November 20, 2020

Bath and Body Works Candle Day 2020 Dates

Bath and Body Works Candle Day 2020 has been confirmed and the dates are December 4th thru December 6th. All candles will be $9.95. December 4th the sale starts online at and from Friday to Sunday the sale is in stores. If you have any coupons now is the time to use them as you’ll be able to get candles as low as $8 (20% off or $10 coupons from mailers that were sent earlier in the month).

This year as you may have noticed the Candle Day Sale is for three days. This is the first time Bath and Body Works has done a three day Candle Dale Sale Event. It should be pretty awesome. The sale is in stores and of course, online. I do wish they’d do free shipping but that likely won’t happen. Most orders ship for $5.99. There are no exclusions on the sale, all three-wick candles are marked at $9.95.

Are you ready for Bath and Body Works Candle Day 2020?

I’m actually thinking of skipping this year!

OMG! I know right? But dude, I have SOOOOO many candles it’s obscene πŸ™‚

We’ll see how long I can hold out!


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  • Alli A

    I actually haunted the Nordstrom rack site in the early days of the pandemic and snapped up everything Nest, so no candle day for me for the next 3 years. Also, I still have 3 candles from last year’s candle day…when do these things expire?

    • Isabella Muse

      they don’t actually put a date on them and I have some that are really old but still smell great. It depends on how you store them! Sometimes the smell weakens or morphs! Me too, I have so manyyyyy so think I may skip!

  • N

    I’m planning on skipping candle day or days at BBW this year. I did get a few things online Yankee Candle today for 40% off today. I like YC wax melt singles and six packs, meltcups, and gel tins because are actually strong smelling. They keep running out of stuff though because of production problems from COVID though. BBW seems to keep everything churning out stuff to sell at a rapid pace though, but a lot of repackaged scents.

    • Isabella Muse

      even without covid around bbw still does a lot of repetitive scents πŸ™

        • Isabella Muse

          what happened Melissa? I didn’t buy anything this year but it looked like everything was in stock quite long online!

  • Dee

    I have plenty for the holidays but after that, no, so I may have to indulge! $8 with a coupon is hard to pass up even with the shipping!

  • Christina

    I stopped getting mailers and email coupons ages ago (even though I still get the Sale email notifications). The only Wallflower scent that I use (Limoncello) is only available online but even when these are on sale by the time you have to pay shipping and taxes, you end up with like a 1% discount. Very annoying!! Ok, end of rant – LOL!

    • Isabella Muse

      You’re referencing the Semi Annual Sale I’m discussing the Candle Day Sale which is it you want to know about? Semi Annual happens after Christmas and Candle Day as per my posts has the dates when it happens which is December 4th.

      • Justin

        Oh okay, got it. I thought the semi-annual sale was the best deal for candles but this seems even better. Thanks!

        • Isabella Muse

          Not really bc so much is sold out by the time the semi-annual sale comes around plus lately the semi annual really sucks. I’d def do Candle Day and if you have coupons the deal is even better! Good luck! Don’t, DON’T give in to 40% off today, that’s really not a good deal on candles or even on hand soaps if you’re buying them!

  • Janelle C.

    Hi Isabella!
    Long time no see/comment, but I knew I could count on you to have the scoop on BBW Candle Day! Thank you for all of the hard work you put into keeping us informed!

  • Zaw

    Hi, I see today December 1st. The Single Wick candles are 8 dollars (unfortunately, I missed them when they were 5.95 two weeks ago) is that good deal? Or should I wait until Candle to get the Bigger Candles? And will the Single Wick candles be cheaper too or they will be 9.95 like the 3 Wick Candles?

    • Isabella Muse

      no no no don’t do it. The single wicks are horrible very weak scent. Wait for the 3 wick sale for sure! better throw and scent and cheaper πŸ™‚ If you’re very interested in the 1 wick they will go back on sale prob within two weeks or so! They typically rotate the sale on and off!

  • S. Adams

    You know the website is gonna crash from everyone being on it. It happened before where a lot of people’s transactions wouldn’t get processed because of the traffic. It’s best to go to the store if you can.

    • Isabella Muse

      Some people are not willing to go into stores with crowds do to COVID. I just recommend popping candles into your cart the night before and early shopping on the day of. The site didn’t crash for Black Friday or Cyber Monday so I’m sure it’ll be ok for Candle Day. It didn’t crash for me last year and my order went through fine.

      • Kandace Lainhart

        I believe the person above is asking which of the three days will be the online sale day – since it is only for one day of the sale.

  • Martica

    My favorite early morning wake up to shop for candles

    Looking for a 20% coupon
    Help !!!!!

    • Janelle C.

      Keep your eyes and eyeshadow (hehe) peeled! I got a mailer today for $10 off. Not as great as 20% off, but better than nothing. I also heard a rumor they were giving out coupons in store with purchase. Might be worth a call and the purchase of a cheap full price item if it’s a 20% off coupon.

  • J. Bell

    In years past you couldn’t stack the 20% coupon when purchasing online…you had to go into the store to use the coupon…I tried!

    Do you know if that will be different this year…will we be able to use the coupon online?

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m hearing that the candles will be marked down without a promo code this year making it possible to use your 20% off but I can’t confirm sadly πŸ™