January 28, 2021

Do You Live Dangerously and Use Two Mascaras Rather Than One?

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I remember going to the MAC counter at Nordstrom a few years ago and a new MA came over to help me. I typically bond with one MA at a counter and I admit I’ll leave if they aren’t there! It’s rare that I want to talk to someone else as I feel like my personal MA knows me a little better than someone new. As in they know I’m going to buy, as in they know I don’t need an aggressive sales push to get me to buy, and they know I don’t want them touching my face and pushing me to try things on.


I made an exception that day when I headed into Nordstrom and I talked to a new MA and she was nice! The thing I remember most about that day was her lashes. She had super long and luxurious lashes. They obviously weren’t fake and I asked her what she had used on them to get them that long.

She proceeded to tell me…

That she uses four mascaras! FOUR! One for her bottom lashes and three on her upper! I have to admit I cringed as I was thinking oh gosh breakage! I’ve actually never used more than one mascara but that day got me curious and I decided to start mixing and matching two mascaras (I didn’t dare goop on four of them).

I didn’t like the results to be honest. I felt my lashes looked gooey and too overly done. It was just not the look for me.

Several years later and here I am trying this out again. I started using my beloved Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes with a little It Cosmetics Super Hero on top. Super Hero is notoriously thick and gooey but it actually works nicely on top of Lights, Camera, Lashes. I get fuller, longer lashes easily doing this and it’s actually not gooey, clumpy, or overly done!

Do you use two or more mascaras in your look?

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Jane

    I can only use tubing mascaras, and I can never remember if that’s the one I would use last or first.

    Lately I’m not doing anything as I am using my last pair of contacts just when I go to the grocery store so I don’t fog up my glasses. Ah well, there’s time for mascara later.

  • Christina

    The most I’ve ever used was two, and the first mascara was more of a primer or almost clear glossy one. I use a lot of Japanese mascaras, but I don’t know why! LOL! My lashes are really long naturally, which I think Japanese mascaras usually focus on, and pretty thick. A makeup artist once tried to remove my mascara when I wasn’t wearing anything as she was prepping my face, if that gives you an idea of my bare lashes.

    I like them to be thick, but not clumped together, and not overly dramatic unless I’m wearing intense eye makeup. So I tend to layer the glossy light Japanese one first with a normal thickening one.

    • Isabella Muse

      I think I’m finally understanding that years of Japanese mascara and curling my lashes has taken its toll because my lashes aren’t as full as they once were! I really need to start using some sort of growth serum! That’s incredible! I’m freaking jealous!!!!!!!!!

      • Brandy

        I’ve been using Maybelline Lash Sensational first and then Maybelline The Rocket second for years now. Occasionally I’ll switch it up and try out a new mascara but I always seem to come back to those two. For the record I have very sparse, blonde eyelashes and this combo gives me the glam look I like.

      • Christina

        I stick to my theory: too much mascara causes eye lashes to be thinner, unless you’re gentle with your application and removal. I noticed that when I remove my mascara, I always lose one or two lashes. I think repeatedly running the mascara wand through the lashes pulls at them and then the gentle rubbing to remove the mascara also makes them fall out. My sisters and I rarely wear mascara, and our lashes are healthy and strong. It could be genetics, but I’m sticking to my theory for sure! I also rub a little of my rich eye creams on my lashes. A little conditioner never hurts. Just don’t get it in your eye.!

  • Robin Hawkins

    Hi Isabella. I hope everything is fine with you. I use 2 mascaras almost everyday and thought I was strange.It has been hard to get the pop I want from one mascara. I use L’Oreal Volumonius 4x and Maybelline Lash Stiletto in that order. Works for me.

    • Isabella Muse

      I am very good Robin and you? Oh not strange at all! A lot of folks do two! 😀 I tend to shy away from it because sometimes it’s a bit gooey on me but if you get the right combo down it works a treat!

  • Beka

    I totally use two! I start with Hypnôse Drama Instant Volumizing Mascara for definition and then use Lancôme mascara monsieur big to get volume.

  • Lacey

    I have routinely used to… Until… I recently discovered Sephora Size Up! It was an impulse buy when I was checking out but it beats every mascara I have ever tried including my beloved Essence princess lash mascara + whatever sample I had on hand combo. When you’re in the market next, I highly recommend it!

  • Colette Brunelle

    I’m routinely a twofer gal! I learned from Wayne Goss eons ago that a waterproof formula will hold the curl. So I apply a super light layer of a waterproof mascara (currently Maybelline Great Lash because she’s inexpensive) and then apply whatever other mascara I like over top it. I don’t let the first one dry before going in with the second kind. ADDICTED to this method!

  • Abby

    Literally everything but tubing mascaras smear and flake on me. I will layer a regular mascara under a tubing mascara for extra volume and use the tubing mascara on my lower lashes as well. Right now I’m using Tarte surfer curl or kosas the big clean under the hourglass unlocked. My next one to try is going to be the new bite mascara.

  • Dori Wittenberg

    I wipe almost all the mascara off the applicator onto a piece of paper. That helps. If the mascara on the paper did not dry out, I pick up some of that onto the applicator. I wont describe how I separate every single individual lash. It will induce gasps of horror. But literally every single lash is separated.

  • Dee

    I never have but think I need to try some of the suggestions posted! I do use a different mascara on upper and lower and sometimes a primer on both.

    • Isabella Muse

      likewise! Some of these combos sound great! A few people dmed me on instagram too what some interesting trios that I wanna try!

  • Christine

    I have been using two for a while, because most mascaras tend to migrate to my under eye (think raccoon). When I found the “tube” mascaras I was sold. Then I realized that I don’t get enough volume (I use L’Oréal Double Extend) and you can’t really put on two coats of that. So now I use another mascara first (lately Clinique High Impact, which coats each Las without gooping) and top off with the L’Oréal. Everything stays in place all day. For people who worry about removal, just get a wet washcloth and ores ur on your eyes, then gently remove and you will see the tubes on the cloth. You get used to the creep factor of that.

  • Alison

    I usually use 2, a top lash mascara (I rotate) and a tubing mascara for my bottom lashes (Thrive right now). Occasionally I’ll use the Thrive all over, but I have to use a tubing one on my lower lashes or I will have instant smudging under my eyes.