September 4, 2020

Michel Germain Sugarful & Spice Arrives Just in Time for Fall

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Michel Germain Sugarful & Spice Perfume has arrived just in time for Fall and Pumpkin Spice Season! This new variation of the tooth-achingly sweet Sugarful Fragrance that launched a few months ago is a spicy yet still sweet perfume with notes of creamy vanilla, sweet pink berries, and blood orange. Sorry, no pumpkin spice here to be had but the sparkling orange paired with vanilla and sweet juicy berries sounds amazing!

TOP: Sparkling Blood Orange, Pink Peony
MIDDLE: Sweet Pink Berries, Fresh Red Gingerlily
HEART: Confident Modern Amber, Creamy Vanilla

I’m surprised they followed up with a second fragrance when Sugarful literally just launched but hey, I’m not complaining! I love a good sweet fruity gourmand!

Michel Germain Sugarful & Spice is available now at!

By the way what are some of your favorite Fall scents? I posted on my Instastories yesterday that I was starting to haul out my favorite Fall and Halloween perfume oils from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. I need to haul out some of other favorite scents too! I love coffee and pumpkin fragrances around this time of the year! I know not everyone is into gourmands like I am so there are def a ton of other scents to get out. I know that for some reason Like This from Etat Libre d’Orange is a scent that always makes it into my Fall fragrance wardrobe! Many of Replica’s scents always come out around Fall too! My favorite? By The Fireside and Jazz Club!

What are your favorite Fall scents?