are missing much!

    • Jennifer B

      So, is the brand still going to be at Sephora or is it a complete move?

      I was never a huge fan but I have a few pieces I’ve purchased 2nd hand.