December 8, 2020

Screw It! Let’s Do A Different Kind of Fragrance Review Today!

5 stars out of 5

I thought I’d share some thoughts and a review on Swiss Arabian Florence for Women Perfume today. As you may know from Whatcha Buy Yourself For Christmas This Year? post I recently did a Swiss Arabian haul! They have 35% off site wide and I took advantage.

I’m actually a newbie to Swiss Arabian. I’m a hardcore Arabian Oud fan! It’s a tradition for my sister and I to make the pilgrimage to Times Square every year and have a little shopping spree at the Arabian Oud Boutique at the start of December. I mean, Times Square is the worst kind of place to be for a New Yorker especially around the Holidays but it’s so worth it to experience all the delicious scents first hand! You have not lived your very best fragrance life if you don’t own a bottle of Asalet el Musk! It’s the fragrance of the Gods. It’s so beautiful and it always gets compliments! Sadly, the last visit to the store they didn’t have it in stock and going on year two and it still isn’t available! I sure do hope they get it back again because it truly is a divine scent.

This year with COVID and social distancing etc we aren’t going to make our yearly visit! However, I decided to try out something a little different and did a haul for myself on Swiss Arabian’s website and yes, I got my sister some gifts to and I’ll be sending them off to her before Christmas.

This is a little bit of a different review since I normally cover more mainstream fragrances here. I love a lot of different niche and indie perfumes but I rarely cover them on here because I think people would rather hear about more easy to find and affordable fragrances. But screw it! Today we do something different.

Swiss Arabian Florence for Woman was a blind buy for me! I should have indulged in their The Mediterranean Collection which gets you all three scents in the Mediterranean Fragrance line but I ended up just purchasing Florence and later on, having loved it, went back and got the other two scents from this collection.

According to the brand this is a sweet gourmand. I’d sort of classify it as a gourmand in someways as it has this unusual fluffy element to it! Almost like a marshmallow rose cloud that’s sweet and yummy. But I think it fits in better as a warm woodsy floral. It contains notes of Bergamot and Lemon but I get neither note. At first spray I get rose and vanilla and as it settles onto my skin a hint of praline. As it dries down there’s a certain warm smoky element that comes into play with the rose and finally a nice woodsiness develops and envelops the scent. After an hour it’s all rose woodiness with hints of vanilla. It’s very warm, soothing, and feminine! You might be interested to know it contains patchouli as well but I don’t get such a harsh note in this mix. It’s all fluffy rose and vanilla with a smoky woodsy element. It’s a delicate fragrance and wears close to skin but still projects nicely and has a very long wear that lasts for hours. You’ll definitely turn a few heads with people asking what you’re fragrance is when you wear it.

If you like rose scents you’ll love Swiss Arabian Florence.

This is a lovely little treasure of a fragrance that I’m happy I indulged in.

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  • Linda Whitener

    Speaking of fragrances, Muse, have you ever tried The One by Kristin Ess? If I’m not mistaken, it was developed due to popular demand, because customers loved the scent of Ess’s hair care line so much. It’s only available at Target during the holiday season. I picked one up on sale last year, and people had a fit over it at holiday parties (back in the Before Times, when people still hugged – and socialized, for that matter). According to the box, the eau de parfum has “top notes of ambrette seed, magnolia, and pear water…with night violet, orris butter, sandalwood and white amber.” All I can say is it’s fresh and delightful. At $20 for one ounce, it’s a steal. (It’s about time someone glommed on to the notion of using really great hair care scents in perfume; when I was a teenager and the *original* Herbal Essence shampoo came out (there was only one then, in a dark green bottle), I would have jumped on a perfume that smelled like it – likewise, a Faberge shampoo endorsed by Farrah Fawcett back when her hairstyle was all the rage.)

    • Isabella Muse

      No but I’m so glad you mentioned it because it was in my cart at target and now I know to grab it ;-D thanks! I was wondering how it was. Did you try the other one as well? I think it’s called transcend?! She also has a sample discovery set of fragrances available. YES YES YES! Agreed! I really wish hairitage would make a fragrance and of course, Carol’s Daughter! ALL of Carol’s Daughter shampoos need to made into body care imho ;D

      • Linda Whitener

        I haven’t tried her other fragrance (Translucence One, or something like that) – if you do, please let us know what you think!! Just the other day, I was looking at that sampler set; Target has beauty gift sets 25% off this week, so I might have to indulge myself. After all, it’s been that kind of year…right?

        • Isabella Muse

          hell yeah it has lol! I ordered both! (and the discovery set) I’ll let ya know what I think ;-D