October 19, 2020

What I’m Loving and What I’m Hating this Week, This Month, This Moment

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Happy Monday!

How’s your October going? I’m really sad Halloween is cancelled this year but I’ve decorated every surface of our house (you might have seen some of it on my Insa-stories! Click on over to my profile some of it is saved there!) anyway even if no one will see it! Trick or Treat has been cancelled here so, yeah, that sucks but it’s safer this way especially for kids. If I had children I’d definitely buy them a big old bag of candy and call it a day as right now having them go from house to house seems dangerous! I saw someone on Tiktok create a really cute Easter Egg Hunt-like experience for their kids. They basically took candy, wrapped it in white tissue paper to form a ghost, and hid them around the house for their kids to find. Seems like a good idea and a safe one at that.

It’s a new month filled with many loves and a few hates.

Wanna know what I’m loving right now?

We saved up a bunch of the The Magnus Archives Summer through September to play through the weekdays in October. It was probably one of the best things we did because The Magnus Archives just hits different in October doesn’t it? Every night we light a fire, grab snacks, and sit snuggled under a blanket on the couch as we stream an episode. It was hard not listening to it for several weeks but I’m glad we waited as this is one of the highlights of my day during the week! We both have busy, stressful jobs and it’s nice just to sit down together to enjoy a show we both adore.

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Touch Hand Sanitizer Spray is back in stock praise the gods! I didn’t think I’d ever see this stuff again! It felt like it was created for a charity and that it might never come back but here it is again! It smells AMAZING! Just like tropical cake! Who doesn’t want great smelling hands in the middle of a pandemic?

The best $200 I spent today would have to be on the Kilian Discovery Mini Set. $195 + eight 0.25 oz perfumes Killian Perfumes=Pure Joy! Mark my words this sells out SUPER fast during the Sephora Holiday Savings Event. This is a killer deal. I snagged it because it’s an amazing deal! I am a huge fan of Killian fragrances just not the prices! There’s a few scents here I haven’t tried personally and I’m looking forward to doing so. This also includes the legendary, amazing, gorgeous, super gourmand Love, Don‘t Be Shy (my signature scent). I can’t wait until this arrives!

I placed an order for the new Mineralist Lipstick Vault because it’s 25% with free shipping (coupon code STOCKUP) but didn’t get it yet. My friend on the other hand got his! No idea HOW!? That was super fast shipping! We Facetimed Sunday night and he was showing me some of the shades and swatches and yup, I’m glad I got this one. Totally loving Bare Minerals for putting this together at such a great deal!

I sort of got tired of watching people dribble The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution down their faces so I decided I needed to try it for myself. It’s actually created for congestion but also, it’s a great one for brightening skin and evening the texture of it. So far, I’m loving it. It does sting a little so pay proper attention to how long you leave it on. I noticed that my skin looks brighter and more even after using it!

The accent, oh god the accent, the makeup, the genuine excitement about makeup and beauty, Mikayla is my Tiktok crush and now she’s on Instagram too! Do you follow her?

Ok, hated Bly Manor. Can I have the hours I wasted on this back? But I realized what I was getting into when I started it as Hill House was the same! It’s just so much buildup and such an anticlimactic end. I did love Oliver Jackson-Cohen! By the way, did you realize that was Henry Thomas from E.T.? How did I watch two seasons of this show/series/mini series and not realize that was Elliot?

More hate for this week? I hate the fact that my Oliver Wood mini Lego figure is missing from my desk. It just up and vanished. The cat isn’t allowed in my home office so I can’t blame her….! I’m feeling distressed he’s gone. It’s not like my desk is disorganized either! I’m anally organized so it’s not like he’s under a pile of papers. He’s just gone. Disappeared. Not a cool way to start Monday!

What’s your love and hates lately?

Do share ’em!

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Liz

    Completely agree on the first season of The Haunting of Hill House! But it’s suckiness has inspired me to reread the book ( I first read it like 16 years ago.) So many hours wasted on Netflix. Do not start Ratched, whatever you do!

    And reading the short book is a lot faster than watching the TV show.

    • Isabella Muse

      I never read the book tbh! Was it more exciting than the series? Oh no was Ratched bad? We didn’t start us yet but plan too!

      • Liz

        The book (as I remember it) was a much simpler story. Fewer characters and plots. Eleanor is the principal character, and it’s dark and creepy and cerebral.

        Ratched should have been great. Great actors, photography, and costumes, but the story is just very inconsistent. Yet I watched like 4 or 5 episodes mindlessly in one night. It’s also very ‘trigger heavy.’

        • Isabella Muse

          Will add it to my Fall reading list 😀 Sounds good I could do with less plots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s so much going on! Ratched I’m still curious about! I’ll let ya know when I start it and tell you what I think! 😀

          • Liz

            Cool. And good luck finding Oliver! Thanks for your blog and all you do!

          • Isabella Muse

            he was located! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol! ;-D He’s safe and sound back on my desk! Aw thanks Liz <3! that made my day!

  • KaitlinD

    I’m sure Oliver will magically turn up!

    Loves: pumpkin pancakes, halloween movies, dionis vanilla bean lip balm, new sugar body scrub, krave kalelaluyaha exfoliator, just rewatched lotr and hobbit trilogies (love you martin freeman <3)

    Hates: politics (over the stress of it), number of calories in pumpkin loaf from starbucks, job hunting, couldn't have a fall craft party due to covid, my tarte eyeliner that just snapped right off.

    Gonna look up magnus archives because I have not heard of this lol

    • Isabella Muse

      Gosh I hope so! maybe he took a side detour to a Quidditch game in my neighborhood. We do the LOTR binge every Thanksgiving ;-D Good one! amen on politics I’m over it. Good luck on the joy hunt has to be hard right now 🙁 OH MY GODDDDDDDD go go go do it! It’s awesome creepy fun!

  • Michelle

    I just received the Sol de Janiero hand sanitizer and it is awesome! Also, I saw the Killian set earlier and ordered it. I couldn’t resist.

    • Isabella Muse

      Yay! I just got three more for my car and purse (and one for my sis). I also ordered the Killian set! I have a feeling that’s going to be gone before the savings event even starts!

  • Kristin

    Just finished reading (as in, last night!) The Turn of the Screw, so your thoughts on Bly Manor could not be more timely! Sounds like this is another instance of the book being way better than the movie/tv/miniseries adaptation.

    • Isabella Muse

      Let me know what you think if you watch Bly! I’d be curious to see if you like it!

  • Jane

    Loves: Hercule Poirot novels by Agatha Christie (though they have a lot of old time racist stuff in them), pasta e ceci, getting my garden put to bed, Derry Girls and we finished Schitt’s Creek on Netflix.

    Hates: that my 40th birthday is Election Day, that we’re heading into our darkest covid days in my state (don’t blame me! I mask up and stay home!), distance learning for my kids (i appreciate the option, but it’s not going well), and having to cook meals all the time.

    • Isabella Muse

      HAPPY Birthday! 🙂 What state are you in 🙁 Don’t worry it gets better. It took a while but NY got it’s numbers down! We are tipping up lately but I hope it evens out soon!

  • Lisa I

    First off, never heard of the Magnus Archives. Will check it out!
    Love: cerave cream in the tub, saving my dry and stressed skin.
    Watching last season of Line of Duty, makes you forget everything for an hour.
    Early voting. Yeah, it feels good to drop that ballot off, like you actually are doing something.
    Hate: smoke! The fires here in California have been just awful. And they are still going
    Lancôme Monseur mascara. What a massive
    clumpy mess that was.
    No craft shows at all this season. I love a good holiday craft show. Next year ❤️

    • Isabella Muse

      It’s creepy good fun! 😀 Early voting for sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I dunno how you guys do it over there please be safe. Fires, covid, ugh, stress! Yup! Same here! Lyndhurst Mansion always has different craft shows in the Fall/Holiday months but this year nada! Hopefully things return to normal next year!

  • Miska

    Hello there Isabella,
    How’s the longevity of Killian perfumes? Scents disappear so quick on me and at their price point I’m gun shy. I haven’t had it in me to get to an actual store and sniff some scents out **waves both middle fingers to this virus**. And that Bare Minerals lipstick vault…if not for being constantly masked up, I’d be all over that. *sighs* I miss my lipsticks and glosses. I am not a fan of matte lips. Matte products give me the dreaded butt hole lips, just sayin, not a good look on me.

    • Isabella Muse

      The richer, darker scents are long lasting but scents like Love Don’t be Shy you really need a few spritzes to get it to stay! It’s my fav but even I can admit that I need to hose myself down with it ;-D I thought I’d put the vault away for better days when we aren’t all masked again! Hopefully soon!? ;D

  • Miska

    Loves: Lipsticks and glosses (sans mask) and perfumes with longevity.
    Hates: COVID-19 and the dreaded butt hole lip.