August 12, 2020

What’s New with You and What’s New at Ulta?

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Hey guys!

What’s new? Wanna sit with me and have a virtual cuppa while we discuss our day? I have a beautiful Da Hong Pao Oolong we can steep!

How’s your life situation? Everything ok? Remaining sane? Life is getting busier over here again. For a while there it felt like it was on pause! But we still have a really long way to go don’t we? I hope you’re doing well and you’re safe and your families are safe and you’re trying to find the positive things in an otherwise crappy situation. Don’t worry! We’re all going to be just fine!

Anyone in the mood for a little window shopping? Ulta has new goodies to drool over. Or we can discuss what you’re currently watching on TV. I haven’t really watched anything in a while! It’s just been too busy around here to sit and enjoy telly. Am I missing out on anything good?

Here’s some new beauty at Ulta to check out.

Urban Decay All Nighter Ultra Glow Makeup Primer $36
Glow? Over it! But some people are still wanting to shine so bright they can be seen from Mars! Urban Decay got you! This new hydrating primer with hyaluronic acid and agave extract cretes a dewy glow on skin with plenty of moisture. They sort of had me at hydrating and hyaluronic acid but I’m so not into the glowing aspect. What are the chances it’s super subtle? If it is, sign me up!

Morphe Jelly Eye Shimmer $10
$10 buck eye shimmers? Sign my ass up! Morphe released these new bouncy sparkly cream eyeshadows recently and they can be used along for a wash of color and sparkle or layered on top of your favorite powder eyeshadow!

Revolution X Roxxsaurus Blush Burst Palette $15
Oh honey! This new six pan blush palette that contains pops of pink and bright coral blushes is screaming at me to indulge!

I Heart Revolution Tasty Avocado Nourishing Priming Spray $8
Millennial? Love avocados? Sorry, you’ve been stereotyped! But hey, a primer just for you that nourishes and preps skin for makeup! Mist it on as the first step of your makeup routine for smooth, flawless application!

Ulta Tinted Jelly Balm $9
Get kissable lips with this yummy jelly lip balms that contain avocado oil! Available in several different flavors like Watermelon, Grape, and Coconut!

Harry Potter Gryffindor Nail Polish Strips $10
Gotta represent your house right? These 10 piece nail stickers ensure you have the perfect set of nails for that upcoming Quidditch game! Don’t worry there’s ones for Slytherins, Ravenclaws, and Hufflepuffs too! Which house am I? I’ll never tell 😉 xoxo

Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Dew Drops $30
A weightless gel serum formulated with Sodium Hyaluronate, Niacinamide, and Lactic Acid that acts to smooth, brighten, and hydrate skin!

Stila One Step Correct Eye Correcting & Brightening Serum $38
I’m happy to see Stila’s new brightening eye serum is on Ulta now! This new eye serum acts to prime while erasing dark circles and hydrating the delicate skin under eyes!

Hello Fresh Citrus Deodorant with Shea Butter $6.99
Still in search of a good natural deo? Say Hello to this one! Packaged in 100% recycled material with an aluminum-free formula this natural deo is also vegan!

Makeup Revolution Flamingo Mini Trio Blush Oh My Blush Palette $12
You’re killing me with all these gorgeous blush palettes Makeup Revolution! This three pan contains gorgeous pink, coral, and warm peach for a beautiful Summer flush!

Anything you’re loving at Ulta at the moment?

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I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Dkla_diann

    Essence has some really nice eyeshadow palettes that have to do with different cotiesEssence has some really nice eyeshadow palette‘s that have to do with different cities.. i have Hello LA and Ola Rio. The quality is pretty good for a $10 pallette and I want to get more

    • Isabella Muse

      those adorable! I have Ola Rio too! It’s quite a cute palette!

  • Jen R.

    Not makeup, but I am THRILLED that this week Ulta added my two favorite perfume lines – Ellis Brooklyn and Pinrose!! They just keep making it easier and easier for me to cut the cord at Sephora. 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      I noticed! I was particularly surprised on Ellis Brooklyn. That’s the first big niche they started carrying hope more is coming!

    • Michelle

      I love both of those perfume lines as well, but they’re missing Pinrose Gilded Fox. They need to add that one too.

      • Jen R.

        I saw that, and I really love L’il Dipper and Mystical Misfit and they don’t carry those yet either. Although luckily my bottles are still pretty full, so hopefully by the time I run out, they’ll have them in stock!

  • Meg

    I noticed this morning that Ulta now has some Pinrose scents! There’s also a new Armani fragrance, My Way; it’s available on the Armani site now and I’m so tempted to get it! Also, sounds like the Body Shop hair/body mist you purchased is a hit. That’s in my cart!

    My husband is still furloughed from Disney. He’s a manager with the character team at the resorts and since there is no character dining yet, his team has not been called back yet 🙁 My job allows me to work from home; I’ve been working remote since 2012 so it’s just another day to me!

    • Isabella Muse

      I was tempted by My Way too! It looks interesting!!!!!!!!!!! OOO tell me what you think if you get it. I liked it. OH MY GOD YOUR HUSBAND HAS THE COOLEST JOB EVER! That must be so freaking fun! I’m sorry he’s still out of work but wow, what a fun job! hopefully we can all get back to Disney soon and put him back to work!

  • Christina

    Aside from work, I’ve been buying a ton of shoes for some reason. LOL! Those sales are sooo good!

    Makeup, I have my eye on the new MAC Powderkiss eyeshadows and lip products. I saw the promo images and saw Mac Korea post some pics, and it’s my vibe! I love the hazy pinky colourful eyes.

    I’m just a regular cardholder at Nordstrom, so I don’t get to shop until tomorrow. I’m kind of bummed that a lot of stuff I wanted has already sold out.

    Other than that, I’ve been watching my dramas. Currently watching Count Your Lucky Stars as it airs on YouTube and the Killing of Three Thousand Crows. Yes, still in to my asian dramas.

    • Isabella Muse

      oh my god I have been soooo good with shoes. I have a converse and a ballet flat addiction but I didn’t buy a single pair of shoes since the pandemic began! I’m proud of myself ;-D def feeling the love for the powderkiss shadows! There’s a dune and a soft muted brown that released in Australia that look right up my alley! I shopped last week, August 7th, but there wasn’t a TON of stuff that I needed. I don’t think you missed much girl! LOL I love you for it ;-D I need to buckle down and finish the ones I started!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Christina

        Yeah the sale doesn’t seem as good this year. But I wanted the green Barefoot Dreams cardigan. :/

        Tell me about it, the buckling down and finishing up these long dramas are the hardest part. Sometimes I wish they’d end sooner, but when they’re good and they do end, I wish they’d last longer. Haha! I’m going to start It’s Okay to Not Be Okay soon! Where am I going to find all the time to watch all this? I still have to squeeze in my piano (an old hobby of mine since I was young) somewhere…and reading my novels. ack!

      • kellly

        TWO new Converse for me. One low tops canvas in total navy blue (including the usually white tips) and one high tops in light blue suede. A couple cheap pairs of sandals when it’s too hot for closed shoes (most days lately).

  • Kristin

    What I want to know is when Ulta plans on sending out 20% prestige coupons!! I think it’s been pre-pandemic, in fact, since I got one. I’ve had a list of things to buy, but instead I’ve been turning to other etailers that are having sales (Skinstore, Dermstore). At this rate I doubt I’ll make Platinum for 2021. (Unless that’s maybe what they want? Or am I still a bit peeved they shut down the store 15 min. from home & now I have to drive 50 min. away…)

    • Isabella Muse

      What I want is for them to stop sending me those thirst traps of “Get 20% Off Now” and when I open it, it says “apply for the credit card now” LOL! I don’t think I will either without that coupon! 🙁 Oh no I’m sorry!

    • Christina

      My friend and I were just talking about this yesterday! We’re disappointed with Ulta; and neither will probably make Platinum for 2021 either! And I agree Muse – stop sending those bloody “How does 20% off sound” (if you apply for credit card” emails! Annoying!!

  • Chris

    Ugh! One day morphs into another! I only go out to run errands — like curbside pickup of alcohol, or getting groceries & that is how I get my exercise walking up & down the aisles! I was happy to see the dry cleaners has reopened & the seamstress is altering a new pair of pants for me. I’ve been to the hair salon for a haircut twice.

    I haven’t been to any malls or the strip mall stores (2 of which have an Ulta). I stopped into one for the NARS Orgasm X sample & they didn’t get it in! I got the previous month’s birthday gift. If I’ve needed anything for the home, it’s been ordered online. I bought a KitchenAid mini chopper so when I decide to mince herbs for recipes, I’m not using the Krups coffee grinder!

    I’ve been focusing on trying new recipes since I’m still not comfortable doing take out or even dining outdoors. All are masked, but some staff have their noses sticking out!

    DH & I haven’t seen our GS since Thanksgiving, but we have been doing Zoom bedtime stories with him as a means of staying connected.

    New shows? I DVR’d from HBO The Good Liar, Richard Jewell & Harriet. I thoroughly enjoyed the new Perry Mason series & season 2 of The Alienist on TNT. I wish Genius would show the Aretha Franklin 3rd season. If City of Angels comes out on DVD, I may buy it. The 1st episode was free to view on Showtime.

    I read your blog several times a week & enjoy it. It keeps me sane! <3

    • Isabella Muse

      I know that feeling well! It’ll get better I promise! I got a chopper too when I was doing my own at home Chipotle lol! I did the whole lime rice, fresh guac, salsa, etc…! I was sort of proud of myself ;-D I’m so sorry you haven’t seen your grandson in that long 🙁 I hope you’ll see him soon! Oh no the Alienist started already!? Shoot! How backed up am I? City of Angels was quite good! I hope they do an S2! Aw thank you Chris <3!

      • Chris

        The Alienist was 2 double episodes on a Sunday night for 4 weeks (8 episodes).

  • Laurie

    You are a bright spot in my day! I started watching Crash Landing on You and I am loving it!

    • Isabella Muse

      Omg thank you! <3! That means the world to me! That's on my list! It looks really good!

  • Dee

    I’v got to try the Stila Eye Serum!

    LIfe is good in spite of all that’s bad. I love visiting your blog every day. Glad you are doing well!

    • Isabella Muse

      me too! I want to see how it works for me! I’m happy to hear it Dee 🙂 Life is good here even though the world is crashing down LOL! Thank you! <3!!!!!! I'm so glad you visit daily! Means the world to me!

  • kellly

    How are things with me? Ugh. I’ve been WFH since mid-March and right now I’m in the doldrums. I have yard work I need to do, but it’s too hot for being outside at all, let alone doing manual labor. No real contact with the outside world, don’t hear from my friends much, all festivals have been cancelled. I guess I’m just waiting for cooler weather now so I can experience stay-at-home in cooler weather for a change of pace.
    I put an order in with Ulta yesterday for that new Stila kitten eyeshadow because finally it doesn’t contain carmine, and the Morphe eye gloss because I’m not ready to give up my shine. When Elon Musk lands on Mars, he will be able to tell which direction earth is at night (ha ha. I understand that at night I’ll be on the darkside, but whatever). Also an Essence peach highlighter which may or may not ever show up in stores in my area. I almost ordered one of those Morphe shadows but decided on the highlighter instead.

    • Isabella Muse

      awww girl call them! Get in touch and keep in touch! We all need someone <3! Gotta go look at the essence peach highlighter....! I do love a peach highlighter!

      • kellly

        I use highlighters as eye shadow (any blushes or highlighters just smear off on my mask, as does any lip stuff other than those matte colors that end up looking like paint) so I have to be careful that there’s no carmine in them. I can’t use carmine anywhere around my eyes because I’m allergic to it. That’s why I was so glad the Stila kitten doesn’t have carmine this iteration. So many of those pretty pink colors are off-limits to me because of carmine. 🙁

  • Katherine Rasmussen

    Oh Muse, I think we would all love a “zoom” call with you!!!
    I want all of these products!
    TV, you have got to watch Netflix’s Umbrella Academy S2!!!
    Thank you for being you bc it has been a bright spot during these uncertain times. Love you!!

    • Isabella Muse

      HA we should do that! I did a live stream on Twitch with the BF two weeks or so ago! That was kind of fun! I was sort of surprised how many people popped in! I DO I DO I DO! It’s on my list 😀 LOVE You back my dear <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you so much back! Please be safe out there 🙂

  • Mary B.

    Morphe calls the new eyeshadow “jelly” and the new blush “mousse” but they’re just average solid creams in a tiny jar, nothing jelly- or mousse-like about them. Disappointed.

    • kellly

      Wow, I’m glad I ordered the gloss instead! I was tempted by this but now I’m glad I didn’t order it or I would have been disappointed, too!