September 14, 2020

Charlotte Tilbury Highlighter Superstar Glow for Holiday 2020 Is Insta-Love

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Charlotte Tilbury Highlighter Superstar Glow ($55) is the newest highlighter for Holiday 2020 from Char and it’s Insta-Love for me! I hate myself so much because I buy Charlotte’s Holiday Highlighter every single year and every single year it ends up in my beauty vault never to be used and only taken out on special occasions when I whisper to it how much I love it before tucking it safely back into the vault! That’s what I did with last year’s version and the year before that and…! You get the picture. I don’t really use highlighter all that much but when I do I’m all discoball because I have such a heavy hand with it! I really, really want to make some sort of New Year Resolution where I use all my pretty highlighters instead of stashing them away and p.s. also learn how to apply them well!

This year, we have a soft, lighter beige shade that has pearlescent pigments that capture the light and give you complexion a beautiful glow! Typically her powders are very finely milled and easy to work with. Apparently, this is formulated with film-forming polymers that give a smoother appearance because lord knows, highlighter can cling to ever single imperfection on your face!

This is an oversized compact that contains 0.40 oz of highlighter so you can easily use it on your face or your body should you like! Getting a big, bushy brush and applying it on the balls of your shoulder and down your next and across your decollete gives a nice pretty glow to your skin!

Hell, if it was up to me I’d apply highlighter all over my body and prance around the house like that! I have no shame when it comes to glow and sparkly bits! I have grown up a little bit though and mattes do come into play a lot more lately in my life but bring the glow, bring the sparkle, bring the shimmer! I want it all!

Charlotte Tilbury Highlighter Superstar Glow for Holiday 2020 is available now!

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