September 3, 2020

Rare Beauty Available Today at Sephora Will You Be Indulging?

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Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez is a new makeup collection created by Selena that’s available now at Have you browsed the collection yet and do you love it? This collection is starting out small and includes 17 pieces with a quarter of that number being made up of sponges, brushes, and accessories.

Selena was quoted as saying, “The whole reason why I wanted to create Rare was to kind of challenge the beauty space. I didn’t want to be just a celebrity attaching her name to something because that’s definitely not my style. I would feel very disingenuous.”

I’m not sure Rare Beauty offers anything unique or terribly different in the beauty world but the simplicity of the launch is refreshing as it isn’t an overwhelming amount of product and it isn’t bombarded with big, bold shades and colors. The color scheme Selena went with is very natural and the pieces in the collection seem like they concentrate on enhancing your natural features. In an unusual twist, the brand doesn’t have an eyeshadow palette or single eyeshadow to offer which further proves they are going for a very natural look with the collection.

I went over the collection and of course, the first thing to catch my eye was the Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Brightening Concealer ($19) which is available in a whooping 48 shades. This is a lightweight, hydrating concealer that provides medium-to-full coverage.

As someone who loves a good cheek stain I’m curious about the Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush ($20) which is available in a radiant and a matte finish!

Available in eight shades the Rare Beauty With Gratitude Dewy Lip Balm ($16) caught my eye as I always have dry lips! This is a hydrating balm that provides color and a nice dewy finish on lips!

I’m looking forward to trying Rare Beauty. As I get older I appreciate a more natural look more and more!

The Rare Beauty Collection is available now at Sephora.

Will you be indulging?

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I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Carol

    Being honest: No, I am not interested. I refuse to buy any makeup that celebrities are attached too. My feeling, right or wrong, is they have enough money already. I’d much rather support an indie brand who is literally making their products in their kitchen. This “trend” of every celebrity and their brother coming out with a cosmetics line is too much for me. The market is over-saturated as it is at this point anyway…

  • Susan

    Yes, ran to my Sephora and got a couple things already. A foundation to replace my currently expired (way way way expired!) one, a mini of the primer ’cause I love a good primer, and a blush.

    I’m not going to have a knee-jerk “I hate all celebrities” reaction. Yes, Gomez has plenty of money already, as do Rihanna and others. We all choose who we want to support or not and that’s fine. Something that really touched me about Rare Beauty was that the packaging is designed to make it easier for people with arthritis and other physical issues to open. Trust me, arthritis is more than a “Ha ha, you’re so old” joke on a 40th birthday card. It hurts and it will never really go away.

    TL;DR: Got some, love it. Arthritis-friendly.

    • Isabella Muse

      You have to tell me all about the blush! It’s on my list as is the concealer. I don’t hate celebrities at all 🙂 I honestly support the ones I think are deserving and avoid the ones that are troublesome. Honestly, if I have to sit and think who or who doesn’t have more money than me I’m going to run out of things to buy haha! “I can’t use Amazon because Jeff is richer than I am!” or “I can’t shop at Target because Brian Cornell is rich!” It’s hard to just boycott brands, celebs, etc because they are richer!

      • Susan

        Oh, I know YOU don’t have celebrity hate, Isabella! It’s shocking how many people dissed this makeup line even before it was released though. And since the early reviews are mostly good, now the haters are picking on the font used on the packaging. SMH (Btw, the packaging is beautiful and simplistic and looks perfect in my glass & rose gold metal organizer from Target!)

        I love the blush but holy smokes is it pigmented. You only need the tiniest dot on each cheek. Dot, singular. I got the color Happy which has the dewy finish, and got a free sample of Grace which has the matte finish. I’d get the concealer if I didn’t already have two I need to use up first.

        • Isabella Muse

          Oh girl I can get annoyed by celebs sometimes ;-D haha! I think we all do at times! I have to admit I wasn’t sure on the packaging at first but it is very fitting for the image of the brand. Simple, natural, no a lot of fanfare, makes sense for the image they are portraying. The blush sounds lovely ;-D I def want to try the concealer but I was overwhelmed by the shades lol and shut out the window!

    • Ale

      Thank you for bringing this up. Accessibility is very important to me, and I’m very happy that this line caters to the under served market of people with mobility limitations. Arthritis can hit young, and it really is challenging to open jars on bad days.

  • kjh

    I would try anyone’s concealer, and I’m not averse to checking out her line. Despite the fact that I’m old enough to be her great grandma! We are driven by product, and there are myriad choices at present. If a non-celebrity product is equal or better, go for it. If the celebrity’s product is truly unique, do it. We can make personal cancel-statements about KVD and J* if we wish. But I ‘fess to getting a mini of Unicorn Blood, despite his egregious behavior. Celebrities, lines, ads, endorsements sell. Whether we approve or not. The mfgr and celebrities DGAS. They’re not going anywhere. If you wish to support Sydney Grace, Lunatick, Clionadh, do it. But I think the underlying issue for Carol is that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It’s the same issue with school and tech. We are moving towards a real two tier, have/have not society. Good luck to all of us.

  • Abbie

    I will now that I’ve seen how they dealt with Patrick Starr’s review (so well worded!) and realized that my complexion products are all about 3 years old and aren’t even close to my colour.